Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( episode 18) *Valentine special…..


I am back!! As I said this one will be valentine special and so it is , hoping u all will be enjoying it and yup I will be solving the accident mystery in the next episode , so before having a recap I would like if you all read the following FFs they are wonderful and you will be enjoying the as I do:

1) Destiny vs Love – by Nuszat urf Nuszz
2) Saam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki – by Sunehri
3) #qubool hai (i do forever) – by alexis
4) Pyaar mein sab Qubool Hai – by Patakha Princess
5) Once upon a time….The villian meets his angel – by heena
6) The strange and full of Krazyness – by Fatarajo
7) My layered demeanour – by Saya
8) ThaHaan and AsYa – Pyaar ki daataan suno – By rafaya

Sorry 4r Nanditha’s sister Nivi , may her soul rest in peace…..
Recap: Tanveer’s true intentions revealed……..

Presenting u all episode 18 *Valentine special………..

The scene begins at the hospital , where Shirin is sitting beside Raashid , Rasiya enters and starts instigating Shirin against the Khan’s , Shirin gets trapped in her words. Rasiya receives a msg which says ” Raaz ko jitna dabaoo gay woh utna ubhray ga , magar jab khiladi ho hum jaisay toh…Khair aaj raat 10 bajay. Alah hafiz bi..” (The more you try hiding secrets the more they come out , but when the players are like us… well at 10 , bye bi.) Rasiya is tensed an excuses herself leaving Shirin confused.

Scene 2 : Khan villa’s

Tanveer enters with lots of shopping bags , Zoya walks towards her.

Zoya: Tanveer , you went for shopping??
Tanverer: Yeah today is Jammy’s b’day.
Zoya:Allah miya! What’s wrong with me..How can I forget Mr.Khan’s b’day…Thanks Tanveer.
Taveer:No worries Zoya , let’s prepare for evening.
Zoya:I will make chocolate cake for Mr. Khan…..
Tanveer: Are you sure???
Zoya: Allah Miya!! What’s wrong with u , don’t you know nothing is impossible for Zoya Farooqui….Let’s get to work!!


Zoya takes out tha cake which is half burnt…
Tanveer: YA ALLAH!! The cake is burnt..
Zoya (almost crying) : I am so stupid , firstly I forgot Mr.Khan’s b’day , and then this cake , I am sooo useless….
Najma: Relax , Zoya!! Bhajaan will surely love this cake as you have made it out of love!!

Tanveer fumes…Zoya now smiles…Dilshad comes…

Dilshad: What’s going on??
Zoya:nothing ,phuppi…just preparing for Mr. Khan’s b’day.
Dilshad: Ohhh………..
Zoya(holds Dilshad’s hand): Phuppi , today is Mr .Khan’s b’day , the best day of his life ,at least forgive him today ,and I am not speaking as Mr. Khan’s fiancee but as your daughter.
Najma: Yes , ammi , Zoya is right , it will be the best gift for him.

Dilshad leaves while Zoya is tensed.

Zoya calls Ayaan.

Ayaan: Salamualikum Mona!
Zoya:W.salam Rabart! As you know today is 14th February , your bhaijaan’s b’day so we are going to celebrate it…
Ayaan:So we are invited??
Ayaan: Yes , we , Humeira and I…
Zoya:Ohh…reach by 8
Ayaan:Sure. (call is disconnected)

Scene shifts…..

Humeira: What happened Ayaan??
Ayaan:Today is Bhaijaan’s b’day and Zoya is going to celebrate it and we are invited.
Humeira: That’s good , but what will we gift him??
Ayaan:Nice question…

Scene shifts back to Khan Villa’s…
Zoya and Najma are having coffee

Najma:YA ALLAH! I forgot to wish bhaijaan , i will call him..

She leaves , Zoya thinks , ” Allah Miya!!!What is wrong with this Tamatar!! I am trying to surprise Mr. Khan but this girl.”

Asad is seen checking files in his office and feeling weird that no one wished him , he receives a call which turns out to be Najma.

Najma: Salamualikum Bhaijaan….
Asad:W.salam Najma…
Najma: I am sorry I forgot to wish you….

(Zoya snatches the phone)

Zoya: That I love you (Funny tune plays)

She disconnects the call , leaving Asad confused.

Najma: What happened???
Zoya: Allah miya , what is wrong with you??Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai….
Tmatar ko samjhana hai ek mushkil kaarnama
Jaisay oonth ko rickshay mai bithana
Shukria, Shukria……..

(To make Tamatar understand is a difficult task ,
Like placing a camel in an auto)

Najma:I didn;t understand a single thing…
Zoya:Bewakoof(stupid) , we will surprise Mr. Khan

*At 8:00 pm
All is set for Asad’s b’day , The bell rings (Asad is there) but no one opens it , he is amused , he pushes the door , and it opens , he enters and all is dark he shouts for Dilshad , Zoya , Najma , Tanveer……

Everyone ” SURPRISE!!!”

