Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( episode 16 )


Zuha here! With my episode 16 of Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation. Before coming to the episode I would like if you guys read the fan fictions as follows:
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Once again thank you for your love and support throughout……..

Presenting u episode 16:

Shirin is on Bhook Hartal (not eating) Ayaan comes down the stairs.

Ayaan: Ammi , please have something….

Shirin: Ayaan , you know the person who is responsible for your father’s condition is roaming freely.

He makes Shirin sit and holds her hand while he sits down.

Ayaan: Ammi , when the incident took place no one was there we cannot say what actually happened so how can we blame Bhaijaan.

Shirin:Ayaan please , that family always wanted to ruin us and now…you still think that I am wrong?

Ayaan:Ammi , relax. I will manage , right now I am going to hospital.

He leaves , while Shirin fumes . Rasiya who is watching everything from behind smirks , makes a call. (Evil tune plays)

Scene 2 : Khan Villa’s
Everyone is seen enjoying pizza except for Dilshad (Zoya’s plan to change Asad’s mood) but he does not seem to be happy and eating forcibly , Zoya notices it.

Zoya: Toh arz kia hai….
Aatay jaatay jab bhi dekho looks hai unke angry,
Na jaanay kab hogi hum se solve itni mushkil quarry.
Shukria , shukria.

(Always his looks are angry,
When will be able to solve this tough quarry)

Asad gives her a smile and by liping says “Thanks” and Zoya by actions says “My pleasure”
They both smile while looking eachother.(Mitwa)
Their smile fades as Ayaan enters and grabs Asad’s collar leaving everyone shocked.

Ayaan shouts”WHY BHAI ? Everyone think you as a criminal, Shirin ammi , Dilshad ammi , everyone consider you as a criminal , but……

As Ayaan says but…. Asad is taken aback (Sad tune plays)

Asad: But –what Ayaan?
Ayaan:But I know my Bhaijaan was right , he is right and will remain right.

Asad is very happy , and both brothers hug tightly.

Zoya thinks “Well now Mr. Khan has his 2 strong powers, Ayaan and I. Now only Phuppi is left”

Ayaan also join them in eating pizza and as usual Zoya is creating mess. As she throws spices on her slice it goes in everyone’s eyes , and all are irritated as their eyes are itching .

Asad (almost copiying Zoya) : Allah miya ! What is wrong with U!!
Zoya:Allah Miya ! What is wrong with u !! How dare u copy my line.
Najma:U guys , please stop fighting Zoya please give us water.
Ayaan: Yeah , please……
Tanveer’s only 1 eye is itching. Zoya washes of everyone’s eyes , as she washes Asad’s she slightly give him a kiss on his cheeks , leaving him with mixed emotions (Mitwa moment)
Ayaan : OK , Bhaijaan I will be leaving and today I understood why you call her a “Musibat” (problem)
Zoya: Oh really! Mr. Khan am I a Musiba??!!
Asad a bit hesitant : yeah , Ms. Farooqui…
Zoya: Allah Miya!! What’s wrong with u!
Toh arz kia hai
Meri har adaa hoti hai niraali
Jo ban jati hai A-Z misaaali
Shukria , Shukria..
(My every action is different
Which becomes popular for all )
Ayaan: Bhaijaan , I can’t stay here anymore , you take care and especially of your “Musibat”
Ayaan: Oh you , Rabart!!
She rushes towards Ayaan but slips in Asad’s arms (Mitwa)
Later, in the hall Asad , Zoya and Najma are seeing playing ludo , when Tanveer comes.
Asad: Tanu , come and join us!!
Tanveer: Yeah , sure!!
Zoya notices Tanveer’s one eye red and the other one normal.
Zoya: Tanveer , how many eyes you have??
Asad:Cmon Ms. Farooqui !!
Zoya: Allah Miya !! what’s wrong with u , Mr.Khan !! Are u tanveer? No –na! So please stay quiet. And u Tanveer , answer me…
Tanveer: Zoya , of course 2
Zoya: Exactly , when the spices went into evryone’s eyes , so they have gone in your both eyes , na?
Tanveer : Yeah (hesitant)
Zoya: So why only 1 eye of yours is red?
Tanveer is left shocked , the screen freezes on Tanveer’s tensed face…

Precap: Tanveer reveals her true colors
Sorry , 4r posting late as the site was rejecting it , don’t know why , but hopefully , this time it may have posted , thanks to all for your co-operation and making me reach +50 comments. (sorry if it is short)
Love u all ~ Zuha Fatima

Credit to: Zuha

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    But anyways you rock Hun~Nusz

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