Asvi – Punishing the culprits (chakravartin ashoka samrat) 1


Hi guys, Vanshika here.. This is a very short CAS fanfic featuring the punishment of dharma (Subhadrangi’s) death.. There’re sum imaginary things also n some r also taken from the current plot in the show, so m vry sry if u don’t lyk it. Whatever b your opinions don’t frgt to comment ?

Ashoka, grief-stricken goes with the pot of the ashes towards the Ganga river. Devi is sad to c him thus. Ashoka opens the pot and touches the ashes with his hands. He is about to put the ashes in the water n notices sumthin shining. The dasi tells him that they’re the ornaments of dharma.. Ashoka signs her to go. He sees an unusual ornament. This belongs to sum man. It’s NT mother’s!!!!!! Whose is it??? Ashoka keeps the ornament and puts the ashes in the water, recalling all the past moments.

Ashoka disguised is roaming in the market and sees a jeweller. He recalls that he’s a very renowned jeweller. He goes to him and asks to meet in a secluded place. Ashoka discloses his identity and shows the ornament to the jeweller. The jeweller tells him that such kind of ornaments r nt found in entire magadha..

Ashoka asks him then where they’re found. The jeweller tells him that its of foreign design. Yes….. It’s a Greek ornament, a unani ornament… Ashok’s eyes turn red in anger.. He mumbles Siamak……… The jeweller asks ashoka shall he go. Ashoka asks him to goo.

Ashoka angrily comes to the palace. Devi asks him why he’s so angry ?.. Ashok doesn’t pay attention and keeps walking ?. Devi asks him to stop bt he keeps walking.. Chand hai prachand hai… Plays… Devi says noooo… Ashoka can’t turn into Chand again…. Is it ryt or nt?? Devi follows him. Ashoka goes to Siamak’s room bt he isn’t there. Ashoka thinks that if siamak has killed his mother, Sushim will also b involved. He thinks to find the jeweller who made the jewel so as to confirm if ashoka is the culprit.. Sum1 kills the jeweller… Devi asks ashoka to keep his mind calm otherwise the culprits will now what he’s thinking ?.. Ashoka walks out of the palace stopped by Devi. I’ll also cum with u. Two r better than one. Ashoka nods….. Acarya RG asks them NT to go.. It’s much night ?. Ashoka tells him that this nyt will b destructive…..

Precap: Devi sees the dead body of the jeweller n shouts. Ashoka says I’ll punish everyone who come between my motherland n my mother……

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  1. Thank you very much vanshu

  2. It was so nice… waiting for the next epi.. good try??

  3. nice start…… update next episode soon

    1. Vanshika

      Wow di u also watch CAS.. Really happy to c ur cmnt.. Will update tmrw..

      1. ok dear

    2. Vanshika great start keep going

      1. Aman

        u watch skr and comment once

    3. Yes I also watch siya ke ram aman

  4. Vanshika

    Thnx tanu n cherry ? dii…

    1. Cherry

      Oh… waiting for the epi

  5. Aman

    sis, u watch Cas, I also if I get time, nice ff

    1. Vanshika

      Wow that’s gr8 bro… Thnx ?

  6. Astra

    very nice dear. update nxt part soon

  7. Vanshika

    Thnx astra dear

    1. Thanks for the summary!

  8. ashok is not cuming in colors from yesterday except tat othr serials r as usual

    1. why ashoka is not coming at colors of 13th September..

      I request to colors tv we don’t like udaan and we like ashoka more than udaan so plz stop the udaan and play the ashoka soon asa soon we r missing ashoka a lot

  9. Next ashok will come to know killer of his mother he will not leave them excited about future story

  10. Kya samrat ashok episode band ho gaya
    Agar nahi two start kab hoga

    1. Vanshika

      Ashoka timing isn’t changed it’ll b telecasted today.. There maha epi of Oder show that’s y it nt telecast ☹

  11. santosh maurya

    Ashoka episode stop either due to technical prblm or maha episode of udan. Hope so will back soon

  12. But today they didn’t telecast Chakraborty Ashok on colours why like that have the timing changed

  13. after a long time such a great program came into channel but time limit is quite less…Request colors to increase the show time and reduce or close other time wasting programs.

  14. Waiting for the next episoide

  15. Excited wt is going to happen next :-/ ///

  16. Tiyasa

    Very nice epi, and thanks for making it short……. But pls put a perfect cover pic for ur ff of ASVI……

    U know yesterday was our favourite actor’s birthday !!!!! guess who ????

    Its one and only SIDDHARTH NIGAM !!!!!

    1. Vanshika

      Yup sweetie I know… Bt y r u saying thnx?.. Sweetie I’m sry bt I’ve updated next part wid same cvr pic ☹ actually I don’t submit my article using submit your article page, I mail it to tu or send through contact us pg, cos submit article pg doesn’t work fr my browser ☹.. So tu added default pic.. Anyways I’ll chng it ?.. Thnx fr commenting.. Love u ?

    2. Tiyasa siddharth had thrown a lavish party where his flim was lunch shayad bunkus where they will deal with the attitude of rich this movie there shall be no stunts.guys I share birthday on 11 sept and siddharth is on 12.

  17. Vanshika

    Thnx Shekhar, hamedhaan n Manoj fr commenting ?

    1. welcome my dear friend

  18. Devi

    OSM! Make it longer next time plz!

  19. Dgr8manoj

    i am thankful to all of you for such a nice comments you’ll are posting here..

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