Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( episode 17 )

So , guys I am back , with a good and a bad news at the same time , so what do u wanna hear first ? So let’s tell you the good one 1st , which is that the next episode will be valentine special and full of romance and the bad one is that my finals are starting from 2nd of May , only 2 weeks left and I have to prepare well for it so will not be able to post from next Thursday which is 21st April probably till 13th of May , that is when my papers are be ending. And do not forget me, nor my FF , well now please it is my humble request to all my readers that do read the following FF by some of my friends and good writers , and you will surely enjoy it as I do:

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And guys if I am missing someone so sorry and do tell me if you write FFs so I would read it and explore you through it………

Recap: Ayaan forgives Asad…….Zoya is suspicious at Tanveer……..

Presenting u episode 17………

The scene begins at Khan Villa’s where Zoya is asking questions from Tanveer. Tanveer tries to change the topic but Zoya is addamant.

Tanveer (shouts) : Why are you asking me questions as I am a criminal !!! Stop your investigations which are total nonsense ….. Please come out of your fictional world , come to the reality…. I don’t know how Jammy tolerates you….. You don’t even deserve him.

All are shocked especially Asad, Tanveer leaves, frustated. Zoya leaves teary-eyed. Asad thinks ” Where to go???”

Scene shifts to Tanveer’s room where she is super-angry and threw all the things which includes bed sheet , pillows , vase etc. etc…….. She takes off her lens and reveals her stone eye… while Bilorani music plays in the BG…

Tanveer: Mr. Khan….Ms.Farooqui….Mr. Khan….Ms.Farooqui…My ears are paining….I am fed up!! I can never tolerate my Jammmy with anyone else. No one can come in between us and if someone comes , I will burn her into ashes … I will make her (probably Zoya’s) life hell….Now let’s see my love of twenty years will win or her ( Zoya ) love of twenty days…..

She gets a call from a private number which she disconnectts frustatedly… (Bilorani)

Scene shifts to Zoya’s room where she is sitting beside the window , sobbing. Someone places a hand on her shoulder who is none other than her Mr . Khan, she wipes her tears and acts to be normal.

Asad: You can wipe your tears but not your feelings , I can see and feel your pain , and feel more hurt to see you in pain , I can’t tolerate tears in your eyes , my happiness lies in you , without you I feel incomplete…..

Zoya: I know it very well Mr. Khan , but if I will ask something will you reply to it honestly?

Asad: Yes……

Zoya: Do you think I am not right for you , or you don’t deserve me ? (As she says this tears roll down her cheeks )

Asad wipes her tears .

Asad: No , I think that I am the most luckiest person on earth to have you….but Tanu was also right stop being kiddish and for her behavior I am sorry…

Zoya (wrapping him with her arms) : No need of sorry……

Asad: Actually I myself was shocked on her behavior and the way she reacted , like she is a very calm and gentle person….I don’t know what happened to her all of a sudden….

Zoya: You know very much about her… (unwrapping her arms)

Asad: Jealous…? Ms. Farooqui…

Zoya: Jealous , my foot!!!

And leaves , slamming the door ,while Asad thinks “Something is really wrong with her!!” , while Zoya standing outside thinks , ” Something is really wrong with him!!” and walks off . ( Asya Quarrel tune plays )

Scene 2 : Next morning , Hospital

Raashid is seen resting – yet unconcious. Asad enters his room.

Asad: So , Mr. Raashid Ahmed Khan , you have been successful in separating Ammi & I…. Firstly , I hated you for the fact that you brought tears in Ammi’s eyes , but now……..

Raashid makes some movements , but Asad does not notices it and keeps on ranting his frustration. Raashid slowly opens his eyes , first his vision is blur but then he is able to see it clearly. Asad after noticing it calls out for the doctor , and the doctor arrives and so does the whole Sheikh family.

Doc: It is a good sign.

Shirin: But someone is hear with his black eyes (pointing towards Asad)

Rasiya seems to be tensed. All of a sudden Raashid starts breathing heavily and his pulses start to drop.

Doc:OMG!! It is a bad sign , the heart beats are lowering , Nurse Injection Acrobat jaldi!!

