Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (Episode 25) Romantic thriller and a shock…

Hey guys I am back !! I know long time but very sorry! Actually busy with vacations project, lots of summer vacations project, then Ramadan! So busy, but I know my cutie pies were waiting for this silly girl 😛

I know I am very bad at writing romance, and mostly my epsiodes are fill with nok jhoks of couples, or family drama actually I don’t know why but I don’t feel comfortable writing such romance…afterall I am a baby girl :P:P Just 12…well leave it so here is a episode full of romance! And as I never forget giving shocks this time be prepared for a shock !!!!

And I am so happy that I made my way to top 5 in one of Qubool hai FFs analysis, with my cutie pies Nusbus, Bunehri, and Balima and Saya darling and was awarded as Queen of shocks…and here with a shock 😛
But cutie pies hold your horses, what’s the hurry?

Before starting I would love u guys to read few FFs by my frnds

By Rafaya {AsYa and ThaHaan – Pyar ki dastaan suno}

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By priya (revenge amd love story of true lovers)

Pardon me if I am missing anyone!!

Recap : Dilshad also forgives Tanveer…Asya’s increasing proxomity…

Epsiode 25 :

The episode begins with Zoya arrivin at the beach (Asad asked her ) in a beautiful black sari (given by Asad) with a light touch of make-up, with diamond jwellery, with curls in her hairs, looking very elegant! Asad is nowhere to be found…

Zoya: Allah miya what is wrong with Mr. Khan! He asked me to come at time, and he himself is late!

Asad comes from behind holding a rose, and gives it from the back saying: A rose for a rose!

Zoya turns taking the rose, facing towards Asad : This rose is fine, but why are we here?

Asad: That you will know, very soon!

Asad forwards his hand…

Zoya: WHAT??!!??

Asad: You trust me, right?

Zoya: Of course, I do Mr.Khan!

And gives her hand in his…They walk forward to find a perfect setting for a date…Zoya looks towards Asad in disbelief!!!!

Zoya (pointing towards the setting : Yeh sab (pointing towards Asad then) aap ne kiya?

Asad nods “Yes!”

Zoya: Unbelievable!!

Asad pinches her hard, and she shouts…

Asad: I am so sorry, did it hurt!

Zoya: No, I was just kidding! Your touch will never hurt me !

Asad: I see! Shall we have dinner? (Pointing towards the table, set for dinner!)

Zoya: Sure !!

They sat down to have dinner, and the menu was Zoya’s favorite Pizza, and Cholay/Channa chat , Gol gappay/Pani Puri and Cocolate ice cream…

Asad and Zoya feed each other food…while Mitwa plays in the BG…they remember all their moments spent together……Asad is irked on the way Zoya is eating and continuously wiping Zoya’s face with a tissue paper… After having dinner, Asad forwards his hand for a dance, and Zoya happily agrees for it…They dance romantically on Tum hi ho (From Aashiqui 2)

As they proceed towards a the dance floor [Is there such thing as dance floor at beach, but afterall it is my story everything is possible :P] the song plays…

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mere

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge (Asad pulls Zoya close to him)
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge juda (Asad let’s her go)

Kyunki tum hi ho, Ab tum hi ho (Asad turns, his back facing towards Zoya, and does some actions)
Zindagi ab tum hi ho (Zoya runs to him)
Chain bhi Mere dard bhi (Zoya hugs Asad tightlty from the back)
Meri Aashiqui Ab tum hi ho (Asad enjoys Zoya’s touch)

Tera mera rishta hai kaise (Asad breaks the hug, and caresses Zoya’s face)
Ik pal door gawara nahi ( Zoya shys and trys running but Asad’s holds her hand)
Tere liye har roz hai jeete (Zoya turns back facing Asad)
Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi (Asad pulls Zoya)
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina (Asad pulls her more closer)
Har saans pe naam tera (They feel one another’s breath being close to one other)

Kyunki tum hi ho , Ab tum hi ho (Asad let goes a blushing Zoya away)
Zindagi Ab tum hi ho (They start dancing as a duet … like moving Asad holding Zoya’s waist and her right hand in his hand while Zoya holds Asad’s waist by her left hand and right hand in his hand)
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi (Asad twirls Zoya faster…fast…Fast)
Meri Aashiqui ab tum hi ho (Ends the dance while Zoya leaning down as Asad holds her waist, and they accidently get into a kiss)

Tum hi ho….Tum hi ho….(plays as they share a kiss)

Scene shifts to Khan Villa’s (Ayaan’s room) Humeira enters there to find Ayaan busy working at laptop…

Humeira: Ayaan!

