Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (Episode 26) Maha Episode {Pyaar Ka Imtehaan}


Hey friend I am back! Finally…I am posting my FF! Sorry, sorry, sorry, I know quite late, huh? But what can I do 5 FFs…Eid so tough!
But thanks for your love and support throughout! And this is Maha Episode, so I hope you guys will enjoy it! and this episode will be emotional and masti bhara as well as ! So hoping I will make this episode enjoyable for you guys!

And friends my sister Kashfia (Kachoo) has started a FF based on Dehleez, Qubool Hai, KRPKAB, and EDKV, it would be a pleasure if you guys read it! ~ Zuha
“Dil ki Dehleez pe Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste…Kya Aap ko Qubool Hai?”

Recap: Asya romantic date night…Asya first kiss…Asya faces accident!!!
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________MahaEpisode : Dil kid or toot ti hai…Dil bhi saath toot tay hai…Mohabbat ki dastaan ka ek naya mor! Kya unhein (Asad and Zoya) Qubool Hai
The episode begins where all are rushing Asya to hospital, Asad and Zoya are still holding each other’s hand tightly while Kal Ho na Ho plays…As Asya are shifting in O.T their hands are separated! (Cold winds blew)

Outside the O.T

All are tensed…
Dilshad: Ya Allah! Please save my kids!
Humeira: Phuppi nothing will happen to Asad Bhaijaan and Zoya! Keep your fingers crossed!
Shirin: And Allah is there (Pointing towards the sky) to listen to our prayers!
Jugan (Sanju): And Khala, do you even think that anything will happen to Asad! Nothing will happen to him after all he is our tiger!
Nuszat: And Zoya she is such a girl who never accepts defeat easily she will fight with death as well to come back to me!
Ayaan: Wah , wah, wah! Aap ke paas kyoun aayegi, are you any angel? Chudail ho ek number ki, chudail!
Nuszat: Look Mr.Ayaan Ahmed Khan, I am really very concerned for my friend, no, no not friend, my jaan, my BFF ZOYA!! UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!
Humeira: ENOUGH!!! Aap logon ko mazaaq soojh raha! Is it really funny!?!
Saman (Kriya) : There Asad Bhai and Zoya are fighting with death and you guys are wasting your time in fighting instead of praying for them!
Nuszat and Ayaan stare each other angrily!

After a while…The doctor comes out of the O.T! All rush to him!

Dilshad: How are Asad and Zoya?
Doctor: Ms. Zoya is out of danger but…
Dilshad: But what?!
Ayaan: Asad Bhai! How is Asad Bhai, is he okay!
Doctor: Mr.Asad is in a very critical situation, he may lose his life as well!
Ayaan holds the doctor by his collar: How dare you! Are you a doctor even! Your work is to save the patient or say he can die! I don’t know a single thing just go and cure my Bhaijaan!

All try to make Ayaan leave the collar!
Humeira: Ayaan what are you doing? Just leave him!AYAAN!
Finally Ayaan leaves the doctor!
Doctor: Look Mr.Ayaan I can understand your situation!
Ayaan: No you can’t! Have you ever gone through the pain of losing your brother!
Dilshad (crying) : Ayaan leave it!
Ayaan (pointing his index finger at the doctor) : Just save my brother!

And Ayaan leaves from there, frustrated…while Asad and Ayaan tune plays in BG!

Outside the hospital!
Ayaan comes out, and remembers the quality time spend with Asad…and cries…He sits on the bench nearby and continues crying while Ruthke humse kahin jb from Jo jeeta wohi sikandar plays..Humeira comes behind him and sees him crying, she comes and places her hand on his shoulder as a sign of support, Ayaan turns and hugs her tightly while the song continues..while Humeira caresses his hair while he cries!

Scene 2: Asad and Zoya’s rooms respectively
Asad and Zoya’s rooms are shown…Both are un conscious…Hamari Adhuri Kahani Plays in the BG!
Paas aaye dooriyan phir bhi kam na hui
(Asad is shown)
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
(Zoya is shown)
Aasman ko zammen yeh zaroori nahi
(Both are shown together as the screen splits into 2)
Jaa mile…jaa mile!
(Asad is focused)
Ishq sacha wohi jis ko milti nahi manzilein…manzilien
(Asad’s condition starts to worsen)
Rang the noor tha jab qreeb to tha
(Zoya gets restless)
Ek janat sa tha yeh jahan
(Asad’s heart-beats drops)
Waqt ki rait pe kuch meray naam sa likh ke chor gaya tu kahan
(Zoya gets more restless as Asad images flashes in her mind)
Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
(Asad feels relax as he nears to death!)
Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Zoya wakes up with a scream removing the Oxygen mask,“Mr.Khan!!!” and breathes heavily!
Nuszat and Sunehri are present there and are shocked!
Nuszat: Zoya! You gained conscious!
Zoya (panting): Where is Mr.Khan!
Sunehri: Zoya..
Zoya: I asked where is ASAD!!
Ayaan enters…
Zoya: Ayaan! You tell me where is Mr.Khan! Is he okay? Please tell me!
Ayaan: Iqbal has said a sher for you,
Toh arz kia hai,
Kaat lena har kathhan manzil ka kuch mushkil nahi,
Ek zara insaan mein chalnay ki himat chahiye!
Zoya: Ayaan please! I want to meet Mr.Khan!
Ayaan: Mona, mona! Relax! You should not take stress, okay Bhaijaan is alright don’t worry! You just take rest!
Zoya: NO! Please Ayaan, let me meet Asad! Please! (folding her hands!)
Ayaan: Okay, okay! I will try!
Zoya: Please!!

