Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (Episode 24)part 2


Guys I am back!So I am here with the part 2 of Episode 24, and it maybe short as it is a continuation of Epispde 24.

(Note to my readers: I am toooo much disappointed with the decreasing comments, yaar my comments used to reach 50, then 40 and 30 was minimum, but now it reaches 20 which is really hurting me??Please silent readers JAAGO!!! WAKE UP!! It is really hurting when you plan so much for the readers and the result disappoints you, many of you have stopped commenting, I don’t know why? Where are you guys, Orvana, Maya, Sanam Sania, Sam, Fatarajo? If you are not liking the story please do tell me, I will try to enhance my skills!
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Recap: Tanu releasing from jail, Dilshad slapping Zoya…

Epiaode 24 (part 2):
The episode begins at Khan Villa’s where Dil slaps Zoya, leaving all shocked!
Dil:Asad you will not speak between our talk today, so stay out of it!
Zoya:Phuppi, listen..
Dil:First you tell me, why on the earth you thought that you will bring this girl here, and we will accept her!
Tanu:Phuppi, don’t scold her because of me, if you all don’t wante here, I will leave!

And she turns to leave, when Zoya holds her hand and stops her..

Zoya: You are not leaving anywhere…This is also my house and I have the right to bring anyone here and this right is given by this house’s owner, Mrs.Dilshad Raashid Ahmed Khan.You go and settle in your room.

”We are back!!” 2 voices are heard from the back, all turn to see 2 girls with suitcases, one is seen wearing a blue short kurti with pink embroidery and pink pajama, while the other one is wearing a green long kurti with yellow embroidery and yellow pajama.
The girls rush and hugs Dilshad. All are happy to see them.
The girl in yellow and green kurti is Saman (kriya) and the girl in blue and pink is Jugan (Sanju)
Saman:After a long time!
Jugan:But here is so much of humidity and such stinky weather, Eewww!
Nuszat:I also think the same, New York was better than Bhopal.
Jugan:No, Austrailia is better than Bhopal.

And the 2 continued the fight, until Saman stopped them.
Saman:Stop fighting like this!
Jugan:Ohhoo, kriya!
Nuszat:What, kriya? What a name!
Ayaan:Why when your name can be Nuszz, such a unique one then why can’t she has a name, Kriya?
Nuszat:Ayaan, please shut up! By the way I liked it, kriya?
Saman:Thank u so much dear, but frankly speaking I hate the name!
Saman:Because of the reason behins it?
Nuszat:So if u don’t mind then can I know the reason?
Ayaan:Sure!! Look she is called kriya, because she is complete Besuri and still love to sing, and u may hear her humming, besuri no.1 Kriya!
Nuzhat:And Nuszz, when,u will come to know Jugan’s nick name, then u will surely burst into laughter.
Jugan:Just shut up okay!
Ayaan:No,no listen, she is called Sanju!
Sunehri:What a name, sounds cute!??
Jugan:Cute my foot!
Sunehri:Why it is such a beautiful name!
Ayaan:And that is also because of her beautiful figure?????
Jugan:Just shut up!!
Ayaan:Shut up…hehehehe…look at her size, hippo!
Jugan:Ayaan, now I will slap you tight??
Sunehri:Stop fighting!
Saman:And u know what, Ayaan Bhaijaan, she lost 5 kg in 2 mnths??
Ayaan:So what?
Jugan:So, stop calling me Sanju!
Ayaan:Ohhhh…my cutie pie! (giving a peck on her cheeks)

All have some light moments, but Asad, Zoya, Tanveer, and Dilshad seem to be upset. Asad and Dilshad leave from there, cross??leaving Tanveer and Zoya tensed??

Scene shifts to Dil’s room where she is seen sitting miffed?Zoya enters her room with Tanveer but asks her to let her talk first.

