Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (Episode 27)


Hey friends! I am here with the 26th episode of this FF! Thanks for your love and support throughout, all your comments are valuable and precious to me! A special thanks to Laddoo!

Recap: Asya surviving the accident…Asya and youngsters nok jhok! Tanveer feeling bad!

Episode 27:
Scene 1: Khan Villa’s
Tanveer leaves to her room frustrated and Asad follows her!
Zoya thinks, “I hope all the misunderstandings between them get cleared! I shall see what is going on there! Zoya it is bad to listen to someone’s conversation! No Everything is fair in Love and War! Chal Zoya!”
Scene shifts to Tanveer’s room where Tanveer enters her room and behind her enters Asad!
Asad: Tanu…woh!
Tanveer: Please..Jamm…I mean Mr.Asad Ahmed Khan leave me alone! I know this is your house, but this is my room! I am sincerely requesting you to leave!
Asad forwards a chocolate to her!
Tanveer: I don’t want to have it!
Asad: I can’t believe it Tanveer Baig refusing to chocolate! Impossible!
Tanveer: Everything is possible in this world! Please Asad leave!
Asad: Ok baba! I am sorry, I know I was too much angry on you and I should have forgiven you at the first place! So sorry! (And holds his ears!)
Tanveer: You have forgiven me right?
Asad: Unfortunately, YES! I have forgiven you!
Tanveer: Proof it!
Asad: Ummmm….Okay you can call me Jammy!
Tanveer: Really?
Asad: Yes really!
Tanveer: Thanks for the chocolate!
Asad: Half is mine!
Before Tanveer could here Asad, she gulps down the whole chocolate, Asad was left to just look on!
Tanveer: Sorry!
Asad: Chocolate ki dushman! (Enemy of chocolate!)
Tanveer: You gave it to me!
Asad: I also asked you to share!
Tanveer: But…
And their fight continues
Tanveer: Okay, don’t worry I will get you another chocolate!
Asad: Wait! Can you make me the jam sandwich which you use to make for me before!
Tanveer: Sure!
Before Tanveer leaves!
Tanveer: I am sorry Jammy! And thanks for forgiving me!
Asad: Thanks to you for returning my DOST! I wish you get a good life partner!
(A man comes out of a jeep)

Asad: Who loves you to eternity!
(His eyes are shown through his sunglasses)

Asad: Who will take care of you!
(His cufflings are shown!)

Tanveer gives a sweet smile and thinks, “I don’t know whether I will be able to love someone else! Because for me love means “JAMMY” but your happiness lies in Zoya, and I will not come in between you both! Maybe I get a good life partner, but my first love is you and you will be!” unknowingly a tear escapes her eyes!
(The man is revealed to be Haider)

On the other side, Zoya who is eavesdropping is not able to hear, and leans on the door, the very moment Asad opens the door, and Zoya fall over Asad! (Mitwa moment) Tanu smiles looking at them snd captures their pic! And smiles viciously!
Tanveer: Ab bhains gayi pani mein!

Asya compose their-selves!

Tanveer: Now I will show this picture to everyone in the house!
Asad: Tanu…Tanu…you are not doing anything like that!
Tanveer: Not only this I will post it on net!
Zoya: Tanveer ki bachi!
And the trio runs behind each other! All the elders are happy to see the kids like that! After much of running the trio lands on the sofa exhaust!

Next day…
The scene shows Asad in the garden, watering the plants, Zoya comes there with a cup of coffee!
Asad: Thanks for getting me the coffee!
Zoya: Who said it is yours?
Asad: Isn’t it?
Zoya: No it is mine!
Asad: If not mine then not yours!
He points the pipe towards Zoya! Zoya runs breaking the mug, as it hits the ground and breaks, and their water fight continues!
Zoya: Mr.Khan it is a bad thing to waste water! Do you know people don’t have water to drink and you are wasting it like this! Leave me!
Asad: Not so easily!
And pulls Zoya towards himself! And traps her in a hug!
Zoya: Mr.Khan anyone will see us!
Asad: So what!?
Zoya: So please leave me!
Asad: Sorry! And yeah this time no excuses of “Nuszz” “Sunehri” etc. etc. etc.! Today no one can save you from me!
“Ugghhnmm!” Asya hear a cough and turn back! They are shocked to see Tanveer there!
Zoya: Tanu tum!
They both compse their-selves!
Tanveer: Asad only 1 week is left in your wedding have patience!
Asad: There is nothing like that! Whatever you see was…
Tanveer: Not were about to say this! Hai na!
Asad: Yes!
Tanveer: That means you don’t love Zoya!
Asad; Yes!
Zoya is surprised!
Asad: I mean no!
Zoya: Mr.Khan! (raising her eye-brows)
Asad: Stop scaring me!
Zoya: I am scaring you?
Asad: Yes you are!

