Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 3)

Hey Guys, I am back with my part3 and now I will be free on Wed and as my exams are finishing on Fri so will post on Weekends and maybe on Thurs ,as well, coz on Fri I have the most easieast paper and thats of Geography.
Ok guys I am disappointed with less comments and thnx who commented. Swasan, had an issue, he or she said that how can Asad be attracted to Zoya in a single day so my ans. is that love has its own sensation.Hope you got your ans.

Recap:Zoya attempts suicide……..

Episode 3:
The scene begins in Sheikh Mansion where Ayaan and Humeira are walking by the pool.

Humeira:Ayaan are you alright , I mean to say that no sher , no shayari.
Ayaan:From where did the sun rose today?
Humeira:God knows better.
Ayaan:Toh arz kia hai……
Humeira:Stop , stop
Ayaan:What happened?
Humeira:Till date you have said shers and we listened them but today I will say sher and you will listen.
Toh arz kia hai , Irshaad , Irshaad
Humeira:Toh arz kia hai
Release honay wali hai film Hero
Magar hamaray Ayaan mian hai Zero
Shukria , Shukria ?

(The film hero is about to release
But our Ayaan is a total Zero)
Ayaan is shocked on her shayari and is standing like a statue , she stealthily pushes him and he falls in the pool and she runs away laughing.

Scene 2:Khan Villa’s
Asad is seen asking Zoya the reason behind her suicide.Zoya is nervous and scared.Asad hesitently places his hand on her shoulder , and she breaks in his arms. Asad is 1st hesitent but too reciprocates the hug realising her state.(mitwa)

Asad breakin’ the hug: Will you plz tell me.
Zoya:Whose life plays a game with him , so how can a person expect good from others.
Asad:I did not understand.
Zoya:You are not at fault but my destiny…..
Asad:Everything good or bad is by the will of Almighty.
Zoya:Yeah , but why me I was 5 when he snatched my ammi and ….. now
Asad:Zoya look plz tell me the reason behind your suicide clearly.

She narrates the whole story.

“I lived in New York with my api and jiju , and one day a gang of boys tried to harass me.I got saved , but someone clicked the pics. and sent them to my api and jiju . They disowned me and told me that I am adopted and my parents are from Bhopal. I came to Bhopal in search of my parents, and to start a new life , but those bastards are following me like a shadow, and continuously blackmailing me.゛

Asad is shocked listening to it while Zoya is crying.

Asad:I must say Ms.Farooqui that you are brave. I did not know that behind your smile hides a big bitter truth.

Suddenly , Zoya’s phone rings , and she gets scared and hugs Asad.

Asad:What happened Ms.Farooqui?
Zoya:They are calling me again.

Asad attends the call in rage

Caller:Sleep peacefully this night because tomorrow’s sun will bring darkness in your life . At 5 the same Bherpur Goddown.

He laughs evily(evil tune plays)
The screen freezes at Asad’s in rage face.

Precap:A goon is about to hit Asad but Zoya hits him…..

Guys , now u have to wait till Wed , I will try to post it on Tuesday nyt and Wed coz I am free. And do comment and tell what u think of the sudden twist.
Ok , I have a poll who to have as Vijay (ーve )
a)Sangram Singh (Ashok of YHM)
b)Abbas Mehta (Shyaam of IPKKND)

Thank you for reading!!!!!!?

Credit to: zuha


  1. Sanjana ( sanju)

    I think vijay is the one who is blackmailing zoya along his gang…i hope its right!! I vote 4 sangram singh…n lovely episode zuha…juzz luvv asya☺

    • Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thnx Sunehri for liking and voting BTW waiting for your post when will u post sweetie

      • Zuha (Asya fan)

        Yeah sure , actually Sunehri my BFF reads ur FF and she was the one who asked for captcha via my I’d☺

  2. Beautiful :> love the story can’t wait for the next episode. You’re brilliant. Ad please do comment on mines and tell your friends too :> but I really can’t wait till episode 4 :>

    • Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thnx for appreciation and will comment Insha Allah on urs and yeah u have to wait for the next till Tuesday and Wednesday so hold ur horses dear ?

  3. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Guys do read the FF of my friends Nusz and Sunehri they are also for QH and are marvellous as for Sunehri it is for SaHil and SeHan and for Nusz it is for Asya but she changed their names to Tia and Karan.
    Do read them and don’t you forget to read my one …….???

  4. priya tripathi

    This episode is good n sorry for the late comment i don’t know why tellyupdates are not publish my comment

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