Hi friends…….How are u all??? Hope you all are fine…..
So….ALL THE CAS FANS, especially the ASVI fans…….
In CAS the current track is on ASVI Marriage and ASWAKI separation……..

It’s being shown that Ashoka kills Jagganath and for that Kaurwaki slaps Ashoka and tells him that she was blind in his love but no girl would marry him……..
Ashoka gets angrier and proposes Devi for the marriage. He holds Devi’s hand and brings her to the mandap. He tells that for the son whose father and mother sacrificed their motherland would be married that day and at that time only. He takes Devi with him inside the mandap……..

Though according to history it’s not true but still they are showing……There are many faults like Devi never went to Pataliputra, Ashoka not such a lover, Bindu was not so dumb and many more………
But still, the main thing is that ASVI is going to unite though CAS is not showing any relationship of love between them……..
I know that in reality Ashoka loved Devi too much but am still happy as they are at least uniting…….Yah! It’s true that this is not good as they are uniting Asvi by separating Aswaki…..It’s really not good……..

I would have been in a dilemma of being happy for Asvi or feel sad for Aswaki, but I am not…….I am simply very happy, not for that I hate Aswaki (I like Aswaki) but for the excessive romance shown between them…….If they have showed 1st Asvi romance (not too much) and then Aswaki romance (not too much) and after that if they would have showed Aswaki separation and Asvi’s reunion then I would have fallen in a dilemma of being happy or sad………
So after all I am really very very happy for Asvi marriage……….

I know very well that many of you will be angry with me as I am not sad for Aswaki separation as many of you love Aswaki………. But please I have just shared my feelings, so don’t get angry with me as EVERYONE DOESN’T HAVE SAME FEELINGS………….

Pls leave a comment…….Pls don’t use any slangs…………


  1. Sachin41


    |Registered Member

    I am happy for asvi marriage but it shouldn’t be in this way..
    Hoping that the love story starts after marriage.. I’m sure Ashoka will not let Devi in tears or disappointed..
    waiting to see the love story of Asvi

    • Tiyasa



      Thank u for reading my post……also read my fanfics bhaiya………
      I too think that ASVI love story will start now in CAS….

  2. Astra


    |Registered Member

    i’m happy for asvi but sad for karwaki. but, asoka killing janardhan is correct, because he spoke bad about his mother. any son would do that only. karwaki has to support him, instead she slapped. she knows very well her father did wrong. but, i’m sure ashok was never wrong…
    but feeling sad for karwaki…

    hmm… but…all the serial is fiction. none of it is true. they completely changed the history…

  3. Vaibhav Modi

    it’s highly excessive drama shown here(though it’s the main reason) it is true that Ashoka also liked Devi and she was the first wife of him and they are showing us correct incident but in wrong way…

    anyways .. thanks for your work and updates on show.. I really liked it @Tiyasha

  4. priya

    devi ek selfish friend sabit hui Jo apne hi friend ke boyfriend se sadhi kar leti h I hate this type of friend

  5. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Hmm…. I gt in a dilemma first bt then (according to the show) kaurwaki became a bit selfish, even though she knew that jagganath is doing all of it to break the marriage and vice versa… Bt I m happy fr asvi marriage,, waiting fr sum asvi scenes now…… Tiyasa cutie the work is really nice.. I lyk it. I hope kvk understands everything, otherwise the show is potraying her like a Dumbo now..

  6. Thilini Vasana

    Nice I felt sry about kaurwaki…..she is really loving to Ashoka……however they separated……….Bt I know in history they married 💑… bt how they marry in this tv show

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