Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 1)


Hey guys!I am back with my 1st episode. Firstly let me mention the people who supported me in writing were my bestie Rafaya and my sis. Kashfia. Well lets get to the ep.

The scene begins a girl is standing infront of a big mansion , incarved on it is KHAN VILLA’S.

Girl:Ya Allah !Please help me , I am new to this place. I have come here far from New York with a reason and I have complete faith that you will help me.

She steps inside Khan Villa’s. She rings the bell. A sweet , bubbly girl opens it .

Girl (Zoya): Salamu alikum
Girl(Najma):Wa alikum salam , who are you?
Girl (Zoya):I am Zoya Farooqui , is this Dilshad
Khan’s house.
Girl (Najma): ZOYA!!! Did not you identified me,
its me Tmatar.
Zoya: Hey Tmatar , after a long time , you are

now completely Tmatar!!
Najma: Kuch bhi!! ( anything)

(Actually Najma and Zoya are childhood friends)

Scene 2 :Office
A man is seen scolding his employees. First his cufflings are shown , then half of his face is shown. He stands and is Asad Ahmed Khan.

Scene 3:Khan Villa’s
Bell rings , Zoya runs down shouting “PIZZA!!!”. She opens the gate hurriedly and falls in Asad’s arms. (Mitwa)They compose on Najma’s cough.
Asad:What are you doing here ??
Zoya:This should be my question , What are you
doing here?
Asad:It is my house !!!
Zoya:Your house , it it m..means that you are
Najma’s bro.
Asad:YES , it is me Mr.Asad Ahmed Khan!!
Zoya:Najma , this angry bird is your bro.

Najma nods in yes.

Asad:And this Badtameez Ladki is your friend!!

Najma nods in yes.

Zoya:Hello , Mr. who did you call Badtameez
Asad:YOU!! Since morning you are crossing my
Zoya:I am also not quite happy.
Najma:Excuse me.
Najma:Do you know each other?
Zoya:Yes your bro and I met at the mall and I
selected Justin Bieber’s new album and
your bro wanted the same.
Asad:And it was the last piece.
Zoya:Yes.And he made a mountain out of a
Asad:Excuse me , I selected first
Asad:You know …
Najma:So who bought it.?
AsYa(with a puppy face): A lady took it

Najma laughs

Zoya:Tmatar , you are laughing
Najma:Yeah I am laughing on your childishness
Asad:It is her fault!!
Zoya:Huh, it is your fault!
Asad:No yours
Zoya:It is useless to talk with you!
Asad:Badtameez ladki!!

They apart their ways (Asya quarrel tune)

Scene 4:Sheikh Mansion
A mansion is shown.In it 4 people are seen watching a movie.They are revealed as Ayaan , Nikhat , Humeira and Nuzhat.
Ayaan:Toh arz kia hai
Jab Salu ki entry hoti hai toh audience karti hai hoot.
Magar yahan toh villain ne kardia unhein shoot

Shukria, shukria?
Humeira:It was a lame one

Ayaan:Shall I tell you what is lame

And they indulge into a pillow fight

Nikhat:Ok,ok stop the climax is here.
Nuzhat:What baji , we have watched this movie
more than 50 time and I remember its
each and every dialogue.Bekar film!
Ayaan:Bekar kise bola be , Salu bhai’s each film
is awesome!!
Nuzhat:Salu’s fan

Scene 5:Khan Villa’s
Everyone is sitting on the dining table.
Zoya (to break the silence ):Toh arz kia hai
James Bond aur Michael Jackson ko pasand hai music
Magar mujhay pasand hai Mr.Khan ki disc

Dils and Najma look in disbelief,while Asad is still angry on Zoya.

Zoya(teasingly): Am I right Mr.Akdu Ahmed
Asad stands up:WILL U PLZ SHUT UP!!!!
Zoya stands up:Allah miya , whats wrong with U!
Why are you shouting?!!
Dils:Why are you troubling her, bechaari!
Asad:Ammi please , she is not Bechaari , total
Zoya:Now I will show you what this insane can

She pikcs up a knife placed on the table and hold it close to Asad’s neck. All are shocked.
The scene freezes on the split faces of Asad , Zoya , Dils and Najma.

Precap:Blood drops on the floor , all are shocked!!

Guys , please do comment especially the silent readers.And sorry for the spelling errors and give suggestions for Vijay.

Credit to: zuha

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  1. nice start.waiting for next epi.

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thnx Inu

  2. Nice …. zuha good episode

    1. Vijay … first is he positive or negative ??? Then only we can suggest actors zuha …

      1. Zuha (Asya fan)

        Year I mentioned in the intro that he is negative , so who do you think and yeah he will be gunda types

    2. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thanks dear!

  3. Is it so????? Ok…. I’ve suggest Abbas Ali he acted as shyam in barun and sanaya’s ipkknd. ..

  4. Zuha (Asya fan)

    OK I wil think about it , Thnx dear ?

  5. very nice
    but can you post it all in english for us?

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thnx joycelyn , but the sher will be in Urdu / Hindi but I will try to post on well and thnx for commenting

    2. Zuha (Asya fan)

      OK 4r u will write eng. Translation☺

  6. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Guys why so less comments aren’t you liking it plz tell me and if you dislike the track do inform me , plz I beg u!! And pardon me for mistakes??

  7. This is beautiful, justin bieber lol, this story was awesome :> I can’t wait till the second episode. Keep up the great work. By the way thanks for commenting on my ff. please comment like always :> and I love your ff too :>

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thnx Nusz and lemme clear I literally don’t like Justin Bieber but my BFF is a big fan of him and music so it’s for her and will insha Allah comment and u plz do comment☺

    2. Yes I dont like Justin bieber too. I love his so songs tho. I’m from England raised in Canada so I love different kind of music :>

  8. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Good episode zuha…keep going

    1. zuha (Asya fan )

      Thnx Sanju

  9. WOW !! Zuha… Impressive yar ?? keep writing love

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Thnx dear?

  10. I am friend of zuha.All of u the fans of asya do motivate zuha as her aim is to become writter.She writes so good.Best of luck zuha?

    1. zuha (Asya Fan)

      Thanks Sarah , love you dear!

  11. Hy! I am friend of zuha.girl u write so good.Best of luck

    1. zuha (Asya Fan)

      Awwww…..that is so sweet of u!

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