Asliyath Kya Hai (episode 5 b) by gangu last episode

So guys mylast episode asliyath Kya Hai episode 5b

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Here goes the episode 5b

Prinku _ spin the bottle
The next pair _ mahi and Soumya
Mahi and Soumya _ dance
Rudra had a tensed face thinking if it might be a romantic song but it turned into ek hasarome meei behena Hai.
Even they were happy with the song

Soumya _ spin the bottle
Paircame as_ prinku and ranveer _
Ranveer _ seei told you know
Prinku _ we can dance
All _ no kisss?????
Prinku _okay ,while blushing
They thought to be a French kiss but to ranveer ‘s unlucky Ness it ce to a cheek kiss
Anika _ awwww bechara
All laughed hearing that

Ranveer _ stop laughing and spin the Bottle
The next pair _om and our Rudy guy
All _ kissss
Om _ nooooooo
Rudy _ yes ssssssss
Rudy kissed Om on his lips
All laughed whole hearted seeing Om trying to get out from the kiss
Om _cheeee bad Boy and rubbed his lips
Rudy _ spin the bottle _
The pair Shivika aaaaa
Shivika _ dance
All _ okay
Radha _because if you kiss here then you will forget that this is not your bedroom
Anika blushed

They danced on wajah Tum ho.

After that shivaay_don’t you guys think we should sleep now
All the boys together _ yessss
The boys nodded their head and smrinked
Shivaay picked Anika
Mahi picked Radha
Rudra picked Soumya (she is not having that Weight)
Om_ happy night guys .
While the boys smrinked and girls blushed
Om phone ringed and the screen flashed the ne was gauri Sharma
All _ happy night on
He blushed

Well after all the partners came to their room.

Shivaay layed Anika in bed and layed on top of her .
Anika tossed him and said_ now your are going to experience the real Anika my dear.
Same happened in every room.

The next day .
Shivaay _ Anika Tum Anika hi honaaa.meri shly girl.
Anika _ yahhi asliyath Hai shivaay

Soumya _rudra wake up
Rudy _ my head
Soumya _ Kya Hua Meri asliyath janker tumari sar kuchh Hua.and chuckled.
Well mahi knows radha’ asliyath ,so no Problem.

On phone
Om _ I love shly girls like you
Gauri thinking mera asliyath janker iska lambe Baal ye appne app katvayega.
Gauri _ ohh really

So that’s itmy dear guys I hope you enjoyed it.and it’s very difficult to write two ff at a Time.

So pls do comment and support me .
By gangu???????????????

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  1. Nice yaar ganga, but really missing kya mujhe phase hogaya, please do update that too?

    1. Gangu

      I will do it was sure and thanx for commenting

  2. Dowlath786

    Mmmm… It’s toooooooo ? romantic nice episode

    1. Gangu

      Thanx and hi dowlath786

  3. Shivikajkmn

    nyc one dear. Sorry for not commenting on ur previous episodes.

    1. Gangu

      Thanx dear and sorry for not writing your name in the list??????

      1. Shivikajkmn

        it’s ok dear. ????

  4. Nice one dear….

    1. Gangu

      Thank you nikitajai

  5. It’s an awesome ff I read all 6 parts of this ff. All are amazing. I really like your writing. It’s was an super duper ending. you prove your concept “asiliyat kya hai “.I’m reading your other ff too .I’m not sad for not including me in the first section of the people. I’m happy that at least you remember me as your ff reader.

    1. Gangu

      Thank you thank you for such a comment and and for every thing you wrote and pls do continue reading my another ff

  6. Superb…..

    1. Gangu

      Thank you lilly

  7. ‘Awesome ending!’

    1. Gangu

      Thank you bhavana

  8. Ruksy

    Sorry for not commenting on any of your parts. I read them all today and they are amazing.

    1. Gangu

      Thank you for reading my every episode and commenting for this????

  9. Awesome loved it

    1. Gangu

      Thank you niriha

    1. Gangu

      Thank you?????

  10. Nice ending

    1. Gangu

      Thank you fffan1234

  11. Awesome update come backe soon with new ff amazing writer ???????

    1. Gangu

      Thanx Shabnam and pls keep supporting me like this

  12. Shuklarashi

    Awesome om & rudy was most funny part I was laughing like a mad I was in my class all thought I really become mad

  13. Alekhika20

    Nyc ending

  14. Superb…….. It was soo….. romantic…… & gangu it is ‘banita’ not ‘banitha’ dear……. Waiting 4 ur nxt ff

  15. Archisha

    Awesome and sorry for not commenting previously

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