Nurse asks all of them to leave and they leave hesitantly..

After a while the doctor arrives.

Shirin: How is my husband??

Asad: Is my fath……( he was saying father) I mean is Mr. Raahid Ahmed Khan alright??

Doc.:He is back to coma , it all happened due to lack of oxygen…. someone disturbed the life system..

Doc. leaves , Asad seems to be tensed , while Rasiya is relieved.

Shirin claps……
Shirin: So are u happy now…I guess this was also your plan. Why are you after my family specially my husband’s life. Don’t you have fear of god…( Asad holds his fist to control) Actually the problem is in your upbringing if Dilshad had brought up you well then….

Asad: STOP ITTT!!! You want to hit me , you can , you want to allege me , you can , you want to insult me , you cam , but not a single word againt my Ammi………She is my pride and I am happy with my upbringing……

He walks away in anger. Rasiya smirks.

Scene 3 : Khan Villa’s

All are on the dining table , Asad comes and sits on his respective seat. The bell rings , Zoya forwards to go , but Tanveer rushes and open the door instead and seems to be tensed. Humeira is on the doorsteps , Tanveer is relieved.

Humeira: Assalamualikum

All: W. salam

Humeira forwards a bouquet to Asad.

Humeira: Sorry Bhaijaan , I was’nt able to visit you as I was busy since you returned from jai…(she was saying jail) I am sorry Bhai…

Asad: It’s ok re… But Ms. Farooqui wants to say something … Ms. farooqui ( and eyes her something as a code language)

Zoya: Huh..

Asad eyes her again and this time she understood.

Zoya: Yeah , Toh arz kia hai.. (Asad is amused)
Aayi hoon mai yahan maafi mangnay,
Keh rahi hoon sorry sabke saamnay.

( I am here to seek forgiveness,
I am saying sorry infront of all)

Zoya: Look Tanu I am sorry ,…

Tanveer: It’s ok… but promise me that u will never let me feel like a guest over here.

Zoya:Paka promise and they hug.

Tanveer smirks and thinks’ “Bewakoof ladki (stupid girl) I am not a guest but she is indeed , in this house as well as in Jammy’s heart.” (bilorani)

Asad smiles on seeing their lovely bond and thinks, ” Zoya is the perfect girl for me and for my house , I never thought I would ever fall for u”

Zoya thinks , ” I will not come in between their friendship , and will never feel insecure of Tanveer coz I trust my Mr. Khan more than myself.”

The screen freezes on the trio , Asad in the middle while the other 2 by his side as in my title pic……..

Precap: Valentine special episode………As well as Asad’s b’day…….Dilshad will be forgiving Asad…

Thanks 4r reading and I know u r bored with the accident and Raashid’s part so I will be figuring out all this in 2-3 episodes but till then Bye with lots of love ~ Zuha Fatima

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  1. Zuha ur ff is fav loved it

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  3. awesome dude i love it

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  5. Awesome episode but u posted very late…

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    1. Awwwww…..Nuszzz , u are like …. I have no words after reading your beautiful comment……I just love u , u are so loving nd caringy girl , I wish you always keep smiling whether good or bad and keep re mincing the beautiful times , and Nuszz I don’t know why I feel so that Nuszz is not your real name , is it so , then please tell me your real name , I will feel glad after knowing it.


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  8. alexis fayole

    Amazing episode finally tanu character come to light i love it

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  9. it was amazing epi, u r a grt writer, well all the best 4 ur exams,thank u so much for adding my ff too dr, waiting for t next epi

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  10. priya tripathi

    Awesome zuha i think razia n tanveer combind to kill rashid n separate asad n zoya
    I read swaragini ff MOHABBAT KI DASTAN n LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL EMOTION hope u guyz read n enjoy

    1. Thanks and maybe u are correct (lol) well I will try to take out time and read.

  11. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Terrrific epi zuha!!!no wrds yaar!!! Maan i juz hate dat tanu! ?but asya..????speechless…n i reallly liked the shayari!! Vaaahhh!!!???reaally..enjoyedd vry muchh??

    1. Thats so swewt of u Sanju , Just wait and read , what will happen next , thanks 4r support??

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