Asya and Huyaan :A delicate relation (promo)


Hehehehe….I am back , unfortunately ??? Ok, so how am I going , honestly???And yeah as I have mentioned before that my exams are near so it will be tough 4r me so I decided to give you guys a promo which you can enjoy and stick up to the story??Ok, so I wannna ask something if you are bored with my track then do tell me so I can improve my skills and yeah , if anyone wants to be a part of my FF u may as I mentioned in my intro , well coming to the story nowadays many of you were saying that due to the accident track there are no AsYa scenes so 4r that I gave u all whole a big episode full of b’ful AsYa momments , hopefully u enjoyed it?

Coming to the promo……

In the upcoming episodes , AsYa romance will be touching our hearts and soul , and one of my friend Sara (Sahil love?) requested me to bring a kiss between AsYa so Sara , this one is for you , AsYa will be going out for a date night , organized by Asad. But , but what is the hurry , Vamps are not leaving the life of our sweet love birds , before that , Bechaari Zoya will be following Tanveer the famous Bilorani. And it will lead to many shocks for her , she will come to know many big truths of her life and as Zoya is always after Tanu as a detective so she will be proving Tanveer’s real face infront of all. An in rage Asad slaps Tanveer , not once but thrice??? Tanveer sent to jail. But the question is what was such thing for which Asad lost his cool , well for that you have to stick up to the story.

But the best thing , which I think is going to be is that Raashid nd Asad patching up , but the qs. here is , How did the hatred of 17 years changed suddenly?? You will soon come to know….

Did you had enough of it??
But it is not so easy to get freedom from me ,so…..

AsYa’s date night will be a very b’ful one full serenity (hoping I spelled it correctly)

Then it is seen that their is a collision of a truck and a car …. a heart – wrenching sound is heard….

Who was or were in the car???

For all these qs. stick up to my story….Asya and Huyaan:A delicate relation…..

Once again thanks to all who commented…Sara(sahil love?), Joycelyn , Nahiii , Priya Tripathi , Kriya , Sonali , Milly , Sunehri , Nuszz , Sanju etc. , etc.

Especially the silent readers , thnx guys u are an indirect support , but try to comment and I will surely reply to u all?

Do read the FF’s of
Sunehri , Nuszz , Fatarajo , Heena , Alexis , Saya , Patakha Princess and Rafaya.
You will surely enjoy them.

I will be posting soon the next part but till then bye…..Zuha Fatima?

Credit to: Zuha

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  1. Wow zuha awesome promo love Asya and huyaan scenes wow can’t wait for the update anyways best of luck

    1. Thanks Fatarajo , and yeah your both FFs are gr8 I like them but not getting time to comments . sorry dear?

    2. No problem m waiting for te update of the episodes of ur ff

  2. Yipeeee nice promo and sissyyy thank you hehhe for saying my name too bye bye hehhe pie

    1. Thanks for appreciation , anytime for you sissy?

  3. Thank you so so so so much to mention my name in your ff thanks i don’t know how iam i suppose to thank you but you don’t need to say (sahillove?) becayse i already mention that . Thats not my real name its sanam and ahil’s nick name bc i love them so if you ever Wanna say my name again just say sarah ok ✌?️? Thank you . And iam very glad that we are sisters ! Anyways thanks again take care and good luck for the exams ?? and bye see you next time .

    1. Yeah I know that Sarah is ur real name whereas Sahil is a combo for Sanam nd Aahil , anytime 4r u sissy?

      1. Thanks zuha you are so nice i wish i had a best friend like you or sunerhi or nuz you guyz are so nice? I wish you guys are happy for always

      2. Thanks dear Sarah , we can be besties as Sunehri , Nuszz and I am we also did not knew eachother but we are good friends , u may join our gang….Why don’t we name it , Rocking Beat , how is it??

      3. Any name is awesome, but should we combine our names together and make one??~Nusz

      4. Sure , and yeah so how is this name ???? SuNusZuRa , su from Sunehri , Nus from Nuszz , Zu from mine and Ra from Sara.?

      5. Hey i think i don’t mnow you guys guess☺️? Bcz iam not that good at making names of gangs bcz in my school whenever my friends wants a name for every year singing concert that we sing my friends are be like sarah hush hush shutup???? you don’t know a single name for your team ???? and thats why you guys guess

      6. Aw my sweethearts, I love you
        Guys aha.
        Also that name is awesome like you guys aha~Nusz

      7. Also I would love to mention this gang name on my ff from now on, if it’s officially real?~Nusz

      8. I was thinking the same well ok from here ????? i don’t know about nusz and sunerhi

  4. And zuha yaar asad slapped tanveer thrice? why not 6 times ???? 3 by asad and three by zoya ???

    1. It would have been too much for Bilorani , and Zoya will be stopping Asad from doing so , or else he would have killed her???

      1. Hey zuha its great ha hey iAm also thinking of making a ff on sahil because they don’t have that much romance in the drama so in yeah but there is a problem can you help me ? What is this numeric num plus something and tell me how to make a ff pls ?☺️ Once i’ll done that my ff will make all of you guys proud and in my ff if you help i will say your name in my ff from my true feelings sis ok pls help me ~ sarah~ to zuha special request

      2. Sarah, I would love to read your ff aha~Nusz

      3. Sarah it is gr8 that u are thinking 2 write a FF on Sahil , v.good, Ok firstly go on the Submit article option , a page will open , type your name , email id , article which u are posting, Post category which will be of course Fan fiction , uploading a pic is optional u better do it.Last is the challenge qs. 1 plus 10-6 , the answer is 5.

        Hope u understood it well?

      4. Iam not able to make a ff they are saying they are saying about micro soft word for this artical and what do i have to right you know 5+ 5 plus or 5? Tell me a little bit more they are not submitting my artical

      5. Actually i have submitted my artical its done but i cant see it tell me why

      6. Actually it takes hours once u submit…

      7. Ok zuha how much time it takes i mean you submit your artical how much time it takes to get it here you know so i can see and comment

  5. superb promo…….all the best for ur exams…….

    1. Thanks Kriya , and once again thnx 4r luck??

  6. alexis fayole

    Cool can wait for episode

    1. Thanks Alexis , will be updating soon?

  7. Wow best asya ???❤❤❤❤ he he he … and asad slaps tanu … she deserves it . Love u

    1. Thanks Sunehri , my bestie , and Tanu deserves it indeed??

  8. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Woww bestiee super cool promo!!??Asad gonna slap Tamveer THRICE??woww vryy excited 4 it..?n Asad Rashid patch up?curious 2 noe how asadz 17 yrs of hatred changed into luv…n..watz dat!!truck n car collision!!?i hope its not asya’s car!!?luvvv u loadss?n best of luck!????

    1. Awwww , u are so sweet and thanks dear , for your lovely comments??

  9. wooow what a promo
    you know what…i really love your ff
    i can’t wait for the update

    1. Thanks Joycelyn , it is sooo sweet to know that you are loving my FF , and I will be updating soon dear ???

  10. Impressive promo Hun,
    Love you~Nusz

    1. Thanks Nuszz , and love u 2???

  11. amazing promo zuha dear eagarly waiting 4 ur next epi 😀

    1. thnx heena.

  12. Good promo baeeeeee.

    1. Thanks Milly.

  13. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

    pst nxt epi…waiting..

    1. will be posting soon?

  14. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

    gud promo….

    1. Thanks dear.

  15. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

    u have lots of idea..

    1. Thanks dear once again , that is soo sweet of u??

  16. Awesome promo…

    1. ???Thanks , Love ya???

  17. Jst waiting for nxt epi yaar…..

    1. Will post soon??

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