Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( episode 21 ) part 1


So guys I am back , with episode 21 of my FF. Anyways , let me clear I have decided to change Tanveer into a positive character and for Rasiya you have to wait , and read how I will shape up her character. I have decided that I will be giving all those people a role in my FF who comment if you do not have any objection.Today I have decided to give Nuszz and Sunehri a role.
They both will be playing friends of Humeira and Zoya. Nuszz will be potraying a NRI and a friend of Zoya from New York , who will be visiting her place for sometime. Sunehri will be playing a role as Sunehri , friend of Humeira, who will meet her after a long as Humeira shifted Bhopal.And if any one of you is intersted so you can feel free to comment.

Anyways , I would like if you read my another FF which is for Swaragini named as , Tere mere khwabon ki kahani (story of our dreams)-Swaragini , and here is the link for you guys if you want to read it.

So hope you will read it , and do read the FFs of some of my friends. Nuszz,Sunehri,Alexis,Patakha Princess,Heena,Fatarajo, Saya,Sarah,Niveditha. And sorry if forgetting some.??

Presenting you all Episode 21:

All are assembled in the hospital, Asad is seen weeping beside Raashid.
Asad:I am sorry Abbu!!

Raashid makes some movement , and gets semi concious and slowly opens his eyes.

Raashid:What did you just said…
Raashid:No , no after that, what did you called me…

They both share a hug.

Shirin asks Dilshad and everyone for her forgiveness. Rasiya moves towards Zoya , and asks for forgiveness.

Zoya:Forgiveness , really ?!?! I am thinking how cunning can a woman be?? You literally killed my mother , snatched my father from me , abandoned me.If you were not Humeira’s mother or my elder then I would have surely sent you to jail. Mistakes are forgiven not a crime.

Siddiqui Sahib enters who is Zoya’s father , she runs and hugs him both are very very happy and over whelmed. (Zoya and her father’s tune plays)

Scene 2 : At a restaurant.
Huyaan and Asya are sitting in a restaurant.

Zoya:I am so happy , I finally found a beautiful family , a wonderful father and a sweet sister like Humeira.

Humeira:I always wanted a sister and I got it finally. I am on cloud 9 right now.

They both hug. Asad and Ayaan teases them.

Ayaan:Looks like somebody has forgotten us.
Asad:Let us go I think we are not needed here.
Humeira:Yeah …. Yeah go!!
Zoya:Not needed between us.
Brothers:Ok as you wish ladies!!

The boys leave with a smirk.

Humeira:Zoya we asked the to leave but how will we go back as car keys are with bhaijaan and Ayaan.
Zoya:Allah miya!What is wrong with us!!Mr.Khan and Rabart we are coming.
Humeira:Wait!!!! We are coming yaar!! Ayaan!!

Outaide the restaurant Asad and Ayaan give a hi-fi to eachother.

Zoya and Humeira come running behind , the boys start their acting.

Asad:Ayaan let us go itis getting late for office.
Ayaan:Yes , the sisters are busy completing the love of 21 years.Let us leave!!
Zoya:Allah Miya!! What is wrong with you!?! You are leaving 2 girls all alone.
Humeira:And have not you heard that dialogue from Jab We Met “Akeli ladki khuli hui tijori ki tarha hoti hain”(An alone girl is like an open treasure box) And we are infact 2.
Ayaan:Hey you 2 ! Stop your mellow drama first.
Asad:But you have 2 say sorry to us.
Zoya:What!?! No way!!

The very moment a girl is seen walking wearing a pink kurti and yellow tites , she sees Zoya from far and removes her sun glasses , and shouts , “Zoyaaaa!!!!!!!” Zoya turns to see a beautiful girl , and shouts back , “Nuszzzzzzz!!!!” and they both hug , while all others are clueless , on the sudden circumstances.
They both break the embrace.

Zoya:Nuszz darling , I missed you alot!!
Nuszz:That I can see!!And BTW who are these??
Zoya:These people are my entire world!!Meet him Mr.Asad Ahmed Khan , my fiancee.

Asad and Nuszz shake hands.

Asad:Nice meeting you Ms.Nuszz , is that your real name?
Nuszz:No , no My name is Nuszat , this psycho girl gave me such a name.
Asad:Yeah she loves giving people names, some are called angrybird and , some are called Rabart here.
Nuszz:Wait ,wait , wait , who is angry bird and who is Rabart here??
Zoya:This Jahapana is angrybird and this pagal insaan is Rabart , and this is my princess , Humeira , my younger sister.
Nuszz:Do not tell me yaar !! Did you find your father.
Nuszz:Congrats yaar!! Treat should be given.
Zoya:Sure , there is a restaurant here let’s come I will give you treat.
Nuszz:Good hai , and BTW Asad how you manage her , she is the 8th wonder of the world
Asad:What can I do , This 8th wonder is in my destiny.
Zoya:Excuse me!!

