Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (Episode 23)

So guys I am back, with the 23rd episode of my FF “Asya and Huyaan:A delicate relation” I hope you all are doing well…Guys I am slightly disappointed with the decreasing comments, but I am not ending this FF because I am writing it for those who like to read my FF. Where are you guys, Maya, Milly, Nahiii, Mahira, Cutie pie, Sam, Barkat imam, I hope you guys are reading my FF….

Before starting I would like if you guys read the FFs of my friends, written beautifully;

1)Sanam aur aahil – Eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (by Sunehri)
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Pardon me if I am forgetting any name….

*In today’s episode a new entry will be seen (in FB) of my friend Fatarajo who will be performing a negative role (she will be part of my FF I guess after 40 – 45 episodes)

Recap: All play Love Test….

Episode 23:

The scene begins at Najma’s room where she is weeping at a corner and repeating, “I hate you Imraan , I hate you!”

A FB is shown….
Najma and Imraan are college-mates…they were in love, and all was going well, when one day Najma sees Imraan with a girl, who was hugging him…Najma rushes and pushes that girl away from him..

Girl: Who the hell!!
Najma: How dare you even touch him!
Girl: Why can’t I touch him…and who are you to question me?
Najma: Imraan , who is this girl , and what are you doing with her?!?
Imraan: Voh…
Girl: Hi, I am Filza , Filza Adeeb (played by my awesome friend Fatarajo) and can’t you see we are GF and BF!
Najma: Ohhhh…Just shut up! And for your kind information I am talking to Imraan not to you!!
Filza: Imraan , I am bearing too much of insult just throw this girl out!
Najma: Yes, he will indeed throw out but not me , you!
Filza: How dare you!!
Imraan: Just shut up both of you! Filza you leave I’ll catch you up later…I have to talk to her!
Filza: Ok I am leaving, Love you Jaan!! (She leaves giving a flying kiss while Najma looks on in disgust)
Najma: Now will you please tell me what was going on here!
Imraan: Look Najma , Filza and I are in relationship and you heard it right she is my girlfriend!
Najma: WHAT!?!?!!!! But you loved me Imraan, Imraan just say once that this all is a lie, I will accept it as a nightmare! We will begin a fresh start! How can you forget our love!
Imraan: Look Najma , sometimes spending time with each other we feel as we love the one but it is not necessary that it is love always! I never loved you, it was just, INFATUATION!!
Najma: How can you do this to me! You know what; I was going to talk to Bhaijaan and Ammi about our marriag! And you!!
Imraan:WHAT!!!!????!!! Are you out of your mind…How can you even think about it…Look I didn’t want to say but I never loved you instead I was passing time with you, and you!! Look it’s all over, it’s done!! (He moves ahead, but turns and says..) And never ever show me your stupid face again! You bl**dy, idiot!

He leaves; as he leaves Filza comes to Najma and makes her fun…

Filza: Ohhhhhh……Someone ditched you… You know what dear fellow I am feeling pity for you…But Imraan is a guy who only knows how to use girls…And when he is done with one, he throws that poor girl as a trash…he takes girls as tissue paper, and girls like you fall in his trap and thinks to make him as your “Sartaj” (Husband)

Najma without saying a single word leaves from there in tears….

FB Ends…

Najma continues crying…..

The scene shifts at Imraan’s room where he is seen roaming here and there…He says to himself, “I know Najma what I did with you was wrong but I have repented for it, I have understand that I love you only!! It has been 3 years since you have left my life but by god not a single day of mine passes without your thoughts…My each dream, each day, each moment is incomplete without you…Please come back in my life!!”

*Next day…..

All are assembled for breakfast; Najma comes and sits beside Zoya. She seems to be lost which Zoya notices…

Zoya: Najma, you okay??

No reply….Zoya places a hand on Najma’s shoulder and she comes back to senses…

Zoya: What happened Najma??
Zoya: Okay…Please pass me the Achaar (Pickle)

Najma passes her salad….

Zoya:Najma, I asked for Achaar not for salad!
Najma (tensely): Ohhh…Ss…Sorry!
Zoya:It’s okay, Nuszz, you pass me the Achaar..
Nuszat:Yeah sure, dear!!

Najma’s phone rings and the name, “Imraan” flashes…She gets more tensed…and place it on silent…

Zoya:Najma, why aren’t you picking up the phone?
Najma:No..Nothing important!!
Zoya:Okay!(yet she is not convinced)

Zoya eyes Asad tensely, while he asks her to relax….

Najma receives a message by Imraan saying, “Meet me at the coffee shop where we used to meet!”

