Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation ( episode 15 )


Hey guys, me back with my episode no.15, and yesterday many of u were angry on me on not posting a long episode so I am once again sorry!!
Guys once again thanks for your love and support throughout, Thanks very much and let me mention the person who supported me, my best Friend who always give me a shoulder to rest when I feel lonely, never let me cry, always share me happiness even if she is in pain, and always share me pain even if she is in gay. So in advance , congrats sissy for coming 1st this time (actually we are having our results tomorrow , Saturday and she got good grades in Math’s so she is the 1 expected and for me as usual top 5 , do pray for both of us my dear friends.)
And sorry in this episode there are only and only Asya scenes , no Huyaan scenes , so once again sorry and 1 qs. Do u guys want me to add Huyaan’s pic as well in the title pic. Do tell me……..

Well, enough of my chikkk pickkk , ok so let’s have a short recap before coming to the episode.
Recap: Sadnesss rains on our AsYaAn…….

Presenting u all episode 15…..
The scene begins at Khan Villa’s , where Zoya is setting the dining table when the bell rings , and she opens a delivery boy delivers Pizza and she takes them places it on table and gets teary-eyed and re minces Asad disliking her habit of eating pizza and she says in a low voice “Allah miya! What’s wrong with u, Mr. Khan?” Someone places hand on her shoulder which is Tanveer , Najma comes and wipes her tears .
Najma: Zoya you have to be brave, you are the life of Khan Villa’s.
Tanu: Yeah , Zoya if u will cry like this then who will manage Jammy? Huh?

Zoya hugs both of them tightly.
Zoya: Well ,issi baat pe aik sher arz hai , Irshaad!!
Tanu & Najma: Irshaad!!!
Zoya: Toh arz kia hai,
Jiske paas hoh Tamatar aur Tanu jaisay dost .
Toh to khaane mai bhi maza aajaye chai aur toast.
Shukria , shukria , shukria…..
( who have frnds like Tomato and Tanu ,
Than it will be fun having tea nd bread)
Tanu nd Najma : Wah wah , wah Zoya , wah , wah
Zoya : BTW , where is phuppi?
Najma: No idea.

The very minute the door opens and in steps Dilshad. The trio is relieved. Dilshad notices a family picture , which includes Asad ,she throws it and shouts , “ Zoya , throw out each and every thing related to him…”
Zoya: But , phuppi… Mr. Khan
Dilshad:Zoya don’t take his name in his house specially infront of me…
And leaves Zoya is tensed…

The next day , morning…….
Zoya is drinking coffee and thinks “ I can’t leave Mr. Khan alone , I have to do something.” She leaves.
Scene 2 : PS
Asad is lost in his own thoughts.
Asad: It has been 2 days since I have met u , I miss u Zoya.
The jailer comes.
Jailer: You are bailed , come out!

Asad comes out of PS , as he steps down the PS people start throwing pebbles on him ( U know na how much people love to peak in others affairs.) A big stone was about to hit him when 3 girls come infront of him protecting him as a shield the middle one catches the stone. The trio of girls is our ZOYA , NAJMA , TANU , and oblivious to the fact that the middle 1 was Zoya. Zoya holds Asad’s hand and walks off boldly while Tanu and Najma follow them.

Scene 3 : In the car
Zoya is bandaging Asad’s wounds , as he eyes him lovingly ( Mitwa piano tune ) she finishes , Tanveer forwards a glass of water to him but as he is mesmerized in her beauty that he does not pay any attention. The trio notices it. Tanu and Najma: OHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Asya are left embarrassed.
Zoya: Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai….
Asad: No , pleaseeee
Zoya: Please only ,only , only 1 pleseeee
Asad: OK!!
Zoya : Toh arz kia hai..
Asad , Zoya ki Jodi hai aaj kal charchay main
Hero , heroin bhi aisay hi thay film sholay main
(Nowadays Asad , Zoya are common in everyday talk’
The hero , heroin of film sholay were exactly the same )
Asad: Are u done with it?
Zoya : Allah miya ! what is wrong with u all?

Zoya : U 2 I will catch u later , firstly , Mr. Khan U should be thankful to me that I bailed you , angry young man! You know what , I feel you don’t seem to be phuppi’s son….. (gives a pause)
Asad re minces Dilshad’s word that she is ashamed of him and her upbringing. An awkward situation ,for the quatrain , a tear drops from Asad’s eye. (Sad music plays)
Zoya : I am sorry …. Sorry MR.KHAN.
Asad drives off…….
Scene 4 : Khan Villa’s
Dilshad is in her room (on the bed) , she notices Asad’s pic. By the side table and picks it up and moves her fingers over it , re minces his childhood moments , his smile , his anger , his engagement , his mehendi , and that incident which created a rift b/w a son and mother’s relation. As she remembers that incident she breaks the photo farme into pieces (sorry, re so much breaking of photo frames in a single ep. ) It breaks into pieces and walks on them bare feet (OMG!! How much painful)
As she reaches the hall the gate opens and in enters Asad and others….. Dils and Asad have a heart – trembling eye lock while sad music plays……. Asad notices Dilshad’s wound and the blood marks and shouts “AMMI!!!” and rushes towards her. Makes her sit on the sofa.
Asad: Zoya , bring first aid kit box! Jaldi!!!!
Zoya: Yes , Mr. Khan!
Zoya brings the first –aid kit box , Dilshd is sitting idle with mix emotions , as Asad is about to bandit her she moves away leaving him sadder.
Asad: Ammi , let me do it , it must be paining.
Dilshad: It is at least lesser than the pain u have given to me.
Bandits herself , and leaves , while the song Kaanch ki neend aayi plays……..
Zoya forwards and places hand on his shoulder and so do Tanveer on the other one.
The scene freezes.

Precap: Ayaan forgives Asad.

Guys do read Sunehri , Nuszz , Rafaya and Alexis FF all under QH…….


Credit to: Zuha

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  1. patakha princess

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  3. alexis fayole

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  4. My girl rocks. Oh my god Zoya’s part was amazing!!! And I hope every misunderstanding is cleared up. Btw this episode was impressive and brilliant. Thanks again for mentioning my name. Love you aha~Nusz

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    Emotional one :'( :'( ayan asad scene was very touchy and lots of mystery behind rashid murder. ….

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