And their fight continues and it would have continued for ages if Tanveer would not have intervened!

Tanveer: Come on! Stop behaving like kids! By the way we are going for shopping!
Zoya: Who we?
Tanveer: We, we! The young gangs! All of us! Except for Khala, Shirin Auntie, Raashid Uncle, and Dadi!
Asad: I am sorry! I am not coming! I have work at office! You guys go with the driver!
Zoya: Mr.Khan we are going for our wedding shopping, and if I will buy anything for you by my will you will have 1000s of problems in that!
Tanveer; Zoya relax! I have solution for that as well!
Tanveer: Look Mr.Asad Ahmed Khan, as I know you from childhood so I knew that you will be having an excuse of office so I had planned before how to make you agree! Here you go with your 1 month leave application signed by the founder of “Dilshad Constructions” my lovely Khala, Mrs.Dilshad Khan, in respect of your marriage!
Asad: But it is 2 weeks later!
Tanveer: But shopping is also compulsory! Will you wear your formals on your wedding instead of sherwani, and Zoya jeans?!
Zoya: YES! I will definitely wear jeans!
Both Asad and Tanu look on in disbelief!
Zoya: Why you both are staring at me?
Tanveer: Did you even realize what u just said!
Zoya: Yeah I will wear jeans under my wedding lehnga!
Asad: Impossible!
Tanveer: Nothing is impossible!
Zoya: Correct! Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai! Irshaad, Irshaad!
Tanveer: Irshad!
Zoya: Toh arz kia hai,
Impossible ko Possible karna hai ek mushkil kaam!
Magar Zoya Farooqui karsakti hai har mushkil kaam!
Shukria, shukria!
Tanveer: Wah Wah Zoya!
Asad: You are totally mad!
Zoya: In your love!

Asya share a romantic eyelock! (Mitwa plays)

Tanveer: I will catch you guys in the car poach after 5 mins!
Asad: Okay!

Scene 2: Shopping mall
All enter the shopping mall!
Zoya: Mr.Khan, let’s go and buy the jeans first!
Humeira: Lehnga First!
Nuzhat: Bangles first!
Ayaan: Sherwani first!
Saman (Kriya) : Jewelry first!
Jugan (Sanju) : Make-up first!
Asad (fed up with the arguement) : Will you guys stop! I am only have 2 ears to listen!
“Bhaijaan I am hungry!” says out Tmatar!
All look on in disbelief!
Nikhat: Lo kar lo baat! Everyone here is busy with shopping and this girl is stuck in food!
Tanveer: You guys carry on with the shopping, I will place the order!
She leaves, while other head to shop!
Zoya: Wait! Where are Sunehri and Nuszzz?
All are confused! There the scene shifts to the play area! Sunehri and Nuszat are seen having rides and having full time masti!
Sunehri: Oh my god! Life is just so awesome!
Nuszat: Just like a roller-coaster ride! (They are enjoying on a roller-coaster)
Sunehri: Some smell is coming right? (Making an ugly face)
Nuszat: Correct Bunehri!
Sunehri: Stop calling me by that name Nusbus!
Nuszat: Same goes to you!
And they continue..when a staff comes!
Staff: Madam it is for kids!
Nuszat and Sunehri: W H A T E V E R!!!!
And they leave miffed!
While on the other side all are tensed for both!
Ayaan: Woh dekho! Dono chudailian aa gayi!
All turn to see Nuszat and Sunehri!
Zoya: Nuszz ki bachi where were u? Do u have any idea how much tensed I was!
Humeira: Where were you guys?
Nusz and Sunehri: Play area!
All: WHAT!!!
Asad: Ms.Farooqui are your friends kids?!
Zoya: Mr.Khan just shut up! At least they are not like you Akdu Ahmed Khan! They are enjoying their childhood!
Asad: It has been years back when there childhood ended!
Zoya: Childhood never ends! There is always a child hidden in a human being! And those who forget there childhood turn up like you, ANGRYBIRD!
Kriya: Stop fighting!
Sanju: We are here for shopping!
Nuzhat: So let’s shop!
Asad: Chaliye!
Zoya: Chaliye! (Asya quarrel tune plays in BG)
Najma is walking in search of Tanveer when she collides with a boy, her shoulders touch with the boy’s shoulder, they both feel a different sensation, a shiver pass through their body! Najma bends down to pick up the stuff fallen, and so do the boy, they both are didn’t see each other.
Boy (Imraan) : I am sorry Mam!
Najma is shocked upon hearing the voice and turns to find Imraan and he is to taken aback!
Najma: Sorry for what! Betraying me years back! Sorry for playing with my emotions! Sorry for making a fun of Love! Your sorry is not enough to heal my wounds! (Her eyes fill up with tears!)
She turns to leave when her dupatta stuck with his cuff-lings! Najma and Imraan look at each other teary-eyed! (Khamoshiyan plays in the BG This song is selected for ImJa)
She pulls the dupatta with a jerk, and leaves wiping her tears, while Imraan looks on!
Ayaan and Asad are seen selecting sherwanis! They show it to their respective ladies!
Asad: Zoya how is it?
Zoya: Chee…Mr.Khan again this color blue! You made me hate this color blue!
Asad: What’s the problem? Such a lovely color!
Zoya: Mr.Khan you wore the same color outfit in our Engagement, and your whole wardrobe is full of blue, blue shirt, blue pants, blue blazers! And look right now you are also wearing BLUE!
*Asad is wearing blue shirt, with a blue tie, and blue pants*
Asad: So what should I wear, Ms.Farooqui?
Zoya: Look this red one! It is so good! (placing on Asad)
Asad: No way! It is way too bright!
Zoya: Allah miya! What is wrong with you Mr.Khan? (And she leaves frustrated!)
Humeira: Ayaan, literally orange? Disgusting! Your fashion sense is sooo poor! Check this fawn one! (pointing to a fawn color sherwani)
Ayaan: No way! It is way too light!
Humeira: Jab apni marzi chalani thi toh poocha kyoun? (And she also leaves frustrated!)
Asad: Pack this red one!
Ayaan: Pack the fawn one!
Nikhat who was observing all this is amused: What a sudden change! You guys go and get lunch I will pay!
Asad and Ayaan: Thanks!

