Asvi – Punishing the culprits (chakravartin ashoka samrat) 3


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The episode starts with Ashoka doing bindu’s last rites.. He recalls hw he did the same with his mother.. He shouts in anguish. I’ll not leave the traitors… Devi tells him against it. If only you’ll stay calm, I think you’ll b able toooooo… Ashoka says noooo. I’ve stayed calm fr much tym now. This tym I’m not in a mood of letting the traitors escape. I won’t kill them easily though. They’ll beg their death from me. Ashoka calls Vaid…. Have u again made sum mistake.. R u sure father died a natural death. Vaid sys 1000% sure. Ashoka thinks pita shri still died cos of useless Sushim. He died in shock!!! I feel ashamed thinking that Sushim is my brother.. Hours pass like this. Devi asks him to get aware. Your enemies will take this as your weaknesses.. He heads towards his room while he stops seeing the sabha arranged. The discussion is going upon whom to make as a successor. Sushim says it was the last wish of pita shri that I should become the samrat. Ashoka recalls Bindu n dharma telling him to fulfil the dream of united India…. Ashoka takes out his sword n places it on the neck of Sushim. Siamak attacks him from behind. Ashoka escapes the attack.. Sushim tells him- I’ll kill Ashoka. Siamak replies I’ll kill Ashoka. He was cause of death of my mother n father.. Sushim is taken aback. Ashoka wonders what they’re whispering. Sushim says hw ashoka killed that old chap?? Acharya RG asks them to stop fighting. Everyone go in their rooms… Siamak washes his face.. What did I say?¿? Sushim wonders what siamak was taking abt. He asks khallatak Toooo use his unused brain. Khallatak tells him that he’s thinking very much. Maybe siamak meant Dadi ?.. Ashoka Needs the Royal stamp fr a notice, bt doesn’t find it anywhere. He tells Acharya abt it. RG suggests him to check out the Rooms of his brothers. Siamak listens it all.. He hides behind the curtain as ashoka n Acharya step out. He replaces the Royal stamp n grins. I’ll c what u ll find dasi Putra.. Ashoka gets suspicious on NT finding anything in Sushim’s n siamak’s room.

Sushim tells something to khallatak n Charu. They suggest him against it. Ashoka will kill u, u r stepping in front of death lyk this. Sushim asks them nt to b cowardice. I know what n how to doo..

Precap-Sushim n Siamak head somewhere mounted on horses. Ashoka follows them stealthily mounted on Garud. Ashoka kills some soldiers. Devi gets unconscious..

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  1. nice one vanshu dearie , now soon ashoka will kill all these people who r bad . sorry for the late comment

    1. sorry i thought u have posted it long ago , i think u have posted 3rd and 4th epi together . so i am the first to comment

    2. Vanshika

      Omgggggggggg Varshu dii that’s NT fair ?? why u said sorry ha??? That’s alright ?? congratulations fr the first comment ? N thnx fr commenting.. N u never need to b sry if u Cmnt late ??

  2. Astra

    nice one dear

  3. Tiyasa

    Fab…..but pls put a pic of ASVI instead of Aswaki !!!!!!

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