Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( episode 21 ) part 2


Hey guys Zuha is here , thanks for your lovely comments??This update is long one so full of Masti, and guys I introduced the characters in my previous update , I will not be adding all of them altogether , they will come time by time , so be patient , and wait for your turn!!
2 friends of mine are adding in this FF as well as Joycelyn and Sanam they will be playing daughters , twins, of HaseenaBi , means sisters of Imraan and Farhaan.Who will be playing parallel to them will be revealed later???

Let me introduce the couples;

1)AsYa -Asad and Zoya (played by KSG and SJ)
2)HuYaan-Humeira and Ayaan (played by Vikrant Massey and Ketki Kadam)
3)ImJa-Imraan and Najma ( by Vikram Singh and Neha Iyer)
4)FarKhat-Farhaan and Nikhat (by Archana Sharma and Vaishal Nayak)
5)SaRoze-Sarah and Feroze (by my best friend Sarah and Varun Toorkey)
6)AmZat-Nuszat and Ammar (by my sister Nuszz and Ravi Dubey)
7)SunIsh-Sunehri and Krish ( by my bestie Sunehri and Namish Taneja)
8)HamMan-Hammad and Saman urf Kriya (By my adorable friend Kriya and Vivek Dahiya)
9)MaGan-Maaz and Jugan urf Sanju (by my loving friend Sanju and KVB)
10)DiAin-Dia and Zain (by my friend Sonali Jhadav and Zain Imam)
11)RaLza-Raza and Filza (by my friend Fatarajo and Sharad Malhotra)

So these are the couples show casing my FF.

Episode 21 part 2:

The scene begins , all bringing Raashid home , to Khan Villa’s.

Zoya:Phuppi , I and Humeira wants a permission from you.
Dilshad:Yes , beta!!
Humeira:Actually , aunty , I and Zoya met our old friends , and they are new to Bhopal.
Zoya:So can they stay here?
Dilshad:Is it a question to ask…like wise this house belongs to Asad and Ayaan , it also belongs to you both as well , afterall you are the to – be – daughter – in – laws of this house.
Zoya:So they can stay??
Dilshad:Of course!!
Zoya:Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai , Irshaad..
Zoya:Toh arz kia hai ,
World ki best phuppi hain meri,
Jo puri kar deti hain har khuahish meri.
Shukria , Shukria.

(World’s best phuppi is mine ,
Who fulfill all my wishes)

Dilshad:Awwww…mera bacha (my child)

They share a hug.

Humeira:Thank you so much Aunty.
Dilshad:Do not call me aunty dear , I would like of you call me phuppi , afterall you are Zoya’s sister.
Humeira:Ok Aun…I mean phuppi

They also share a hug.

Asad:Ammi , if you listen to your sons so we can save you from 2 musibats.(problems)
Dilshad:Which Musibat you are talking about??
Ayaan:Now we can not save you from these 2 but their friends are not less than musibat.
Zoya:Look , Mr.Khan and Rabart you have insulted Nuszzz alot and me 2 infront of her , so please shut up.
Asad:Ms.Farooqui , she has a name.
Zoya:Even I have a name Zoya Farooqui.
Asad:That way I also have a name Asad Ahmed Khan.
Zoya:OK fine!! From now I will never ever call you Mr.Khan.
Asad:OK!!Let us see , who wins , Ms.Chulbuli.
Zoya:Huhhh!?!Chulbuli????Allah Miya , Mr.Kha…
Asad:Hmmmm u lost so easily.
Zoya:1st listen Mr.Akdu. I was saying Allah Miya , Mr.Khadoos!Hmmmm.

They would have continue with their fight , if Dilshad had not stopped them.

Dilshad:Ok , stop fighting!!

AsYa turns their faces to the opposite sides.(Asya quarrel tune plays)

Dilshad:Where are your friends??

Sunehri enters wearing headphones , listening to music?? while Nusz comes stumbling , managing her bags.All are amused to see them.
While Asad and Ayaan laughs out loud.

Sunehri takes off his headphones.