Nikhat reaches the counter where Farhaan is also present! Nikhat places her hand to pick up the credit card and so do Farhaan,they both touch one another’s hand, and and are shocked to see each other, and they share an intense eyelock (Nazdeekiyan plays in BG this song is selected for FarKhat) You can easily sense the shiver in both of them!
Nikhat: You here?
Farhaan: You…What are you doing here?
Nikhat: Weding preps!
Farhaan: Same here! Imraan and I came here for shopping! Busy..Busy!
Nikhat: Why don’t you guys join us!
Farhaan: Great!
Asad picks up a jeans for Zoya, and thinks, “What a girl! Wearing jeans under a lehnga! Maybe it’s her way which makes her different from others! I hope she likes it!”
Scene 3: Khan Villa’s
All reach KH tired and exhausted!
Zoya (throwing herself on the couch): Najma, water!
Najma: Get it by yourself!
Zoya: Najma please, my Tmatar, my good girl!
Najma: Sorry your buttering won’t work! By the way, butter is very expensive nowadays!

Asad forwards a glass of water, which Zoya thinks that it is given by Najma*

Zoya: Thanks Tmatar!
Najma: For what?

Zoya realizes that Asad has given it!

Zoya: I am sorry I didn’t know that it was you!
Ayaan: What sorry? Don’t be a bheegi billi, you have made my bro. your ghulam! (servant)
Nikhat: Bhaijaan, before marriage this is your condition, what will happen after that?
Zoya: Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai!
Najma: Not now , say it in the morning Please!
Zoya: But I want to say now!
Najma: Then say it to Bhaijaan, also he is on leave na!
Asad (silently) : I will only rotten in this leave! *Zoya gives him a killer look*
Nikhat: Point-to-be-noted! All the shopping is done!
Tanveer:Eureka! We will go for camping!
Zoya: Not bad huh!
Nuszat: So when are we leaving?
Tanveer: Tomorrow morning! What say?
Ayaan: But who will tell to our Hitler Moms?!
*2 hands hold his each ear! They are revealed to be Dils and Shirin*
Shirin: Aren’t you ashamed to call your moms Hitler!
Dilshad: You should be punished! (Dils smile) and your punishment is that, you guys will leave tomorrow @ 8!
All: WHAT?
Zoya: But in this short time how will we do the packing? Already it is 12 of night!
Shirin: No worries! Your packing is done! (pointing to the packed suit cases)
Humeira: But how?
Dilshad: Ask ur mastermind!

All eyes turns towards Tanveer, (asking for an explaination!)

Tanveer: Actually..
All: Actuaally!
Tanveer: I thought!
All: U thought!
Tanveer: That before you are tied into a life long commitment there should be some masti, maza, adevntures etc. etc!
Zoya: U just rocked!
All have a group hug!


Precap: Next episode will be the last episode of this season…Awaits lots of Maza, Masti, Twists and Turns in the life of Asya!

Spoiler: A big twists which changes many lives!

Finally the update ends! This long update I think I never wrote before! But I have to wind up with season 1!
I hope you guys enjoyed this update! As this took a whole day of mine! Please
Love u all!
(Pardon me for mistakes!)

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