Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 13)


Hey guys ! I am back with episode 13 , and once again thanks for your love and support via comments.
I hope that you are reading Rafaya’s FF and my other FF as well.
Gargi , Angel where are you guys???
Well coming towarsds the story , let’s have a short recap.

Recap: Asad did Raashid’s accident…..
Episode 13 :
The scene begins at Khan Villa’s where Zoya is shocked at Asad’s behaviour and is wincing in pain as he is holding her tightly. Zoya almost crying “Mr.Khan it’s paining.” Asad realizes what he was doing and leaves her. Zoya comes near Asad and places her hand over his shoulderand asks:Mr. Khan are u alright?
Asad moves her hand away with a jerk leaving everyne stunned and shouts: LEAVE ME ALONNNNNEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dilshad , Najma , Tanu are stunned while Zoya is almost in tears. (Mitwa sad music plays)

Scene 2 : Sheikh Mansion.
Mehndi is going on , Humeira and Nikhat are smiling while Ayaan and Farhaan are mesmerised in their respective brides. All elders are glad.The elders are in gay. The girl who is applying henna asks for their groom , Humeira smiles and tells the letter A whereas Nikhat shys and says , ” ffff….F” while Farhaan smiles on her innocence and thinks”I am so luckiest person on earth who is getting married to Nikhat.” suddenly Hassena bi comes and shows her a bangle which makes Farhaan’s smile fade. He leaves while Haseena smirks and thinks’Beta ji I am your mother look what will happen in your life will only happen with my will firstly as well and no as well.” (evil tune plays)

Scene 3 : Khan Villa’s
Zoya notices blood over Asad’s coat and says”Mr. khan , blood” Asad is shocked and reminces the incident he was about ti say something but the police enters.
The inspector says: We are here to arrest Mr.Asad Ahmed Khan on Mr. Raashid Ahmed Khan’s murder charges.

All are shocked. The inspector comes forward with the handcuffs. Zoya is shocked on the current situation.. Zoya comes infront of Asad , and says : How dare you ! Stay away from Mr.Khan.
Inspector:Muhtarma! (Lady) Don’t interfere in law , we are here with an arrest warrant.
Zoya:No!! Mr. Khan can never do such thing and especially with his father. No!
Inspector:Look Madam….

The inspector tries to make Zoya understand but in vain. He then tries to push her but Asad stops him in the mid-way.”Don’t you dare touch her!!” says our Asad.

Dilshad steps forward and asks Asad politely: What is he saying beta?
Inspector:Mata ji , your son is a criminal.
Dilshad:I am talking to my son , it is better that you keep quiet.
“Tell me beta whatever is he saying is it correct?” continues Dilshad
Asad with lowered eyes , nods leaving all shocked. Dilshad slaps Asad hard , all are once again shocked.

Asad in a low voice: Ammi…..
Dils:Don’t call me ammi , today you made me felt ashamed infront of all , you disrespected my upbringing , you are just a stain on me. You are the biggest mistake of my life.

Dilshad’s words echos in Asad’d mind which disheartens him.


All are shocked , as the cops take Asad away as he eyes everyone teary-eyed.
Zoya tries to convince DIlshad , and attempts to stop the cops but in vain while Noor e khuda plays………(sad music)
He leaves in the police van.

Scene 4 : Sheikh Mansion

During the mehndi ceremony Ayaan receives a call leaving him shocked (sad music plays)

Scene 5 : At the hospital
Whole Sheikh family is on hospital.

Shirin: I will not forgive that son and mother.
Nikhat:But Ammi…….
Shirin: No Nikhat , no one will support them today.

Dilshad enter the very minute , which fumes Shirin.

Shirin: Literally! How shame less ppl you are , huh it is said ” Kutay ki dum kabhi seedhi nahi hoti.”

Dilshad tries to speak , but before she can Shirin pushes her ( I am also not happy to write like this but the situation needed it , sorry.)

But Zoya holds Dils.

Zoya:I am sorry from Mr.Khan’ side but you have no right to misbehave with my phuppi.

Shirin:Wah , wah!! will your sorry set everything. No , na , and secondly who gave Asad the right to do this with Raashid. Please leave !! If u can’t lessen our pain so please don’t increase it as well as.

Dils tries to speak but Zoya says” Let’s go Phuppi’

Scene 6 : Police station.
Zoya comes to meet Asad at the police station.

Asad:Do you also think that I did it purposely?

Zoya tearfully.: Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai…
Dil toh cahta hai yaqeen kar le magar nahi karsaktay,
Itni silwatein hain ke hum suljha hi nahi saktay.

( I want to trust you,
But stuck within the circumstances.)

Zoya leaves
Scene freezes on Asad.

Precap: AsYaan meet…..

Sorry , sorry for the late update , I was busy and i know this is a very emotional ep. , and full of shocks (HAHAHAHA……) but deal with it.
I will be posting the next part by tomorrow or day after tommorrow till then , BYEEEEE…….
Zuha Fatima.

Credit to: zuha

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