Asya and Huyaan :A delicate relation (exploring u all and a short promo)

Salam , Hi , Namaste!
Guys I am busy so I am not posting but today I want to say a big thanks to u all 4r ur love and support throughout this beautiful journey , for me this journey started with few ppl and now I have numbers of people who are liking it , so guys the point is thanks for making me reach above 50 comments , for the first time. Love u all and to be very frank it is my pleasure for me to have so loving people who love my writing piece. I know if u are reading it maybe u will be bored but today I won’t give u an episode but share my feelings and will explore eachother , if u are not interested so no objection but few questions and then u will be free from my stupidty. Well firstly , thanks to all writers of QH , Sunehri , Nuszz , Patakha Princess , Alexis, Saya , Yamuna , Kalai , Angel and last but ofc not the least my bestie Rafaya , they are my inspiration and motivation to write a FF , so guys thanks. And a very big thanks to all who read and comment, Priya Tripathi , Sanam , Maya , Kriya , Ayaaz , Mahira(both), Manaal , Shriti , Joycelyn , Sonali , Sissy Nahii ,and sorry if I am forgetting ur names but thnx to all.
Last but not the least thnx to the silent readers u are also an indirect support but please try to comment , it will be a pleasure for me , and I will surely reply.

Well coming to the story,

Guys u are welcomed whole heartedly to give suggestions and I have a poll for u all ,

In the upcoming track I will start few more love stories so do u want them to unite 1st and then fight back or have to struggle?

Asad will be finally prooved innocent and a new entry will be coming as Haider played by Mohit Sehgal ,do u want someone else.

What kind of stories and twists u like tell me in the comment box below will try to add it Insha Allah!

Guys do comment so I will know ur ideas and adding it , so u like this FF of mine more!

Have a good time ~ Zuha Fatima

(sorry if u are bored with my speech?)

Credit to: Zuha


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.