Asliyath Kya Hai (promo and episode 1) by gangu

Hi guys I am gangu. And I wanna start my new ff because an idea strikes mind Soo .and haa iam the author of Kya muje pyaar hogaya ,I am continuing it. This is a ff based on fake shivaay , Anika and Radha mehra,fake shivaay and Radha’s romance , shivika romance.a small friend ship story filled with love, love and love.

Radha mehra _ best business women in India .mehras stand equally with oberios.she made her parents proud of her.bestie of Anika I’m childhood.

So the episode starts from here

The oberios confronted kamini and mahi. Kamini was arrested. Ranveer is not a negative character he is not having a connection with kamini.

Daadi _ mahi will stay here because he is the twin brother of shivaay.
Mahi was completely broken bcoz he loved his mother kamini a lot but when he realised that she was using him ,She never loved him he was completely broken .seeing himlike this shivaay started to feel for him.
Shivaay _ now onwards mahi will stay here
Everyone agreed to him except tej but he didn’t said anything.

The next day

Tej _ shivaay we have to do impress Radha mehra
Shi_ she coming here tomorrow
Mahi comes
Mahi _ Radha
Shivaay _ yaa Radha mehra
Mahi eyes were filled with tears hearing her name ,he just went from there

End of the episode

Guys pls do comment . This makes me happy . So pls. And pls do give your review by comments. And pls read my boring or interesting ff

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