Sunehri:Ayaan jiju , will you please go and get my bags they are outside.
Sunehri:You are Ayaan , right?!?!
Ayaan:Yeah , I am Ayaan , but….
Humeira:Goooo….Guests are the blessings of God.
Asad:Jao chotay…
Ayaan:OK fine?????

Asad turns to leave , but Nuszat stops him , he makes a sh*t face and turns around.

Nuszat:Asad Bhai , can you please carry my bags to my room.
Asad:Yeah , sure?????

The whole family looks on.

The brothers get to work , while Zoya and Humeira smile.

Dilshad:Beta, what are your names?
Nuszat:It is Nuszat.
Nuzhat:Hey your name sound familiar to mine.
Nuszat:Hmmmm…but you can call me Nuszz that is what my friends call me.
Nuzhat:And I am sure that this name is given to you by Zoya Bhabhi , right??
Nuszat:Yeah , right!!
Sunehri:I am Sunehri….Sunehri Singh.
Dilshad:Nice meeting you….girls???I am Dilshad , Asad and Ayaan’s mom.

Upon hearing this Shirin feels a little bad (and I think somewhere she is correct!!)but does not shows it as she is trying to accept.

Nuszat:Zoya told alot about you , she admires you alot , she thinks you more than a mother.
Dilshad:Yeah , she is so good at heart , that makes me feel proud that I got a daughter like Zoya?

She hugs Zoya.


All are assembled at the dining table , Sunehri and Nuszat comes.
Zoya:Hey you 2 come sit over here!!

They get settled.

Nuszat:Chulbuli (teasing her) will you please pass me juice.
Zoya:Shut up! Do not pull my leg!! Take your juice.

Zoya was pouring the juice in the glass when it falls on the table and then on Sunehri’s dress.

Zoya:I am sorry , you do not worry , I will clean it.

The very minute Asad enters.

Asad:Who will clean??
Zoya:I will clean!!
Asad:You will not clean but spoil instead!!
Zoya:Allah Miya!!What is wrong with you , Look Phupphi..
Dilshad:Why are you guys dragging me in your matters.
Asad:Badtameez Ladki!!
Zoya:Today I realized that I have brains.
Asad:Huh , Brains and you ?! Never Ever!
Zoya:Why!? Am I not a human?!
Asad:I do not know…
Asad:Just tell me , till date when have you used your brain??
Zoya:Look , I always carry a pepper spray with me , to tolerate your types..
Asad:Ohhhh…so what happened yesterday???”Akeli Ladki….Khuli tijori”Tell me , Tell me??
Shirin:Wait, wait , what happened yesterday??
Asad:Ask her…
Zoya:Ask him…
Zoya:BTW Raashid uncle , it is better that you move from the head seat , or this Khadoos…
Asad:Will you please shut up!!
Zoya:Truth is always bitter!!
Raashid:Ok…ok , no problem , I will get up!!
Asad:No need of that Abbu , U are elder , u have the right to sit over here.

Giving angry looks to Zoya.

Zoya:Phuppi , from where did the sun rose today?
Asad:I will tell you that!!

And starts chasing her.

Zoya:Ya Allah!! Phuppi , please save me from your Akdu Ahmed Khan!!
Asad:Acha , I am Akdu!?!
Zoya:No! Jahapana 6 pack abs.
Asad:Oh please!! I hate that name!!
Zoya:Jahapana , jahapana!! (sticking out her tongue!!)

While running they both fall over eachother (Mitwa piano tune plays)

Screen freezes.

Precap:All play love test

Credit to: Zuha Fatima

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    1. Thanks Sanjana urf Sanju for your lovely comment??I am happy that you enjoyed it?

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  4. Omg this so nice i loved it hahahahahha iam cant stop laughing hahhahahahahah awesome so awesome sunerhi wearing headphones and nusz carry’s shopping bags hahhaha and the last part hmmm i think asad’s gonna fall for zoya

    1. Nice to know that you enjoyed it , Sarah dear I think you are mistaken , AsYa are in love and have confessed but still fight with each other ??

  5. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Muaah. The luggage part was hilarious aha. Just love your ff so much man. Thank you so much for adding me in your ff, like I said you and rizwan will rock my story!!, love you Hun~Nusz

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