Asvi: suryoday hone se jisne roka hai (kalinga war) episode 5


The epi starts with with Ashok and his large army killing many d soldiers of Kalinga. Kvk looks on worried as half of Kalinga’s army was destroyed in a whacking day of the war.. Everyone was tensed. Ashoka took his flag to mark victory ✌ jus then d bell rings. It was sunset. D war was over. Ashoka shouts out to the king – its enough time now Kalingaraj‼ but its not late yet….. Surrender even now. It’ll b accepted. Otherwise u’ll not survive in the future ‼ U cant make victory now, ur army is devastated and this will b ur state tomorrow.. Take it as a warning. Surrender till I say 5..

He gets interrupted by Kaurwaki.
Ashoka we know how. N wen to save our motherland. U needn’t tell us to surrender. We’ll fight till last breath. All of Kalinga’s praja will fyt in the war tmrw. We’ll die bt never ever let us come in d rule of You‼
Ashoka laughs… Look at the state of ur army Kaurwaki.. Tell ur king to surrender otherwise he’ll face the consequences of grudging with Chakravartin ashoka samrat!!. Kaurwaki says that is enough.. Go ahead, show ur power of ur proud.
Ashoka says wait fr a night ?. Enjoy the last night with ur family ?…..
The troops reach Magadha at abt midnight. Ashok goes to his room hoping to find Devi there bt to his dismay she was not there! He goes to the kids room, they’re sleeping all in peace. He went to temple and saw Devi lying there asleep and weak. Tears were still dripping from her eyes. He got alarmed and asks Dasi, did she eat anything today..?? Dasi nods in d negative. Asoka asks her, is the food ready?? Dasi nodded yes n goes to bring food ???.
Ashoka sprinkles water on Devi’s face. Get up Devi! Devi gets up.
“Look at yourself, what’s this condition Devi, why u didn’t eat food, if you were ill what’re u going here in temple, if u r waiting fr me, I’m here, if u r waiting fr news of my death, I’ll go back”
“Shut up Ashoka, seems like u forgot ur brain in the battlefield..”
“Now go n sleep, u don’t need me na, now u know how it feels like wen u don’t find ur love anywhere, same I felt in the morning, now go away, I won’t talk to u, n eat the food alone, I’m going away, never to b back again”
“Shut up, now it seems lyk you’ve lost ur brain somewhere else n eat food ryt now otherwise I’ll not eat anything. You know I’ve not eaten anything from morning?”
“Then stay hungry, ? den u’ll know how it feels lyk to wait the whole day not to eat”
“Okay okay, I’m going n eat it”
“u wont eat?”
“Then plzzzz eat na”
“not at all ?”
“Then goo away”
“You won’t stop me lyk a typical wife does”
“You’re so greedy”
“so I am”
“Then lets do something”
“Lets eat together”
“Okay first you feed me I’m hungry ? from morning”
“Noooo u feed me first I’m also hungry n I’m working from the morning”
“Lets do another job”
“Lets feed each other together..”

Kaurwaki addresses the ppl of Kalinga..
“It’s not been much tym since Ashok’s eye is on our empire. Bt it’s upto us if we’ll come in the kingship of this ruthless ruler. Only we’ve to save our empire! Lets b one single voice!”
“what do we’ve to do princess ??”
“you’ve to fyt for ur independence, u’ll have to fyt in the war tmrw..”
“For sure princess!!!!!! We’ll fight till our last breaths”

Precap:- Second day of war. A man points sword at Ashok’s neck n tells his army to go back if they want him safe…

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  1. Suryoday hone se jisne rookha hai… i was singing it in devonam priya devonka priya… asoka hei asoka…. style….. loved this ff soooooooooooo much dear……. ???????????????????????????????????? these candies are for my sweet bhakta…sweety sister….

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks Astra Devi love you ? aur Prasad k liye bhi dhanyavaad?

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