Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( episode 20 )


Yipppeeee!!!!!We have completed 20 episodes MA! Well thnx 4r ur love nd support throughout , and I have decided to give u all short episodes instead of a long await. So presenting u all ,episode 20.

The scene begins Zoya following Tanveer , reaches the same Bherpur goddown where Vijay kidnapped Pragya and her. (episode 7 and 8)Zoya was left shocked when she sees Tanveer with Vijay giving him a bundle of money.

Tanveer:Thank u soo very much!!Now leave!!
Vijay:Excuse me it is just half of the amount !
Tanveer:So did u kill that Zoya

Zoya was shell-shocked after learning this.

Rasiya:Now get lost!
Vijay:You both are not doing it correct , you will have to pay for it!

And he leaves.

Tanveer:Wah bi ! Kya baat hai hamari!!
Rasiya:Hamari??U are more cunning than me!Kyoun BiloRani?
Tanveer:Do not call me Bilorani , call me by my name , Tanveer.
Rasiya:Eye like a cat and personality like a queen.
Tanveer:What about you Bi?? You killed Zoya’s mother and kept her away from her father for years.

After hearing all this Zoya is in tears.

Rasiya:What about you , you also nearly killed Raashid.

A FB is shown;
Mehndi ceremony is going on.Tanveer asks Dilshad for her mobile but Dils tells her that it is damaged , so Tanveer uses her SIM and calls Raashid that n8 and asks him to stand still coz she knows where he is and if he does not made Asad do his accident she will harm his family members and will kill Dilshad as well as. A helpless Raashid do the way she said and the accident took place.

FB ends.

Zoya records all this and thinks , “I did not knew that behind this innocenence hides such a cunning face. Mr.Khan trusts you blindly and you..”

Zoya leaves.

Scene 2 :Khan Villa’s
Tanveer enters Khan Villa’s , and everyone glares him.

Tanveer:Why you all are looking towards me like this.

An in raged Asad slaps her tightly.

Asad:This is to make a fun out of my friendship

He slaps her again.

Asad:This is for creating a rift between Ammi and me.

Asad slaps her once again

Asad:This is for harming my father’s life and putting the blame on me

He was about to slap her but Zoya stops him.

Zoya:Allah miya , What is wrong with you! You can not stoop to her level and why we dirty our hands in mud.
Tanu:What happened Jammy?!

And was about to touch him when he stops her by moving away.

Asad:Do not dare touch me! Or else I will forget my limits.
Dilshad:Hamay nahi pata tha ke hum aasteen mai saanp paal rahain hain (we did not knew we have an enemy in our house.)
Najma:We treated you as our close one but you cheated us.
Tanveer:U all please shut up! Will anyone tell me What is going on?
Asad:I will tell you what is going on!

He shows her the video,she is berserk.

Tanveer:It is a lie , It is all rubbish , Donot believe it Jammy!! I Love You Asad!!??????
Asad:Ohhh Just Shut Up and Get Lost!!!!!
Zoya:Love is very far from you. Love is self less. And you , you tried to snatch his happiness , it is not your love it is your madness.
Tanveer:Yes!!He is my madness and I will show u what can I do in his madness.

Tanveer holds Zoya’s hand and takes her to the room and takes a gun out of the drawers , and points it towards her.
Asad:If you harm her , I will kill you.
Zoya:LEAVE ME!!!

Asad signals something to Najma.

Asad:Love right and you.?!
Tanveer:Yes!I can even die and kill for you.

Asad diverts her in talks and Najma snatches the gun from her , till then the cops arrives and arrests Tanu. Asad rushes and hugs Zoya (Mitwa moment)
Tanveer:You all are not doing it r8. I love u Jammy , please say you love me to.
Asad:Please take her away!!!


(Sorry for short update plz try and understand my problem. Love u all❤❤❤❤)

Precap:Raashid gains conciousness , Asad and Raashid unite. Cute AsYa and HuYaan moments……

Credit to: Zuha Fatima

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  1. Awesome the slap was awesome part yaar you are so telented and you rocked once again love you and give huyaan asya cutemoments soon!

    1. Thanka Sarah u are soo sweet and thanks for appreciating my work , indeed u are talented as well. I will try to update soon dear.

  2. Patakha Princess

    I love it……….tysm fr the update………u r having exams bt still giving us the ff and takin out the tym its marvellous…….i missed u alot………plz ZUHA read my ff……

    1. Thanks 4r appreciation , yes , I have a Maths paper tom. and I am very weak in it and I hav to work for it but in the morning I had 1 hr as all were asleep so I decided to post and I take a FF as a responsibilty , and secondly writing is my passion , and I aslo missed u alot , I will try to take out time and read ur FF dear?

    2. When will u update ur ff….

      1. Kriya this I cant say whenever I will get time I will post it , I have posted my Swaragini episode 2 as well do check it dear. Anyways thanks.

  3. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Yayyy!!! I enjoyed tanu slap momentz!!???n no probs babyy 4 short update??super!! Luvvuu?

    1. I am happy that u enjoying my FF well thnx 4r understanding!!

  4. Awsm….when will u reveal that who is zoya father……

    1. Thanks Kriya dear , and Zoya will know about her father in the next ep. I am Sorry I forgot to give it in the precap.

  5. priya tripathi

    Awesome n that slap it was superb maja hi gaya tanveer deserv this so now zoya know that who is her father cann’t wait for text episode what happens next n BTW tanveer will return to take revenge

    1. Thanks Priya and yeah , u have 2 wait for next episode dear. And for Tanveer I am changing her to positive.

  6. Good job my sissy hehe you’re a cutie hehe PIE PIE HEHE love it hehe

    1. Thanks My Lovely Sissy❤❤❤

  7. God job my doll!!!
    I just love your ff so much and you’re honestly like my sister, on my upcoming ff.. You will be playing a big role!!! Of beintehha and qubool hai aha, Love you~Nusz

    1. Thank u so very much for such a beautiful comment and role. Indeed you are my sister to.???Love u 2?

  8. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)


    1. Thnx.

  9. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)


    1. Thank u very much Maya dear!!

  10. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

    tanu slapping….funny…

    1. Hmmmmmm???????

  11. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

    she needs more slaps….

    1. Indeed she deserves more slaps.

  12. Lovely…

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  13. post nxt one soon….

    1. Insha Allah very soon!!

  14. Awsm epi…..i hv commented 2 times but it didnt get posted dont know why…..

    1. Thank you once again and It has been posted dear. No worries!!

  15. Hey bestie so sorry for the late comment ..l he he tanveer deserves more slaps …. And last part was my favourite .. And in this aimaan Samiya track in my fan fiction I’m planning to give you a role … Don’t think that I’m asking you again and again .. Do u want positive or negative role ??

    Loved the episode

    Sunehri Mehta ?❤️

    1. Never mind Sunehri , atleast you commented dear!! Well , thanks and I would love to play a negitive one or if you want it positive no issue dear.

      Zuha Fatima

  16. priya tripathi

    So u change tanveer positive good n ya what about razia she will change n ya how is ur exam going ?

    1. Yeah Tanu will be changing into good and for Rasiya you have to wait for it.And Two papers are done Maths and Arts Math went good but I am quite poor in Arts but it does not matter to me coz I still get an A in Arts so no worries?

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      1. Maybe or maybe not I will check very busy nowadays anyways let us see.

    2. Ok I will surely check it. And it is my pleasure to be a part in your wonderful FF.Love u 2 , my darling sister.

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