Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( Episode 22 )


I am very very sorry guys for such a long delay , seriously sorry! I was busy as my holidays start a lot of pending work was there that I have to complete and then my grandfather suffered from heat stroke…a lot happened?
Anyway , let’s catch up with the story , this one will be a short one probably and very seldom coz I am very exhausted so please deal with it…..
Recap:Nuszz and Sunehri’s introduction to family…Asad and Ayaan taunt Sunehri and Nuszz…Asya fight turning into romance!!

Episode 22:

The scene begins , every one is sitting in the hall , watching a movie…Nuszz gets up and switches off…All glare her!

Zoya:Allah Miya! What’s wrong with you. Why did u switch it off , it was quite a cool movie! You bl**dy idiot!!
Nuszz:Just Shut up! It was such a boring movie , just like you!
Zoya:Am I boring?
Nuszz:Yes you are!
Zoya:So you are …. Idiot , Idiot Idiot!
Nuszz:Seriously! You are mad on me just because of that movie , now that movie is finished!
Zoya: What do you mean?
Nuszz:Just wait and watch , what I will do!

She goes , takes out the CD from the player , breaks it into pieces!

Ayaan:What’s wrong with you Miss… It was Salu’s super hit film .. and you! It was the original one today no one will get it , all are computerised!
Nuszz:Cmon guys , of was such a boring movie , do something cool!
Asad:What do you mean by cool Miss.
Nuszz:Anything better than this!
Najma:Let’s play Love test!????
Nuzhat:That sounds fun!
Nuszz:anot fun Bae , cool!
Zoya:Ugghhh!!! This girl is driving me insane…
Najma:I will get the things…
Asad:Excuse me! The elders are here , ask them first!
Najma:Ammi….with a puppy face!!??
Dilshad:I have no problem with it!
Shirin:It is a green signal from my side as well as!
Youngsters in gay:Yipppppeeeeee!!!???

After few minutes….All assemble in the hall , Haseena Bi’s family is also their.

Haseena Bi:Ya Allah!!Aaj kal ke bache! Sharam naam ki koi cheez nahj hai , kya kare zamana basal gaya hai!(Ya Allah! Today’s generation. , no shame within them , what can we do after all time is changing!)
Dilshad:Are Bi! It is just a game , and we should trust our kids!

The youngsters smile☺

Najma:So here is my laptop ,and a bottle , I will rotate the bottle and on whosoever it will stop has to tell its crush name , I will type it and let’s see what is the result!And yes if your partner’s turn is over then you are also out! understand!

All nod!

Najma rotates the bottle , it stops on Nikhat , she shyly eyes Farhaan , and bows her head down due to shyness!

Nuszhat:Sometimes eyes say everything!

Najma types , Farhaan and Nikhat.

The result is out , she !takes an OOPS face??

Najma:It says,”33.50% You better find another crush for you!”
Nikhat:Just shut up! It is all rubbish , Idiot!

And storms out , Farhaan also follows her!

Najma again rotates the bottle , this time it stops on Asad.

Nuszz:Oyeeee Hoyeee! Cmon Asad Bhai!

Asad eyes Zoya , and they share a passionate eye lock! (Mitwa piano tune plays)

Najma:We know the answer but we want to listen it from you!

Asad (while eyeing Zoya):ZOYA!!! (Mitwa plays)

Najma types and keeps her hand over her mouth!?

Everyone: What happened?
Najma:It says ,”99% Seal your relationship with a kiss!??”

All make a OOPS face , while Asya are left embarrassed!??

Nuzhat:Cmon Bhaijaan , Kiss toh banta hai Boss!

Shirin hits her gently on shoulder and says:Chup Karo Besharam…

Najma:Anyways ,resume to the game…

She rotates the bottle……It stops on Nuszz!

Nuszz:I don’t have a crush on someone!
Zoya:Just shutup liar! She has a very big crush on Ravi Dubey!
Nuszz: Just shut up!
Zoya:Good people don’t lie!
Nuszz:OK I lost , yes Ravi Dubey!

Najma types it!

Najma:Feeling pity for you dear , 0% , no chance of love here!?
Nuszz:I know he is married!?
Najma:OK so let’s see who is next!
Sunehri:Guys it has been a long time since Nikhat didi and Farhaan jiju are not here.
Ayaan:Saali Sahiba , don’t you have brains , they will be romancing somewhere in the corner.
Sunehri:Oooopps! Why didn’t it come in my mind at the first place!
Humeira:Coz you are no good at love!
Sunehri: Just shut up! I can never loose in love , because who lost in love are not humans I think so..I am waiting for the correct person for me!

This makes Najma sad and she eyes Imraan , who also eyes her!?

Sunehri: Guys even if it stops on me I will not be playing!
Humeira:But why?
Sunehri: I don’t have someone!
Humeira: Yeah , boring personality!
Sunehri: Whatever!

Najma continued the game and rotated the ball which stops on Raashid!

Raashid:Iam not playing!
Najma:You can’t leave the game in middle you have to play!

Raashid thinks, “If I will take Dilshad’s name Shirin will feel bad , and if I will take Shirin’s name then Dilshad will feel bad , what shall I do now!?”

Raashid: OK I am ready!

Dilshad and Shirin look on!

Raashid: So it is ….. Najma!
Najma: Yipeee! Look Nuzhat Abbu loves me more than you!
Nuszhat:Just shut up! He said just like that!

They fight , Humeira intervenes and ask them to stop the fight and check it….

She types and makes a pout face??

Humeira: What happened?
Najma:It says, “” 10% Don’t trust someone blindly!” She starts to cry..
Zoya: Awww..look we trust our parents blindly na , so so what is the need to feel bad.

Najma wipes her tears and hugs Dilshad and Raashid!

Ayaan:Toh arz kia hai…
Emotional time pe ho jate hain sab senti
Aur bhool jaate hain mujhe dena green tea….You all forgot it’s my green tea time!
Shirin:I will get it for you!

She leaves…..

Najma rotates the bottle and it stops on Humeira!

Humeira: Whom should I name?
Zoya:Do you have any other as well!?
Ayaan (who was drinking Green tea spits of):Who , where , when!? I will smash him! Idiot!
Humeira:Just relax , it is you only!
Zoya: How possessive!

Najma types and says, “Not bad huh , it came 89% , some are made for each other!!??”

Huyaan blushes….

Now Zoya rotates the bottle and it stops on Najma…

Ayaan:Now say! You were teasing us!!

Najma looks at Imraan teary eyed and he also fees bad…

Everyone force her to say , she wasn’t able to bear and left for her room with tears rolling down her cheeks which only Zoya noticed and though, “Something is really wrong with this Tmatar!! I have to find it out!”

Screen freezes on Zoya’s tensed yet determined face…..

Precap:Imja meet…Past of Najma is to be revealed … Zoya meets Tanveer!

Hope you enjoyed the episode! Happy Shab e barat from my side to all my Muslim friends! Do remember me and my family in your prayers!!

Note:- I have decided to post episodes of Asya and Huyaan FF every Monday and Friday….I will also try to post in between! ~ Zuha Fatima!

Credit to: Zuha

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