Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 11)


Guys , I am back , and yeah this 1 is a way too small update , but bear with it , I have told u before that I started a new FF on Abhigya : Love for 7 lives , and my BFF Rafaya started writing a FF for your beloved Thahaan and Asya , named ThaHaan and AsYa – Pyaar ki kahani suno , do support her as this is her 1st FF.

Well, back to the story.

Recap:Asya engagement was stopped by Zeenat and Anwar , Farhaan and Nikhat + Ayaan and Humeira engagement fixed.

Episode 11:

The scene begins as Asya , place ring in eachother fingers , while flowers fall over them(Mitwa)

Asad and Zoya are sitting on the stage mesmerised into eachother.

Zoya:Do you want to say something?
Asad:No , you?

Dils comes.

Dils:What do you want to eat?
Asad:Anything , ammi, as per your wish.
Zoya:Well , issi baat pe aik sher arz hai , Irshaad!

Dils and Asad reluctantly comply:Irshaad.

Zoya:Toh arz kia hai,
Meri engagement mai tha buhat maza,
of course mai khaungi apna favorite pizza.
shukria , shukria

(My engagement was enjoyable
of course I will have my fav. pizza)

Dils:But there is no pizza in the menu.

The scene shifts to Khan Villa’s where Zoya is roaming here and there in anger. She jumps on the sofa , with her shoes, and shouts , “Allah miya , What is wrong with u ,Mr.Khan”

Asad(in disgustion):MS.FAROOQUI!!!! Get off from my sofa.Now!!!
Zoya:Oh really??
Zoya:No , I won’t what, will u do ?

Suddenly , Zoya disbalances and slips into Asad’s arms. They both are lost in eachother. (Mitwa)Zeenat coughs and they come back to reality , and are embarassed,

Asad:A….a I will order pizza for u.

and leaves.
Zoya smiles and thinks”My name is Zoya Farooqui and I will make you realize , that you fell in the wrong trap.”

Scene shifts to Zoya’s room.
Asad enters , holding pizza boxes.

Asad: Ms.Farooqui , here u go with ur pizza.

she opens the chips , and spread them all over the bed. Shakes the fizzy drink and as she opens it explodes. She eats the pizza like babies , while Asad enjoya her babyish nature.

Zoya while chewing:Come ! Have it.

He refuses , but she stuffs in his mouth , he also makes her eat (Mitwa)

Scene 2 : Sheikh Mansion
Humeira is happy and looks at her ring and reminces the confession , engagement , and smiles.
Someone from behind places hand on her eyes , she sighs and says”Ayyan!”
He retrearts back and they hug and so do Asya at Khan Villa’s.
The ep ends at both Asya and Huyaan hugging.

Precap:Same precap…….

Sorry for the short update , and same precap , was busy. Well do read my other FF as well of my freind.

Have a good Day.

Credit to: zuha

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  1. Wow … I loved that scene when zoya stuffed pizza in Asad’s mouth. .. yes I’ve also read her ff

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    No probz if it wiz short..but stilll enjoyed…??asya romantic scene..??n stuffing pizza in his mouth!!! Haha?enjoyedd itt

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