No respond..

Humeira (tapping Ayaan’s knee) : Ayaan!!!

She tries talking to him but he keeps on ignorin her…

Humeira: Okay fine!! I am going and don’t come to me when you need my help executing your silly plans!

And she turns to leave but Ayaan holds her hand and pulls her towards him, amd she lands up on him…They share a cute, awkward, intense, passionate, lovely eye lock (Humeira and Ayaan’s tune plays)

Suddenly, Kabab mein haddis enter (Nuszz, Sunehri, Nuzhat, Nikhat and Najma) and peeks through the door, and slightly tip-toed in, without Huyaans’s knowledge as they were lost in their romance…

Nuszhat (clearing her throat) : Uhmmm…Uhmmmm!

They both compose theirselves…Ayaan is embarrased while Humeira does not stop blushing.

Najma: Humeira baji…sorry…sorry I mean bhabhi…if you want I can give you my name Tmatar….

All laugh while Huyaan are embarrased!!

Ayaan : There is nothing like privacy in this world!

Sunehri: Ayaan jiju! Private things are done after closin the door (pointing towards the open door, and the girls giggle)

Nikhat: Aur yahan to din dahare…

Nuszat: You always tease and trouble me now just wait and watch what I will do…I will tell the whole family about it!

Ayaan: Nuszz…my lovely sister…plz don’t do anything like that!


Nuszat: Till yesterday, I was chudail and now Lovely sister! Wow!

Ayaan: Promise me you guys will not tell anything to family!

Nuszat: On 1 condition!

Ayaan: What?

Nuszat: You will apologize of your rude behaviour since the begining, by doing sit ups..Since when I am here?

Najma: half month!

Nuszat: So 15 sit ups for me and 15 for Bunehri!

Sunehri: My Nusbus!

And they hug…

Ayaan: You all get lost! Bunehri? Nusbus? Tumhe choolay par bhoon na doon, aur phir bus pe bitha kar New York na chor aaoun?!
(Why don’t I roast u on stove and then make u leave to NY by bus)

And pushes them out of his room…

Humeira and Ayaan eye each other awkwardly…

Scene shifts to he car…Asya are driving back to their home (that doesn’t means that Zoya is also driving, Asad is driving 😛 )

Asad plays the radio and Janam Janam (from Dilwale) is being played…
Asad eyes Zoya, who is looking out of the window, blushing remebering their date night, the dance, the kiss and blushes…After a while Zoya falls asleep on Asad’s shoulder, and he smiles seeing her…He reminces all their romantic moments, their confession, their engagement, their dance performance on Gerua (from Dilwale), Zoya proposing Asad on his b’day/valentine, Asad and Zoya getting 99% in love test,etc.

Suddenly, a truck comes in front and there is a collision of the car and truck, a heart-wrenching sound is heard, a bl**dy hand is seen on the broken glass pieces of the window..

Episode ends…,

Precap : Suspense….

Toh laga na jhatka…A romantic episode with a sad point…not fair huh… don’t worry…and wait for the next episode !
I was having goosebumps while writingm and was continously smiling, and my sister was like, “What’s going on??”
Well I hope u enjoyed…Plz…Plz…Plz COMMENT!!

Keep smiling!
Love u ♥♥♥
Zuha Fatima

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  1. Priya tripathi

    Awesome n shocking

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks for appreciation…yeah it was shocking…Stay blessed…

  2. Wowww realllyy zuu….THRILLING?? n Reallly Romantic??Huyaan scene..?Situps??Awsmm dear..
    Take Care??

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  3. Awsm epi especially asya scene???wht a shocking precap???

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      I am happy you enjoyed…and yeah suspense 😀 :D:D
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  4. awesome yr…it was mindblowing

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    Thankss dear Avni…stay tuned for more updates 🙂
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  6. Nusz Khan

    Awesome loved this episode… I loved my part too…xxx

    Also I posted the next episode of my Fan-Fiction hope you can read it.

    Keep smiling like always xx.


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      Thanks Nusbus ! I have read it and indeed commented as well!
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  7. Wow apia, you are so nice at writing romance, I never knew that ?? And such a romantic episode by Zuha Fatima, never expected…

    Well nice episode??
    Keep going…

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Just shut up Kashfia! And thanks for supporting me!
      Your Apia (Zuha)

  8. Awesome and shocking

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  9. Amazing.

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    Sunehri mehta ( sunuzurahsanjokrilima besties forever ) ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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