Asliyath Kya Hai (episode 5a) by gangu

Hi guys .so this is it the last one.i am so happy .this is a long update so hope you guys enjoy it.

Here goes episode 5

Anika-but What will we do
Radha-Wait guys om is not having a partner.
Somya – I will do that
Radha-so K
Prinku _ I am so so scared
Radha _ for what
Prinku _ ranveer
Aniradmy_ shut up prinku
Prinku okay??????

The boys gang~~~~
Rudy _ today I am so happy bhaiya my all brothers are sleeping with me.
Ranveer _ see guys I have to sleep now
Om _ you sleep yaar
Mahi _ even I want to sleep
Rudy _ bit still what all happened bhaiya between you and Radha Didi or bhabhi
Mahi _ I am not married after marriage you can call her bhabi.
Rudy _ what all happened bhaiya say Na?????????????????

Mahi _ wowo Kya kahthe ha takkaer kr ishqbaazi
Shivaay _ just like mine and Anika’s right
Mahi _ yaaa ,you know she will never have time
for me only for business . And one day I told her that she is Soo unromantic and boring.s he Didi not even bothered. Usually girls have that problem. But I was so helpless. The next day I told her that I need break up just for fun thinking that she would react. But she didn’t. I took her mobile and saw her collage pics. She o ly use to wear shorts,short dress’s and like that dresses. But after she changed into like business Monster. But I want my collage Radha.
Shivaay _ Soo what you did (with curiosity)
Rudy _ why are you curious
Shivaay _ no even I am like Radha what if Anika started feeling boring maybe she would ditch me and go
Mahi _ don’t worry , she won’t do anything like that.
Om _ mahi continue
Mahi _ I showed her the pics and said her that I know you do like me that’s why you became like this.
This line effects Radha Soo much.then Soo much happened in my bedroom. The best night in my life. After that day I got my romantic gf Back. Then onwards I got many beautiful nights.
Rudy _ bhaiya you are blushing so much
Mahi _ I know

Shivaay _ what am I going to do
They heard many sounds just like a horror tune.
They looked each other
Ranveer _ what kind of sound is this
Om _ don’t know
It feels like a horror tune
. So many shadow are passing through
Rudy _ bhaiya don’t leave me alone and started crying
They were calling the boys names.
Mahi _ ghoooossst
Radha _ maaahi you cheated DDD me right now I will kill you and friends.
Rudy _ mummy.
They started shouting
The girls came out laughing.
The boys shocked and girls non stop laughing.
Anika _ look at yourself billuji
Radha _ billuji iii hahaha
Shivaay _anika stop.

All of them gathered in poolside.
Rudy _ let’s dance.
Radha _ let’s Play a game .I will spin a bottle and who ever the last two ends point they have kiss or dance.
Anika _ kissing or dance we will decide.
Ranveer _ spin the bottle.
Prinku _ what if I get kissing.
Ranveer _ prinku you will only get you kiss me.

Rudy rottated that bottle.
The First pair._ shivaay and Radha.
Shivaay _ kisss
Radha looked at shivaay .
Mahi _ don’t kiss her u Wil get unconscious.
Radha smrinked
Anika _ I don’t care. Kiss Radha
Shiv _ what ( he thought that Anika would become jealous)
Seeing him tensed Radha no dance.
Shivaay _ yeah yeah seeing his nervous
A ika smiled
They danced on Cheez badi mast
All claped

End of the episode

I tried I can only do this next part b will be after sometime and pls do comment

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