Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 7 and 8) Holi Special Double Dhamaal 2 in 1


Hey guys , I am back Thanks for your lovely comments ok this is Holi special Double Dhamaal ep and in this Mahasangam part 3 and Holi special , the love story of Asya & Huyaan will begin.
Hope you all enjoy this Holi Special , Double Dhamaal , Mahasangam 3!
Luv u all loads>3 🙂
Happy Holi with best wishes , may this holi fill colours in ur life.
Zuha Fatima

Recap:Pragya and Zoya kidnapped

Episode 7 and 8 , Holi special , Double Dhamaal:Mahasangam part 3 ( 2nd last part)

Scene 1 : Bherpur goddown
Zoya is crying.
Pragya:What happened dear?
Zoya:I am sorry , because of me you are in this problem. I am very sorry.
Pragya:If I am not wrong you are Zoya Farukhi
Zoya: It is Farooqui.
Pragya: Sorry , but it is not only you, when your closed one double-cross you then, well leave it , can I ask you something?
Zoya:Yeau , sure!
Pragya:Why this person want to avenge you?

Zoya tells her everything in mute.

Scene 2 : In the jungle
Asad breaks down into tears , Abhi and Ayaan consoles him.

Asad shouts:ZOYAAAA!!!!! ( which echo’s )

Scene 3 : Bherpur goddown
Pragya:I just wish any superman comes and rescues us.
Zoya:He will come but not superman , but my angrbird!
Pragya:What???Angrybird to rescue?
Zoya:Oh , I mean Mr. Khan
Pragya , teasingly: Ohhhhoooooo!!!!
Zoya:Oh, yours will also come.

Pragya blushes.

Scene 4 : In the jungle + Bherpur goddown
In the jungle Asad runs around and cries shouting , “ZOYA , ZOYA”

(Aik baar milade plays in BG)

While Abhi and Ayaan try to control him.
He wanders around for Zoya , remincing her childish attitude and their awkward romantic momments.
On the otherside , Zoya awaits Asad , and so does Pragya for Abhi.

Scene 5 : All the mothers
Dils:Ya , Allah please , the children return safe and sound.
Shirin:Aye Khuda , please take Ayaan in your custody.
Dadi:Aye wahe guru keep , both of them safe.

Scene 6 : Bherpur goddown
Both Pragya and Zoya pray while Vijay looks on evily , eating an apple.

Vijay:There is no use of praying today god will also not help you.
Zoya:Oh really , you just wait & watch , Mr. Khan will definetly come!
Pragya:Yeah , please shut your mouth up! They will come for sure as we trust in God , as well our love

Zoya thinks ” Love ??? Really……”

Vijay:Let’s see , I think this holi of yours will waste only in the wait , and u both will not be able to see their faces again. Come out of dreams!!

He leaves while eating an apple.

Scene 7 : Asad+Ayaan+Abhi’s residence
Najma:I think Zoya is right , I don’t understand what is wrong with both of them.
Dils:Yeah , let both of them come I will pull their ears.

Najma laughs ( funny tune )

Shirin: Ya Allah , don’t know where is Ayaan.
Raashid:Don’t worry he can take care of himself.
Nikhat:Yes , ammi , drink water , he will be coming.

Humeira comes running towards the hall.

Humeira:Phuppi , Ammi , Abbu , Raashid uncle.We got Ayaaan’s location by tracing his phone , he is near Bherpur goddown.
Shirin:Ya Allah!! It is in jungle.
Raashid:It is a dangerous place.
Humeira:I am leaving.
Siddiqui sahib:We all will also accompany you.
Humeira:No you all should be at home , police is reaching there. Only 1 person can go.
Raashid:Ok , beta , Take care . ALLAH HAFIZ.
Humeira:Yes , khuda hafiz

She leaves.

Dadi:Mitali , did Abhi called?
Mitali:No dadi
Dadi:Ok go.

She leaves.
Dadi is tensed.

Scene 8 : Bherpur goddown
Zoya is sad.

Pragya:Don’t worry , your angrybird and my rockstar will come.
Zoya:Yeah , but…….

They see 3 masked men coming towards them. They get scared.

Zoya:YA ALL……..(a guy places hand on her mouth)
Pragya:AYE BHAG………(another guy places hand on her mouth)

Allah wariyan plays…….

Guy 3 : Dar gaye kya?
(Are u scared?)

Zoya removing the hand:Allah miya , whats wrong with u ! Why your voice resembles Rabart?

Ayaan removing the mask: Coz I am Rabart!

Asad & Abhi also remove their masks. Pragya and Zoya get glad and hugs them , respectively. (Mitwa)

A hand from behind applies colour on Ayaan’s face.

Ayaan:Who is this ill – literate……

And turns around to see Humeira , Asya & Abhigya break their hug.

Humeira: Hey, dumbo , so this was ur mission.

FB shown:
Ayaan talking to Asad regarding Zoya and the creep , Humeira listens to it.
FB ends.

Ayaan:So you were doing my jasoosi.

Asad applies colour over Zoya and Zoya does the same.(Mitwa)
Abhi applies colour over Pragya and Pragya does the same.(Allah Waariyan)

Abhi and Asad untie them.

Vijay enters.

Vijay:Shayar hum bhi kuch kam nahi (I am also not a bad Shayar)
Toh arz kia hai
Khushi ke baadal baras rahain hain
Jo kuch lamhon mai tham rahain hain.

(The clouds are raining happiness
But it is about to end)

He threws kerosene all over while others are shocked. He lightens up a matchstick.

Vijay:If you are not mine so no one else’s , MS . FAROOQUI!!!
Zoya:You wanna kill me right! So do it , I will be happy that I will be far from your black shadow and dying with my love!!!

Asad is super dooper shock.

Pragya:And you don’t know a woman’s power she can even die for her kumkum.

Abhi is happy that he found her phuggi back.

Humeira:Someone has said it right , JAB PYAAR KIYA TOH DARNA KYA!!
(when u love someone so don’t need to be frightened)

Ayaan is happy that he found his childhood love.

The 3 ladies hold their hands and say together:
(Everything is acceptable in the way of ♥)

The 3 couples eye eachother intensely.
( Mitwa )

The matchstick falls , the whole place lightens in fire.

Vijay: Today my madness win and your love loosed.

They all start to get suffocated , and ends up on the ground.

Asad:I don’t kn…(cough) know where to start but yes I ♥ U , ZOYA!!!
Zoya:I ♥ U too , MR . KHAN!!
Eyelock (Mitwa)

Abhi:Tha…(cough) Thanks 4r returning me back my Phuggi
Pragya:I was always yours
Eyelock(Allah waariyan)

Ayaan:Since childhood I have hidden my feelings but today I want to say something.I ♥U!!!
Humeira:Pata nahi kab bachpan ki dosti , jawani ke ishq mai badal gayi
(Don’t know when our friendship turned into love)
Today I want to say to the world that I ♥ U!!

The couples eye eachother deeply.
(Pyaar hai ya saza plays)

The screen freezes on the couples faces.

Precap:Someone throws watre over fire…. Who is this new entry???

Hope u enjoyed the episode and do tell me in the comment box below.

Once again Happy Holi!!

Credit to: zuha

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