Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 12)

Guys , I am back with my 12th episode!! Do support Rafaya , and me in our FFs. Ok this one is a long one hope u enjoy it.

Scene 1 :Sheikh Mansion
Rasiya is scolding the servants , on their laziness. The preps for mehndi function are going on. Humeira is confused what to wear and what not to. Nuzhat enters.

Nuzhat:Ya allah!!! Baji u are not ready yet, Haseena bi would be coming any minute annnnddd……someone is waiting for u restlesly.
(in a teasing manner)
Humeira:Nuzhat ji, let the someone keep on waiting , and I think so it is my mehndi as well.
Nuzhat:Of course! I will get u dressed.

Humeira smiles and hugs her.

Scene 2 :Asad’s office
Asad is coming out of office towards the parking lot , seeing the watch and thinks”I am so late , Zoya will kill me.
Suddenly, he notices Raashid , he frustatedly walks towards him.

Asad:Aap? What are u doing here?
Raashid:Look,Asad. (and tries touching him but Asad stops him in the mid – way)
Asad:You have lost all the rights 17 yrs back when u left us.
(Raashid is dishearted)
Raashid:I just want to give u blessing and a gift for ur new life. (He forwards a box.)
Asad:I don’t need u nor anything gifted by u!
(and throws the box )
He walks off frustatedly. Raashid is dis – hearted, his phone rings and the name Dilshad falshes on it , he wipes his tears and attends it happily. Asad drives his car out of the parking lot , and reminces his cold talk with Raashid , he is very angry.

Scene 3 :Khan Villa’s
Zoya is waiting for Asad . Tanveer and Najma teases her.
Tanveer:Someone is missing Jammy?
Najma:Yes!Actually , Tanu calls Bhaijaan Jammy , since childhood.
Zoya:Jammy , Seriously?
Tanu:Actually , Zoya , Asad loved Jam alot , Khala also stopped giving her Jam but he used to slip at nights and had it. So I used to call him Jammy , u have any objection?
Zoya:Well , issi baat pe aik sher arz hai
Kuch log unhein kehte hain Jammy,
Magar hum naam de toh Awww Shamey.(I know it is awkward and Rafaya had told me coz these silly ideas only pop in her mind it means , some ppl call him Jammy , and if we give him a name so Awww Shamey.)

The trio laughs.

Scene 4:On the road
Asad is driving rashly, Raashid is in the middle of the road, talking on phone. Asad’s car hits him. Asad is shocked.
Asad is tensed to see Raashid in such condition and gets off the car. He reminces their childhood moments , he leaving them, a tear falls from his eye. In a low voice he says, “Abbu.”and cries , he then thinks”No! I have just done his accident he is a victim it , does not means I will forgive him for whatever he did with me , Najma , and especially my Ammi!”

Scene 5 :Khan Villa’s
Zoya is continously glancing the clock. Dils comes.

Dils:Zoya beta, it is very late everyone has applied mehndi (henna) only u are left.
Zoya:But , Mr. Khan……
Dils:Let him come. I will pull his ears , how can he trouble my bahu.
Zoya:Again phuppi , I am ur beti not bahu.
Zoya:Go phuppi I am not talking with u.
Dils:Zoya beta look,
Zoya:Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai,
Kar diya aaj phuppi ne mujhe akaila,
Keh kar babu kar diya mujhe praya.

(Today phuppi left me alone.
By saying bahu made me felt as stranger.)

Asad enters the house tensed. Zoya runs to him and says:Mr. Khan , u know what , today phuppi called me bahu , and Najma , she has gotten her Tanu(cries in acting)

Asad is not paying heed to her words.

Zoya in a dramatic voice:Ab smajh aaya , kyoynke mera yahan koi nahi. I am leaving , Mujhe koi mat roke.(Now I got it no one is here for me , I am going do not stop me.)

Asad holds her tightly, And shouts :STOP IT MS. FAROOQUI!!!

his sudden behaviour shocks everyone.
The scene freezes at Zoya’s shocked face.

Precap:Police comes with an arrest warrant to arresr Asad, all shocked……..

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  1. Omg precap is so scary. .. I’m waiting for the next episode. .. but this one is good

    1. zuha (Asya fan )

      Thanks really ? yards I know but u will develop interest by this track , I believe.

  2. omg what asad will be arrested waiting for next part……ur shayari r superb……

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      U have to wait☺Thanks

    2. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)

      Half of the shayari credit goes to me

      1. Zuha (Asya fan)

        Yup every one know that coz I have mentioned it ? By the way how is it?

  3. oh such an emotional episode

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      I know full of emotions ? thanks

  4. patakha princess

    Zuha don’t do this…….the shayari is nice…..asad reaction on zoya’s drama was horrifying……

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      U will love later coz in this track there will be changes of relations love will increase and lot to have u will definitely enjoy and I will create suspense. Do comment princess

  5. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Ohh goddd..the precap…dara hi diya hai yaar?

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Ohhhh…… sorry?

      1. Sanjana ( sanju)

        Lekin..m waiting 4 de next episode??…n soo sooryyyy i 4got 2 compliment ur shayari!!? Mashallahh!!?

      2. Zuha (Asya fan)

        Koi gal nahi hai re☺ thanks.

  6. priya tripathi

    Very nice zuha precap looking interesting wait for episode

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks dear ☺

  7. Well Hun, this is getting even better. Love the upcoming twists and you rock~Nusz

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks dear keep supporting me like this.

  8. Sorry Sisssy I was really busy with stuff!!!!!!!!!
    But I went back and started reading your episodes
    good!! wonderful!! impressive story sissy!!

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks at least u commented was eager for ur comment ?

  9. recap gud…

  10. nxt epiosde will be wating…

  11. good epi yaar…

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      Thanks dear…..

  12. i wnna talk to u,sunheri and nusz….if you dnt…mind…

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Why would I mind it is not mine FF but it belongs to u all so pls don’t make me feel like it is only mine u can talk to anyone…. ☺

  13. bst.episode….

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      Thanks Maya always a support for me☺

  14. yaar…. it was relly goood…

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  15. keep it up!…

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  16. great love

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