Zoya is brought to Asad’s room!
Doctor: There are no chances to save him! (Doctor leaves saying it!)
This shocks Zoya!! (Sad MItwa plays..) All are taken aback!
Zoya: No…this can’t happen, he can’t leave me like this! MR.KHAN!!!!!!! You have to wake up for your Zoya!
And rests her head on his hand!
All look on teary-eyed!
Zoya’s tears fall on Asad’s hand and he shows some movement as cold wind blew!
Zoya moves her heads up, feeling the movement!
Zoya: He just moved! Did you all see! He just moved!

All look down (as they didn’t notice)

Ayaan (crying and trying to control) : Mona…let’s go!
Zoya: No! He just moved..I felt the movement!
Nuszat: Zoya chalo!
Zoya: Trust me he is alive! My breaths are the proof of his life!
Ayaan and Humeira were about to take Zoya, when something stops Zoya! They all turn to see, and are surprised, to see Asad holding Zoya’s hand!
Khushbu se teri yunhi takra gaye!
Chalte chalte
Dekho na Hum kahan aa gaye
Jannatein ‘gar yahin tu dikhe kyoun nahi
Chand sooraj sabhi hai yahan
Intezaar tera sadiyon se kar raha
Pyasi bethi hai kab se yahan
Hamari Adhuri Kahani…Hamari Adhuri Kahani!

Zoya smiles happily and so do Asad and Zoya hugs him tightly!!

Pyaas ka yeh safar khatam ho jaye ga
Kuch adhura sa tha poora ho jaye ga
Jhuk gaya asmaan
Mil gaye do jahan
Har taraf hai Milan ka samaa
Doliyan hai saji, khushbuein har kahi
Padhne aaya Khud khud yahan
Hamari Adhuri Kahani..Hamari Adhuri Kahani!!
They break the hug! Zoya smiles looking at Asad and so do Asad! (Mitwa moment)

Ayaan calls for the doctor!

The doctor checks Asad!
Doctor: He is perfectly fine! Just that he is weak due to the injuries, otherwise everything is perfect!
This is not less than a miracle!
Zoya and Asad share a eye-lock (Mitwa piano tune plays)

After 2 days…
Asad and Zoya are back from hospital!
Dilshad: Now before anymore problems come I want your Nikah to be done!
Asad: But Ammi!
Dilshad: Nikah karna hai!
Asad: Yes! But…
Dilshad: Then what is the problem?
Ayaan talks with other youngsters except for AsYa! And they giggle!
Dilshad: Why are you guys laughing?
Ayaan: Badi Ammi, I came to know what is the problem!
Dilshad: What?
Asad looks on confused while Zoya is curious to know!
Ayaan: Maybe Asad Bhai loves someone else!
Asad+Zoya: KYA!?!?!
Asad: Have you gone out of your mind! Pagal ho gaya!
Zoya (angrily) : Is it true Mr.Khan?
Asad: Not at all!
Nuszat: Are you sure!
Nuzhat: What do you mean? My bhai is a one woman man!
Humeira: But all men are DHOKEBAAZ! (Betrayers)
Ayaan: Correct!
Asad: Ayaan ke bache! You are gone!
Ayaan hides behind Zoya!
Zoya; What are you saying to him, talk to me first!
Asad: Zoya in whose talks are you coming!
Nuszat+Ayaan+Sunehri+Humeira: On our sayings!
Asad: Oh so you guys made a team!
Zoya: kinda!
Asad: Oh so who is in my team?
Kriya (Saman) : I am!
Nuzhat: Me 2!
Najma: I am…Zoya (Zoya smiles and glares Asad) I am in Bhaijaan’s team!
Zoya (frustrated) : TMATAR!!!
Asad winks at Zoya which frustrates her more!
Zoya: Nikhat you are in our team right?!
Nikhat: Ummm…
Asad (pulls Nikhat to her side) : No more! She is in our team!
Zoya: Mr.Khan! This is cheating! You are a cheater!
Asad: Cheater is not a word! Cheat!
Zoya: Just shut up!
Asad; Sanju in whose team you are!
Kriya (Saman) : She is my sister! Obviously where I am she is there!
Zoya: Kya matlab!
Asad: Matlab yeh that we won you lose! We have 6 members in our team and you are 5! So power is with us!
Zoya (raising her eyebrows) : Mr.Khan, do you want to go back to the hospital again? Don’t forget I know karate! (and shows some steps)
All burst into laughter while Asad is embarrassed and gives a killer look to Zoya!
Zoya: Whatever!
Kriya (Saman) : Okay, okay stop fighting! Tanveer is left!
Sanju (Jugan) : Come on Kriya! Tanu is Asad’s BFF definitely she will support him! Kyoun Jammy ki chamchi!
All look on as Kriya and Sanju are unaware of the past circumstances…
Tanu remembers {Asad shouting at her: Don’t you dare call me Jammy} {Asad: This right was only of my friend and she is dead!} {Asad: I Hate you!}

