Asvi – Punishing the culprits (chakravartin ashoka samrat) 4


The epi starts with Siamak mounting on a horse ? n going somewhere in the forest, holding a fire torch. It’s midnight. Ashoka approaches to Sushim n Attacks him. Sushim wakes up from this dream. He’s all shocked. He looks from the window n notices Siamak going on his horse ?. He mumbles traitor…….. He goes out. Chanda asks him where’s he going. He says he wants to go out in the open. Chanda says at midnight ?. Sushim says yes… C the stars shine bright ?.. He makes excuses n steps out. A guard questions him where he’s going out in the dark. Sushim says not your concern. He bribes him n goes. The secret detector of Acharya sees him n goes to inform ashoka. Ashoka is awake, talking with Devi. The detector tells him. Ashoka rushes out of the room. Devi is shocked . Sushim mounts the horse n goes in the forest fast as fury…. Ashoka mounts Garud n chases Sushim stealthily, in the opposite direction. Sushim matches his pace with siamak. What’re you up toooooo ¿? Where’re you going dearest brother¿? Do u wish toooooo die sooooo soon? Siamak sys NT me you’ll die. For following me.. For ruining my plan.. For troubling me. For torturing me. For NT letting me kill ashoka. You’ve come in between, sooo u’ll die first. Sushim tells him against it. You’ll die first. Siamak laughs.. They reach a tent house between the forest. A number of soldiers step out.

Sushim says you cheater…. Siamak says ask.. Ask your lyf from me. Ask your lyf from me!!! The soldiers attack Sushim. Ashoka kills all of them. Suryoday hone se jisne roka hai….. Plays….. Sushim gets shocked seeing ashoka saving him. He hides behind the tree. Ashoka kills the soldiers. Siamak brings his whole army there. Ashoka smiles. Siamak sys save yourself if you can. Ashoka says thnx fr warning. Siamak is confused. Asoka runs on the other side. Siamak asks half of the soldiers to attack Sushim, n rest to follow Ashoka. Ashoka runs n throws a fire torch on siamaks tent. Sushim thinks Ashoka will kill siamak, then I’ll kill Ashoka.. He laughs. The soldiers surround him. Ashoka takes out a conch n blows it. An army is shown coming. Fb shows Acharya gives ashoka a conch. Whenever you’ll blow it, the best fighters from magadh army will b there. Fb ends. Sushim n Siamak r shocked. A fight begins.. The scene changes from night to day. All the unani soldiers r killed and injured. Ashoka points the army to go back. Siamak n Sushim have started a fight. Sushim throws his sword cutting off Siamak’s hand. Ashoka says sushim, y r u hitting from behind, if u hv strength, come, combat with me.

Devi walks in her room worried. Y has ashoka NT returned yet… Everyone in the palace has the same qn. Charu says I’ve to doo something to save my son. Acharya RG comes n tells her that her black magic won’t work always. You’ll meet ur doom soon. Charu is all angry ?. RG suggests her to save her lyf instead. Charu looks fr the supplies to doo black magic in her secret room n Is shocked to find none there. Devi falls down unconscious……

Precap-Ashoka ruthlessly moves his sword and attacks Sushim n Siamak. They fall down. Acharya tells Charu n Khallatak their time is over.

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  1. I dont understand which episode is actual there u uploaded 2 -3 slot

  2. wow superb episode and superb precap too . omg devi unconscious……waiting for next epi .update soon vanshu dearie

    1. Vanshika

      Thx alot dearest Varshu dii ?.. Dnt worry nothing happened to sweet Devi , it’s jus a good news ? N di never say sry haaaa.. Next epi= last epi= fabulous= Sunday ?

  3. Astra

    super good dear

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx alot Astra dii ?☺☺

  4. Tiyasa

    Fantastic, show more love b/w ASVI……

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx a ton dearie ?? ofc there’ll b alot of asvi love, first Ashoka wins the war!!!! The next epi will b the last episode of the ff. Aftr that I’ll write a new one abt ashoka journey after samrat. ?? stay tuned ??

  5. Vanshika

    Ooh thnx Arturo

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