Asvi – Punishing the culprits (chakravartin ashoka samrat) 2


Ashoka says this night will b destructive. He tells Devi that she can cum with him only to help him, bt not go indulge in fighting. Devi nods. They rush towards the jeweller’s shop.. Ashoka finds it closed. Maybe the jeweller has closed his shop. Devi points out that all the other shops r open in the market. Hw come the jeweller close his shop so soon? Ashoka says maybe we should ask the other shop keepers. A shop keeper tells them that sum1 who claimed to b the jeweller’s well wisher n relative closed the shop. Everyone starts closing their shops. Ashok notices sum 1 n hides. He breaks open the door ? and enters inside. He looks around himself. Devi shouts-dead body!! Ashok comes there n sees the dead body. He says Sushim….. You won’t b spared from me now!!!I’ll punish everyone who come between my motherland n my mother…… Devi says nw what?? Asoka says that now I don’t care fr evidences.. I care just fr my revenge… Devi sys noooo…and cries ?.. Ashoka goes.

???? NEXT MORNING ????
Bindu is in gr8 shock.. I’m unable to do anything.. I couldn’t save my wife, I couldn’t save the empire from falling down, I couldn’t punish the culprits, neither could I b a good father. I’m neither a gud king, not a gud husband, nor a gud father… What should I do?? I’ve full faith that Sushim will ruin the empire, bt Ashoka!! He wouldn’t let him do so,. Ashoka is capable enough to take his revenge.. Is he… Is he nt,… Bindu faints of all these thoughts.. Acharya RG comes n shouts samrat…… Vit, Ashoka n Devi come there hearing his voice. Ashoka says pita shri…. Sushim, Siamak, Charu n Chanda also cum there.. Acharya asks Vit to go n call Vaid raj . Vit goes n brings the vaid raj… Vaid raj examines Bindu.. Acharya asks him what happened… He’s al silent.. Ashoka asks him to speak up. Vaid cries ? n says noooo.. Ashoka asks him what noooo.. Vaid says samrat… Samrat is no more ?.. Ashoka is all broken down.. Devi cries n asks him to get up. Sushim is very happy to see him thus… Ashoka is all broken now… I’ll bcm samrat… I’ll kill ashoka.. Siamak has the same thoughts.

Precap-Sushim tells everyone that it was bindu’s last wish that he should become the king ?.. Ashoka holds his neck.. You call yourself a king . Siamak attacks on Ashoka.

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  1. omg bindusar dead , thats so sad .thrilling precap . waiting for next episode…..

    1. Vanshika

      Yup di Bindu died…. Nw ashoka will kill the culprits n the ff will end in 5 parts… Then I’ll wrote another one on journey to chakravartin… It’ll b the continuation only ? bt with different title … Thnx fr commenting. Love u ?

      1. Love u too ??

  2. Astra


  3. I think vanshika the Directors are taking advice from u just joking keep writing sweet heart superb??

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx samyukta dii love you ?

    2. Love u too???

  4. Devi

    Gr8! Keep going!

  5. Very cool story

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