Humeira sees someone. And rushes to her , taps her back and a girl turms around looking very stunning in a white shirt and a long pink skirt. She hugs Humeira and is revealed as Sunehri.

Humeira:You here in Bhopal?? And you did not even called me.
Sunehri:I am sorry dear , actually your number got misplaced and I reached Bhopal yesterday , so Sorry!!

She holds her ears.

Humeira:No worries re!!
Sunehri:Ohh!!I saw your status on FB you are engaged now , who is that lucky person.
Humeira:Ohhh that lucky person who made me unlucky is standing right infront of you Ayaan.
Ayaan:Salam u alaikum.
Sunehri:Namaste. So u are that lucky one who made my cutie pie unlucky.
Ayaan:Toh arz kia hai,
inn ki baaton pe mat jaana hota nahi hai koi dam
hum se poocho inn me kitna hai dum.

(Do not believe in her talks as they are use less
because she herself ain’t have any power)

Sunehri laughs loud.

Sunehri:I would say nice poetry and sense of humour.
Ayaan: Thanks.
Sunehri:Ok I am leaving.
Sunehri:I am leaving tomorrow so back to hotel.
Humeira:Come stay at our place.
Sunehri:No , no u guys enjoy.
Humeira:Ohooo do not be formal yaar.
Sunehri:If you are insisting so , ok fine.
Zoya:BTW Nuszz where will you stay?
Nuszat:Is it a question to ask , of course at your house!!
Zoya:I knew that , Dheet insaan!!
Nuszat:Shut up!
Zoya:Just kidding.

Asad whispers to Ayaan:It was already very hard to control the 2 sister’s love now how will we manage 4.
Ayaan whispers to Asad:What can we do…

To be continued…

Credit to: Zuha Fatima

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  1. Awesome zuha thats such a great ep you rocked and sunerhi and nusz does suit the characters haha i mean really nice??

    1. Thanks dear Sarah and do you want a role in my FF if yes then positive or negitive?

      1. Well how can i say no my sis bcz if i say no you will feel bad i want a role and i would love too have a role iam so lucky you just don’t know it…. I want a positive role??

      2. That is so sweet of you Sarah, but don’t think you are forced, Anyway I would try giving you a role as soon as possible dear sister???

      3. No iam not forced don’t say that. i was saying i will never say no i don’t want you to feel bad i will always say yes to everyting you say and my other friends say as you can read in my last comment i said that how can i say no!? Pls sorry if you mind i did.not meant anything like that actually i also want you to bag a role in my ff positive or negative i am asking you specially .. And i will also ask sunerhi ,nusz. bye friend

      4. Hmmmmmm…… Sorry I misunderstood you, BTW I would love to have a negative role…. in your FF??

      5. No thats ok my dear friend you don’t need to apologise oh so you want a negative role ???thats awesome ok best sis i will surely do that

  2. nice episode
    i love the friendship bond between Zoya and Nusz

    1. Thanks Joycelyn and dear I am happy that you enjoyed it , do you want a role as well?

  3. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Oh my zuha, you’re awesome and amazing!!! Thank you for such a beautiful role!! You’re actually my soul sister, love you so much… First time giving a heart emoji in this website ❤️ ~Nusz

    1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

      Oh my god the ending reminded of me and you too lol. Also In my ff you will be playing a main role!!! And you will meet your soul mate in it, if you don’t mind lol aha~Nusz

      1. Ohhhh I am happy that u liked the ending indeed I am happy for my role looking forward to your FF and for getting my soulmate I donot have any objection??

    2. Thanks Nuszzz , dear , you are my sister as well , love you soooooo much. and thanks for the emoji???

  4. Wow zuha dear it’s mind blowing my god humeira friend and you exactly mentioned my way of dressing up and I do wear jump suit everyday and sometimes like zoya too … I always use gadgets and I play piano and guitar. . I do say shayaris 😛 (seriously ) and u exactly potraied me in the same way .. wah u r indeed a gr8 friend and nusz u too .. and u love to play a negative role right??? U will be playing as nida sheikh whom I mentioned in episode 21 and she will be coming in other episodes too 🙂 and the last part .. Asad and Ayan thinks how can we manage 4 he he he ….. and u r indeed a sis to me actually I mentioned that my age is 13 but I’m still 12 😛 and this year 12th June I’ve turn 13 and when is ur birthday sis ??? Love u and fab fab fab episode

    Sunehri mehta ♡♡

    1. I am happy that you enjoyed the role Sunehri , and dear I have no objection with Nida role , and you are also a lovely friend to me Ohhhh I am 1 year younger than you that is gr8 I am of 2004 and you probably of 2003 r8. My birthday is 5th November , really far.

