Asmaa Mila Zameen Ko Meri-Swaragini FF Episode 1

It’s morning and Sanskar is still sleeping.Swara sees this goes towards bed and says to Sanskar

Swara:Wake up Sanskar it’s morning for how much time will you sleep.

She tries to wake him up.He wakes up but is still sleepy.

Swara:Now get up and go to office.

Swara is about to go when Sanskar pushes her towards him and says

Sanskar:I will wake up but first give me a morning kiss.

Sanskar indicates towards his lips.

Swara:Oh I will not.

Sanskar:Please Swara.Okay if you will not give me my morning kiss then I will not talk with you.

He faces at other direction and Swara thinks

Swara:He is asking for a kiss only know so what’s the problem.But not that kiss that he want.

Swara comes near him and kisses him on cheeks and Sanskar gets shock and turns and asks

Sanskar:Swara you kissed me!

Swara:Yeah Sanskar now go to office,laksh is waiting.

Sanskar:Okay I will go.But promise me that every morning you will give me flying kiss.

Swara:Oh hello I am not a fool okay.

She is about to go when Sanskar catches her hand and pushes her towards him.They have eyelock.He brings his face near to her and Swara closes her eyes.They are about to kiss when Someone knocks on door.

Laksh:Sanskar come fast we are getting late for office.

Sanskar:Coming you go down I will come.

Laksh goes from there and Sanskar says

Sanskar:This Lucky always comes in between our romance.

Swara:Now stop thinking about romance and go get ready Laksh is waiting.

He goes from there and Swara goes down.

Laksh:Swara where is Sanskar?

Swara:He is coming.

Laksh is about to say something when he sees in one direction continuesly.

Swara:What happen Laksh?What are you looking?

Swara turns and sees Raging coming

Swara:Oh so that’s why you got lost.

Laksh is looking at Raging as she is looking beautiful.Ragini comes to him and says

Ragini:Laksh now stop looking like this Swara is seeing.

Laksh:But how can I keep my eyes away from you,you are looking like a fairy.

Ragini blushes and sees Sanskar coming and says

Ragini:Now go to office.

Laksh is still lost looking at her.Sanskar sees this and says

Sanskar:Lucky now we are not getting late. (Says naughtily)

Laksh comes in sense

Laksh:Let’s go

Both go to office.

Precap:Raglak and Swasan romance.

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