Najma excuses herself….

Zoya is walking in the hall, re-mincing all the past incidents related to Najma…Asad comes and pats her on her waist by his left hand as he descends…
Asad: Zoya, my blue tie is not in my wardrobe, do you know where it is?
Zoya (lost): Yeah…
Asad(by waving his hand): Zoya, where are you lost?
Zoya: Nothing Mr.Khan, voh….
Zoya: What happened, why are you shoting!!
Asad: I won, you lost!!
Zoya: WHAT?!?
Asad: The challenge!
Zoya: Which challenge?
Asad: Zoya, you forgot, we challenged each other that we will not call one another, Ms.Farooqui or Mr.Khan!
Zoya(Shouts):ALLAH MIYA! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?! I am so much tensed here for Najma and you … RIDICULOUS!!!
Asad: Okay! I am sorry Ms.Farooqui! Now please will you get my tie!
Zoya:Yes, I will bring it!

Zoya goes….and brings the tie….

And holds the tie and was about to leave..
Zoya:Mr.Khan, you are not wearing it so why did you ask for it!
Asad:I will wear it in the office!

She takes the tie from Asad’s hand and starts making him wear…

Zoya:You should look perfect, top-to-bottom!
Asad:And if I not, so! (And starts moving towards Zoya, while she moves backwards, nervously!)
Zoya (She is still fixing the tie):Mr.Khan..what are you doing! If anyone sees us like this, then?
Asad:Then what?
Zoya:Mr.Asad Ahmed Khan, please go you are getting late!
Asad:I don’t think so! (And pins her to the wall)
Zoya:Mr.Khan…..Please leave me!!
Asad:Am I forgetting something?
Zoya:Your laptop?
Zoya:Your file?
Zoya:Okay…so your mobile?
Zoya:Then what??
Asad:Ohhh…You didn’t get it.??

Zoya nods in a “NO”…

Asad:MY MORNING KSS!!!!!!!

Zoya is left shocked … (funny tune plays)

Asad comes more close to her, they were very close to a kiss when Zoya shouts, “NUSZZZZ!!!”
Asad turns back and Zoya flees….Zoya ascends the stairs and says, “Go, go, you are getting late!!”

Asad leaves with a pout face, while Zoya laughs!!

Scene 2: Coffee shop

Imraan is seen waiting for Najma; After a while Najma comes there.

Imraan:Najma, please, come and sit!
Najma:No, I’m Okay!
Imraan: I was not expecting you’ll come!
Najma:First you texted me to come and then you are saying that you weren’t expecting you to come! Why have you called me here?
Imraan: Look Najma, I am sorry for whatever I did, I know sorry is nothing in front of the pain which I have given to you, but please can you give me a second chance!
Najma: I have forgiven you time-back, but I can’t accept you once again…What about you, you may find a better girl than me tomorrow and leave me once again!
Imraan: No, Najma, I have understood that you are the one whom I love! Najma please come back in my life! I promise you I will keep you happy my entire life! Please Najma, PLEASE!!
Najma: Simple is that, when I needed you, you didn’t need me, and when you need me, I don’t need you!

And she leaves from there!

Imraan thinks, “I know Najma you are upset, and you should be, but I know you still love me! I will make you accept my love!

Scene 3: Police Station
Zoya comes inside Tanveer’s cell…Tanveer is sitting in a head-down position, so she is unaware of Zoya’s presence…


Tanveer moves her head up…Tanveer was left seeing Zoya….


Screen freezes on Tanveer’s face….

Precap: Zoya convinces Asad to bail Tanveer out…Tanveer is bailed… Tanveer reaches home…All are shocked to see her…Dilshad slaps Zoya leaving all shocked!!!

So here the episode ends, I hope you enjoyed the episode, do tell me via comments…This time I tried to write a long one and this episode is of about more than 1550 words, as I was not posting since long so……

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  1. Wlcm back…..missed u……awsm epi……shocking precap y did dilshad slaps zoya?????

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  2. Hahahhhah missed you love you dear?? and what a funny ep zoya shouts nusz hey am i getting my role i mean when its my entry? I want to be funny and maybe i was the cousin of zoya right???? anyways awesome ep

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      Missed you 2??I am happy you enjoyed the episode?And yes indeed you are getting the role, like by 35-40 episodes you will be the part of my FF, because the reason is that I have written down this FF in my dairy amd it is completed, in March. So like I have written till Asya marriage but I have decided to continue, so you guys will be entring after Asya marriage!! I hope you can understand? And yes you are Zoya’s cousin?And Love you 2 darling?

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    Awesome n welcome back

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