Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 2)

Ok , guys I am back and your question will be 3 updates in a day so my answer is that I will be busy next week and have to study for the exams and will be free on Wednesday coz its an off. Guys I am a bit disappointed because of less comments and who commented thanks!! Let’s have a short recap.
Recap:Zoya enters Khan Villa’s , Asya quarrel, and Zoya places knife near Asad’s neck…

Episode 2:
The scene begins at Khan Villa’s , Zoya holding knife near Asad’s neck.All are tensed.

Asad:Look Ammi , your BECHAARI LADKI ( poor girl)is actually a murderer.

Suddenly , Najma notices blood drops on floor.

Najma:Bhaijaan , BLOOD!!

All shocked!!
Asad notices that Zoya has slit her wrist.

Asad:Ammi , Zoya!!!!

Dils and Najma are shocked.Asad holds Zoya before she fells in an unconcious state.
Asad:Najma , Call the doctor!!!!
Najma:Yes Bhaijaan.

Asad holds Zoya in his arms and take her to her room , leaving a trail of blood. He places Zoya on bed , sits beside her and holds her hands and cries.

Asad:Why Zoya , why did you did this?

The doctor arrives.

A while later……
Asad:Doctor , is she alright?
Doctor:I can not say anythig there is big blood loss , but have faith in God! I shall leave.
Asad:Yeah, sure.
Najma:I don’t understand one thing , why did she did this.
Asad:This is not the time to think about it , we should pray for her.
Asad:You take ammi to her room.
Najma:Yes , bhaijaan

She leaves with Dils , Asad eyes Zoya.

Scene 2:Sheikh mansion
Nuzhat , Nikhat and Humeira are walking by the pool.
Nuzhat(teasingly):We heard that the groom family is coming to see you.
Humeira:And he is very handsome , rich , dashing.
Nuzhat:If he refuses Nikhat baji , so I will give it a chance.
Nikhat:Shut up , besharam
Nuzhat:So who is running to marry your to be hubby.

Nikhat bushes.

Humeira:Someone is blushing.
Nuzhat:You know what his mother is very ewww kind of personality who will bear her.

Nikhat gets tensed.

Scene 3:Khan Villa’s
Asad to himself :I do not know why but in a single day I am attached to her. Zoya please open your eyes once , for me

His tears drop on her hand , she opens her eyes ,he gets happy and smiles.

Zoya in a weak voice:Allah miya , whats wrong with u Mr.Khan , you are smiling.

He hides his smile.

Zoya:I came to know that you are emotionally challenged.
Asad:It is not like that……you know what I can send you to jail 1st you attempted to murder me then…..
Zoya:Suicide is also a crime
Asad:Yeah but why did you did this

The screen freezes on Zoya’s tensed face.

Precap:Zoya blurts the truth to Asad……

What do u think what was the reason why Zoya the powerful girl did this , keep on thinking and do comment!!!!

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  1. Waiting for the suspense bt I thnk so it’s going really fast… In 1 day how can he be too attached

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Yeah but loves has it’s sensation☺And it will slow down , no worries?

  2. Nice episode

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      Thnx dear

  3. Oooo hay zuha nice 1 likd it

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  4. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Good episode zuha…suspense eh!!?? waiting 4 next episode

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      Thnx Sanju

  5. Nice dear …. But add some spice …

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      Sonali dear hold ur horses There will be spices and twists later. And thnx for ur suggestions.?

  6. Waiting fr next

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      Wait …. wait and the party will be posted on Tuesday night And 5 on Wed and for 3 it will be posted today actually busy in exams

  7. Great and thanx for your advice, i am deadperately waiting for his reply…… are a nice friend to me…. Love u…….update soon

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      Thnx for accepting me as a frnd and hope he gives a positive reply and will try to update soon but am busy in studies as my exams are going on

  8. sorry to say this….
    it is quiet unbelievable…..

    asad is an introvert..

    i think u r ib exams tension….
    1st attempt ur exams well…
    then u can give suoerb ff…

    1. zuha (Asya fan )

      Hey maybe it so unbelievable but better than the actual QH they made a crap out of it?Well thnx for your suggestion and will try to improve do read other ep.and then tell it have I improved or not.

  9. all the best for ur exams zuha… .

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      Thnx Jasmine

  10. Hey zuha … I use to comment in sunehri’s ff …. Ur ff is also nice ….. Can we be friends ???? And yaar plz request her to update soon …. Plz

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      Yeah sure Adarsh ka we can be fends ☺

  11. Plz request sunehri to update soon plz plz …. As u r her best friend I’m asking

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      OK I will ask her

  12. All the best then……

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  13. priya tripathi

    Nice episode

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  14. Zuha dear …. it ff is fantastic. .. I’m becoming sunehri and ur ff too … love u loads

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