      1. And zuha who’s ur favourite tell wood men ??? U tell me so that I can pair up him with u 😛 .. and my fav is namish ♡♡♡♡

      2. I have no favorite men but yeah I like KSG’s acting but I don’t like the way he uses girls, Anyway it is his personal life, As I have said to Nuszz,Karan Kundra or Vivek Dahiya so you take Vivek and I will give Karan to Nuszz ???

      3. So shall I pair you up with Namish in my FF, and have you read my SR FF, I have given a link above, please do read it???

      4. Oh ….. Sarah u say .. whom do u want as parallel lead in my Ff? ? Tell ur favourite actor … I’ve pair him up with u

      5. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

        I’m in love with ravi dubey… Waaaaaaa, I want him
        So badly and sunehri, Sarah and zuha are main characters in my

      6. So sweet of you exactly the same thing i was thinking love you

      7. Sun i personally like kkb aka karan vir bohra but you can pair me with shaad if you want ? I think i don’t know you know like you tell me

      8. Not kkb* its kvb but pair me with shaad

    2. Sunerhi are you seriously kidding i know that you wont believe me but my birthday is on 12 of june and year 2003 ??????omg i can’t believe it you may think iam lying but no i swear my allah nows the truth iam saying the truth iam still shocked anyways bye … And answer pls i know you will be shocked

      1. Zuha (Asya fan)

        Wow so yours and Sunehri’s Birthday is the same day and you are 1 year older than me!

      2. Woah Sarah !!!! Even I’m 12th June 2003 …. I’m so happy

      3. I do believe u Sarah dear 🙂

      4. Sunerhi and zuha guys look we are true friends same date same year and same age so what if iam 1 year old than zuha but still we are same

      5. Thanks for believing me sun and zu so what if iam 1 year older than you but still we are same guys we are true friends look same age same year and same date guys guys love ya all and nusz is our bestie tooo!

      6. Ohhhhhh……. so sweet of you and yes age does not matter relations should have trust…. BTW Sarah when you’ll be playing the role in my FF so who do you want as a parallel lead, do tell me…. Favorite actor.. I mean?

      7. Well o well zu love ya anyways well i love sj aka surbhi jyoti aka?Sanam aka zoha???aka seher aka jannat aka??????? mahira but you know that i cant play the mainest main character you can play me sarah kahn ?? and also can i be zoya’s bestfriend? If not pls give me a simple character??? bye friend love you

      8. Zu so sweet of you i was thinking the exactly the same love ya age does not matter

      9. OK Sarah I will try giving you the role of Zoya Bestie , but I can not promise , But I will try indeed???

      10. Sarah when are u posting ur FF??

      11. Zuha love you thanks no problem ok and i will upload soon! Maybe today yeah today

      12. That is great Sarah I will surely read it and I have given you the role of Zoya cousin sister , and a typical Islamic girl , are you ok with it??

      13. Thanks zuha for the role and yes of course iam ok with that best friend you are great

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    1. Thanks Priya?

  6. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Awssmmmmm!!!! Wat a great episode! !!???n woww ur bday iz on 5th nov!!!??even 1 of my special person’s bday is on 5th nov?

    1. Thanks Sanju and hope the special one gets all his desires. Do u want a role in myFF. Anyways Love Ya!!

      1. Sanjana ( sanju)

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      6. My pleasure dear☺

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      13. Sanjana ( sanju)

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  7. Awsm epi….especially entry of nusz n sunehri n shayari is awsm…i want to play a +ve role…..

    1. Thanks Kriya, I will try giving you a role as soon as possible, but you have to wait as I have to think for a track and then give it to you. I am happy that you are enjoying it.

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        I have given you already!.!!???

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    I would love to have Ravi Dubey (from jamai raja) Has a partner!!!! It would have been fun!!! Man I am totally in love with him!! His my favorite actor aha, but sadly his married aha~Nusz

    1. Ok Nuszz I will obviously try to have him as your partner but you have to wait as I am waiting for the correct time???

  10. SISSYYYYYY Please!!! post the next episode tomorrow…. I am loving it to much pie heheheehhehehe

    1. Thank I Nahii I will try posting it as soon as possible but nowadays I am busy in exams, so I am a little bit late, but I still try to take time out for you all…. BTW do you want a role in my FF?????