Dil:Zoya leave from here, I don’t wanna talk to u!
Zoya:Phuppi, sorry??
Dil:Zoya, I am not angry that you bailed Tanveer, but I am angry that you are supporting a sinner, which is a sin itself!
Zoya:Likeways, phuppi then we comit lots of sins but still Almighty forgives us, then why can’t we forgive someone, and make her hereafter better, because if we won’t forgive her then Allah will also not forgive her. (*Maybe many of u are thinking that Zoya is acting ”Mahaan” but actually she is somewhere right)
Dil (caressing her face):Why are you so good Zoya!
Zoya:Because, I have such a good phuppi, who is more than a mother to me?

*Zoya and Dil hug*

Zoya:So you have forgiven Tanveer?
Dil:Not fully, but yeah,she can stay here!
Zoya:Really!? Thank u so much phuppi! I love u?
Dil:Love u 2 beta?

Zoya rushes to call Tanveer, Tanveer gets to know and hugs Dil tightly!!

Tanu:TYSM, khala, I promise I won’t disappoint u this time!
Dil:Hoping so!
Zoya:Now, the most difficult test is left!
Zoya:Akdu Ahmed Khan??

The trio nods their head in tension?

Scene shifts to Asad’s room, where he is standing by the window, and seems cross??
Zoya knocks at the door..Asad turns ammused…

Zoya:May I come in?
Asad:Yeah sure! But tell me 1 thing that from where has the sun rose from today?
Zoya:I didn’t get it!
Asad:I mean to say is that, for the first time in forever(indeed my fav song?) you knocked before entering!
Zoya: Allah miya! What’s wrong with u! Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai, Irshaad!
Zoya:Toh arz kia hai,
Knock karo toh bhi problem hai na karo toh bhi
Itne nakhray hain inke kaise jhelun gi
Shukria, shukria
(If I knock, there is a problem, and of not then also,
So many of tantrums, how will I bear)
Asad:Nice joke of poetry!
Zoya:Don’t irritate me?
Asad:Okay I am not!
Zoya:Actually, I came here to talk to you…
Asad:If it is regarding Tanveer then I am not talking (in a bad tone)
Zoya:Okay, I am not! Are u happy? Angry young man!
Asad:Whatever! By the way, @the beach, 9 o’clock!

And leaves from there placing a slight kiss on Zoya’s cheek! Zoya is ammused on the sudden proximity and blushes. Screen freezes on her smiling face.

Preacp: Asya’s date night…Asya dancing romantically on Tum hi ho… Asya romantic moments…Lastly a collision of car and truck is seen?(Any idea who is in the car?)

The next episode is only for Asya and only Asya scenes, so hope u will enjoy it?

*Few questions*
1) do you want the heroes to enter within this season or in the next season, and if this season then it is ending within 30 to 35 episodes and then the love stories will not be able to start, so do tell me!
2)Who is in the car?
3)Will Asya be one in this season or the destiny has stored something else?

Credit to: Zuha Fatima (SuNusZuRahLima)

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  1. Awsm epi……i want heros entry in this season……n abt car accident no idea…….

  2. Awesome, you nailed it Zuha…. I think the car must be Tanveers, lol, but up to you… Love you and keep rocking ❤️

  3. Sanjana (Sanju)

    Awwwsome…..mind blowing Zu!! 🙂 even I want heros entry in dis season :)…ohmy god… I luvv my scenes..Sooo Hilarious!!! Godd U made me laugh soo much hehe!! car idea..

    take care..muahh

  4. I lved this epi so much it was fnny and dils and zoya so cute… tanveer so nce too…

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  6. Nusz Khan

    Wow I loved it a lot Zuha, you should make the heroes enter in this season and also I don’t want Ravi Dubey, I would love to have Shravan Reddy instead

    Love you


    1. Nusz Khan

      Also you’re talented xx.


  7. Sunehri

    Mind blaowing And yeah we want hero’s to enter ?????

  8. Hey, Zuha a silent reader here, nice FF yaar, really love it, it is lovely, plz update, eagerly waiting for ur FF!U an awesome writer!

  9. Apia, u simply rocked! Like awesome loved, Dil-Zoya bonding? And yeah I think the heroes shld enter in the next season coz u told me na that there will be a 1 yr leap in next season so! But still splendid??My Apia rocks?Just kidding?Love u?

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