Tanu leaves from ther while all look on!
Screen freezes at Asad’s face!

Precap: Asad talks to Tanveer…Asad and Tanveer cherish some happy moments shared by Zoya…All go for FarKhat Asya and Huyaan’s wedding shopping! Romantic moments of AsYa! Nikhat and Farhan meet at the mall! Najma collides with Imraan at the mall! New entry!
So here the update ends! I tried to write a long update and I hope you all enjoyed as writing after a long time! Do share your views via comments!
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_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________So I will be ending this update here before I hear my mom yelling on me!
Bye cutie-pies!
Love you all!
Zuha Fatima.

(Pardon me for mistakes as I have not read it after typing!)

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  1. U told me u were 13, didn’t u? Why do I feel u r 18? U r too good of a writer ya. This is the first epi m reading of ur ff. U write so well. Simple yet amazing…I need to learn something frm u…good…may u stay bkessed and keep writing! U r jus too good to be described by any word in the dictionary. I guess I need to make a new word soon?

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey dear! Firstly a big THANKSSSSSS for taking out ypur precious time for this FF wrote by a silly girl!Yeah I told u I was to-be-13 same as your age?And this comment seriously means a lot to me Laddoo! Seriously, when I read the comment I was on cloud 100! And you are very good being your way! Everyone has their own talent and you also have a beautiful writing talent! U don’t need anything to do anything to write, just a paper and pen is enough, and just let your magic of imagination work, as God has gifted everyone with a strong power of IMAGINATON?!And actually I hate dictionaries, so you can say anything what you wish! AND 18 IS A LONG WAY TO GO??
      May God bless you and shower his blessings upon u!
      Best regards,
      Zuha Fatima.

      And you are so sweet as a Laddoo(sweet, mithai)

  2. Nusz Khan

    Eh, hey Zuha I enjoyed this Fan-Fiction a lot xx.

    I really loved Asya part aha.

    Also loved the fights between many of us haha.

    Asya was the cutest during HAK, I love that song xx.

    Anyways keep smiling like always aha..

    ~Nusz xx.

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks for the love and support u have given Nusz throughout this FF! I am happy that u are enjoying and I will try to make it more enjoyable!


    2. Nusz????? babe it looks like you are gonna soon reveal your face? Please do reveal this pic of you looks cute? You know you are like just me i do the same thing i wanna see you? WAiting

      1. Zuha Fatima

        Yeah Nusszz waiting to have a glimpse of yours!


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        If you make Skype we all can talk their, half us already have it aha.

        Anyways keep smiling like always

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  3. Omg sooo cute and awesome ??? my baby makes sooo cute eps baby try to also talk to me on google +??? whata hell you guys are like invisible i want to also talk

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Aaahhhh! Finally you are back! I am happy you enjoyed this Episode! Yeah on G+ actually my tablet on which I am using G+ is with my mom as I am busy with my holiday homework so I am not able to post as well whenever I am free I try posting it through my lap top! Why don’t you register on Tellyupdates? Anyways text me on my account on TU! And when are you posting next part of your FF????
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      2. Zuha Fatima

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        Love u 2!

        -Zuha Fatima

  4. Kriya.kri

    Wlcm back zu finally u updated i m waiting for this ff….. Awsm epi…. Asya scene r awsm… .. Nusz n ayaan scene was funny???

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Yeah finally I am back! Missed everyone here! I am happy that you are enjoying this FF, and will try to make it more interesting and enjoyable for you guys!


  5. Sunehri

    Very nice zuha . Liked the episode a lot mainly nus and ayaan’s scene

    Good going

    Sunehri Mehta ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks Sunehri!

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  6. Awsssmm episode zu?!!

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks Sanju!

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey zu finally u r back with a bang dear loved ur ff as always its awesome loved asya scenes I feel so good by reading ur ff its always amazing and I am happy that luckily I am free today 🙂 and will be waiting for the next part 🙂

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thank you so much Fatarajo! Your comments always bring a smile on my face! I feel so honoured to be appreciated by my favorite writer after Shakespeare! Sachi mein?U write so well?Will be updating ASAP


      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        OMG me and ur fav awww so sweet ur comment made my day 🙂

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        My pleasure?

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