  11. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    If you do that.. I will be so happy and go high, love you aha, by the way on my ff the guy’s name is rizwan… But what guy would you like from the tellywood men?~Nusz

    1. Yeah; I haven’t watched Beintehaa, so I searched over it in Wikipedia and read it and yeah Aayat married Rizwan so for the lead I would like Vivek Dahiya or Karan Kundra, I am not able to select 1 so it will be your choice; Love U????

      1. I would love to have Karan as Rizwan in your FF, sorry for the inconvenience ???

      2. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

        You want karan kundra?~Nusz

      3. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

        Hm I will soon, but tomorrow or the day after aha… Also I hope Ravi dubey can be mines aha~Nusz

      4. Yes I want Karan Kundra, are you ok with it and who is playing opposite Sunehri aka Humeira??? Love Ya????????*Lots of hearts someone for someone close to my heart*☺?☺

      5. In my FF he will be yours….. lolz??BTW in my KKB FF I also have paired you up with your RAVI DUBEY???

      6. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

        She’s not humeria, I changed her character…aha!!!!~Nusz

      7. Then what role am I playing in ur ff nusz ?? And in my ff too u and zuha will be playing a main role and Sarah u too … and nusz I’ve pair up u with ravi dubey in my ff too .. and my fav is always namish taneja ♡♡♡♡♡♡

      8. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

        You’re playing zain’s sister brakat.. But she’s so sweet in this!!! Sarah is your best friend in ff and zuha is your cousin aha~Nusz

      9. Nice roles Nuszzz , now quickly update your FF I am seriously loving it , yet it has not started , Love you way toooooooooo much❤❤❤
        Love all SuNusZuRah❤❤❤❤
        We four rock????

      10. Woah .. ❤️❤️❤️ Barkat…. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ And in my ff nusz u will be playing as Ranya Iqbal and I’m paring u with ravi dubey and his name is zayed zaffir…… And zuha I’ve pair u with karan kundra in my ff ??

      11. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

        Sometimes I feel like meeting you guys :(( you guys are awesome sisters!!! I love that name sunehri!!! But I like my own name heh that’s barker nick name is sunherii hehe… Love ly zuha and Sarah!!! And my sunehri~Nusz

      12. Ohhhhhh you 3 are awesome yaar….Hope we can meet….once in a life time..Anyways I am happy Sunehri for Karan Kundra as my opposite…Anyway….Love you all Sooooo very much……..Zuha Fatima

    2. Please update your FF ASAP ?????

    3. Guys don’t forget me i love you all too! And ya zu i wish the same that we can meet if our destiny will wants us guys to meet we will in sha allah and well i don’t know how to say in sha allah in hindi but if sunerhi does not know the meaning of it it means god willing or if god wills and full meaning is i /we shall do such and such things tommorow so sun what do we say god willing in hindi??

  12. It’s awesome zuha mashallah

    1. Thank you Jo ??

      1. Jo do you want a role in my FF as well as?? If yes then positive or negative???

    2. Do give me positive role but I don’t mind negative role either hahaha 😛

      1. Ok Jo I would love giving you a role do u want someone parallel to you??

    3. U mean by someone opposite is me is your wish if u want u can give if not also can by if u give someone please do give me some options u see I m a very confused person

      1. Jo u just wait and read , how I will shape up your character.

  13. Sonali jhadav

    Hey zuha. . Sorry dear I was so busy that I could not comment now I’m free …. the episode was mind blowing and sunehri role in your Ff that’s great. . Very nice dear … don’t know when will madam sunehri update her Ff and waiting for your and nusz update too

    1. Ohhhh…. was waiting since long for your comment…. no worries….. and do you want a role in my FF as well…. if yes then what??? I hope both the girls update soon… I would try updating ASAP ☺☺☺ Keep commenting…. ZUHA FATIMA.

      1. Sonali jhadav

        I love to play as vamp … and if u want me to pair up pair me up with a negative male lead 😛 .. sonali jhadav .. lady mogambo. . Mogambo khush hua 😛 😛

      2. So I will surely give you a role as soon as possible , BTW who shall you recommend opposite to you is Zain Imam OK???

  14. Aweomse…

    1. Thanks dear Sanam!!

  15. awesome* and plz…update…alredyu….i..have.been…waiting…

    1. Sanam actually I am not able to get time , as busy with my exams but I will try to upload as soon as possible dear ,but studies 1st….Hope you understand!!

  16. Nice work Baeeeeeee.

    1. Thanks Milly dear , do u want a role as well?

  17. Nice episode i really enjoyed it

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

      I am happy that you enjoyed it , alexis!!

  18. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Thankoooooooooo Guys for making me reach 100 commentsssssssss!!!!
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