Asad is overwhelmed , and is mesmerized in Zoya , who is wearing a red and white anarkali suit (no jeans today leaving Asad surprised) with red dupatta , and open hair which were covering her face and she was removing it (Mitwa moment)

Dilshad comes.

Asad(teary eyed): Ammi…
DIlshad: Beta , I don’t know what happened that night , but I trust my upbringing , my blood , my son , my Asad!!

Asad is overwhelmed with emotions. They hug.
Asad was about to cut the cake when Ayaan stops him.

Ayaan; Bhaijaan , what is the date today??
Asad: 14th FEB.
Ayaan; So..
Asad: It is my b’day.
Ayaan: Huh….continue…
Asad: what??
Ayaan: It is Valentine’s!! Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai…Toh arz kia hai,
Bhabhi hamari hain pretty and fine,
Magar Bhai ko yaad nahi hai valentine.

(sister – in – law if pretty and fine,
But bro. has forgotten Valentine)

Asad: Shut up and what about your Mona??

Ayaan is speechless , Zoya is not present…

Asad: Where is Zoya??
Dilshad: Don’t know , she was here a while ago…

The projector flashes on the wall , All AsYa pictures are shown , Zoya is only audible not visible.

Zoya: Pyaar! Ek ajeeb ehsaas hai Woh door ho ke bhi paas hai. Dekh kar jisay dil dhrakne lage ussi ko pyaar kehte hain. Mai jaanti hoon ke woh mera hai aur sab se apna dil chupta hai “emotionally-challenged” magar uski aankhein sab kuch keh jaati hain. Log iss ehsaas ko ishq , junoon , pyaar , pagalpan , chahat , prem aur bohat kuch keh jaate hain magar mere liye woh hai aur bas woh. Mai jaanti hoon hum bohat alag hain aur hamaray usool hamay aik saath rehne ki ijaazat nahi dete magar kiya karen aik dil bhi toh hai jo har dharken ke saath us ka naam leta. Log shayad mujhe pagal ,majnoo ,premi , deewani aur bohat kuch kahein ge magar main sirf uski hoon aur woh mera hai..

(Love!! A weird sensation / feeling , yet he is far but very close to my heart. After seeing him , when heart starts to beat , this is called love. He always hide his feelings but his eyes say. People may call me with many names but for me he is my world. We are totally different from each other , and our rules don’t permit us to stay together , but their is heart who with each beat , takes his name. people call this feeling by many names , but I am his and he is mine.)

Zoya: Well , issi baat pe aik sher arz hai,
Woh ladai , woh jhagray aur pyaar ka ho jaana
Woh roothna , woh manana,
ban jaaye ga eoh manzil meri uski umeed na thi,
Magar baan gaya woh mera pagal deewana

(Those fight and falling for eachother,
Those annoyance and making up each other happy,
He would become my destination , I never expected,
But he became mad in my love)

Zoya comes out and bends down in front of Asad , and asks him , “Will u be my valentine ,forever?!”

Asad blushes and says ” Zoya , tum bhi na”

All including Zoya burst into laughter , leaving him embarrassed

Ayaan: reply her…
Asad(in his ears): Chotay , just be quiet , or else….(showing him a punch , leaving him scared)
Dilshad: Yes , beta , reply her after all she did a lot for you..(showing him the burnt cake)

All laugh including Asad , Zoya feels bad and tries not showing it. Asad notices it and stops laughing…..

Asad (in a melodious voice): Dehleez pe meray dil ki jo rakhe hain tu ne qadam
(Since u stepped in my heart)
Tere naam pe meri zindagi likh di mere humdum
(My life was written for you since then my soulmate)
Haan seekha main ne jeena , jeena kaisay jeena Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum
(I understood the meaning of life since then , life is incomplete without you)
Sachi si hain ye taarifein
(All appreciations are true)
Dil se jo main ne kahi hain
(Which I said from my heart)
Tu jo mila to saji hain dunya meri humdum
(Since you came in my life , my life is decorated)
Aasmaan mila zamen ko meri
(My sky found its place)
Yaaderin aadhi , adhooray hain gham
(memories are half , sorrows are incomplete)
Tere naam pe meri zindagi likh di meray humdum
(My life was written for you since then my soulmate)

Zoya starts to sing with him: Haan seekh main ne jeena jeena kaisay jeena na seekha jeena teray bina humdum.
(I understood the meaning of life since then , life is incomplete without you)

They finish , all applaud
The screen freezes on the split faces of AsYa….

Precap: Huyaan nd Asya romantic moments………

So , how was this episode , I loved it writing , did you loved reading it?? Tell me in the comment box below…….

Credit to: Zuha

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