Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 14)


Scene begins at the police station where Ayaan comes to meet Asad

Ayaan: Bhaijaan……
Asad: Ayaan you also think the same ?

Ayan is speechless , Asad hold him.

Asad: Ayaan , sayyy!!!

Ayaan removes him away with a jerk , leaving Asad shocked. (Sad music)

Asad: I got my answer (teary eyed)
Ayaan: No , no Bhaijaan , it is not like that.
Asad:So what is it , Ayaan?
Ayaan:Bhaijaan aik taraf meri Maa ke aansoon aur doosri taraf mere jaan se bhi azeez bhai.

(Bro. firstly I see my mother’s tears and then there is my Bro. whom I love to the core.)

They both cry.

Ayaan ( wiping away his tears ) : But bhaijaan , this time I will not support you I can’t forgive my father’s condition , he is in coma!!!!

He leaves , leaving Asad apalled.’
Asad cries and says to himself,” I am such a looser , that my own love and bro. don’t trust me and most of all my ammi.”

Scene 2 : Zoya’s room.
Zoya is roaming here and there in her room thinking each and everything related to the incident.

Zoya:When the incident happened uncle was talking to phuppi , but phuppi’s mobile is not working and most of all she was with me all the time during the mehndi ceremony. Then how……all this……but this proves that at the time of incident uncle was not talking to phuppi but someone else , but it also not proves Mr.Khan innocent. There is a big mystery behind this accident and I have to reach its bottom.

Scene 3 : At the hospital
Ayaan and others try to make Shirin convince to leave and she reluctantly complies.After she leaves , Dilshad enters and embraces the children.

FB shows , Dilshad asking the children to let him see Raashid once , FB ends.

Dilshad:Jazak allah!!
Ayaan:Nothing to thanks am….I am sorry…
Dilshad:Well it’s ok , you may call me ammi.

He hugs her.

scene 4 : Police station
Asad is served jail food , and his companions tease him.
Companion 1: You have such a good habit of eating this baasi (Dry) roti ..
Companion 2 : And a big business tycoon like you , leading a miserable life….

They laugh.

Asad re minces Zoya once taunting him on his diet .
Zoya : Mr. Khan you have so much nakhray (demands) on your diet. I want to have this , i want to have that , no, no oily food , Allah miya , What is wrong with u Mr.Khan!!!

Scene 5 : Hospital

Dilshad enters Raashid’s room and sitss by his side and holds his hands (Raashid and Dils tune plays ) , and outside the gang is doing pehradaari (guarding) , they see Shirin coming and panics , Ayaan indulges Shirin in talks , while the girls manage to take Dilshad out.

Scene 6 ;

Zoya and Asad are walking here and there , respectively in room and cell , re mincing there happy moments together while Kabira plays…..

The scene freezes on the split faces of Asad and Zoya.

Precap:Asad is bailed out of jail……Dilshad and Asad come face to face.

Guys thanks for reading , do read Sunehri’s FF ( Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai do lafzon ki ) , Nuszz’s FF ( Destiny vs Love – Thapki Pyaar Ki)
and Rafaya’s FF (ThaHaan and AsYa – Pyaar ki daataan suno ) and don’t forget to read my FF ~ Zuha Fatima

Credit to: Zuha

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  1. priya tripathi

    Nice episode zuha but its short n ya think Tanveer is behind Rashid’s accident

    1. Priya did u read my episode?

    2. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks Priya and sorry for updating short was a bit busy.

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks shriti.

  2. Wow … feeling sad for jahanpanasixpacks … 🙁 … but I luved it 🙂

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks Sunehri. 🙂

  3. superb but its short….waiting for next part…..

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Yes Kriya a bit short…..will try to post longer next time.

  4. Try to write little longer fathima g

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Ok will try , BTW how was it?

  5. priya tripathi

    Ya sunehri i read ur episode but my internet connection not going well so that couldn’t comment

  6. Thank you so much hun for mentioning my name too, today’s episode was really impressive and emotional… When ayaan came to meet Asad and he said I don’t trust you, that was really sad. But keep up the great work Hun~Nusz

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      Anytime 4r u sissy , yes me 2 feeling sorry 4r Angry young man? Thanks 4r ur support always sweetie.?

  7. awsm epi zuha dr… Waiting 4 suspense to get disclosd…

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      Thanks Heena dear , yeah the suspense will be disclosed in the upcoming eps.

  8. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Ohh my godd zuha..excellent epi dear… i feel really bad 4 asad ayaan n asya..?but thnk godd asad is getting bail in precap??

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      Thanks Sanju , yeah me 2 feeling sorry 4r the trio.?

  9. alexis fayole

    Nice episode hope Rashid can see who responsible

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      he will

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