Asliyath Kya Hai (episode 3) by gangu

Okay guys this is me again .and who do you guys want as Radha mehra???? You should comment it and in the next episode who ever gets most votes will be there.
This actress who you decide should be
*Rude in professional matter
*Will melt when it comes to her ones
*Will die for her love
*Should be quite hot
*When she is in masthi mode she should just like rudra.
*A Girl who is like shivaay

I have a girl in my mind _surbhi Jyoti
So guys pls name the actresses which you feel is good for this position.

So here goes the episode

Anika and omru runs to her and asked what happened.
Radha _ anikaaaaa call mahi ,I need him
Anika _ ok I will call first you take rest.
Radha _ Anika ka bpls don’t leave me
Anika was so confused why she behaving like then she noticed the same bracelet’s design which she given to her friend as a chain and that same design was also in her bracelet.
Anika _ from where did you got this
Radha _ you still didn’t understand me buddu I am your Radhika .
Anika _ Radhika but your name is Radha mehra
Radha _ after I went from here Papa changed my name .then we went o America.
Anika _okay,. I have to talk to you but not know.
Both hugged each other tightly and Radha crying Anika consoling her.
These things were witnessed by shivomru .
They were told to each other. What is happening. How does mahi know Radha and how does ………
This is Soo confusing.

After few hours
Everyone was gathered in the hall.
Radha came with anika ,mahi still in his room .

Radha _ I will clear your all confusion.
As you all know Anika was adopted by sahil’s parents. And I was their neighbour.
From childhood onwards till my 10th we were best friends and like sisters. Papa considered Anika as his daughter . So mostly her all responsibility was taken by Papa. So we were a Family.when suddenly papa’s few rivals destroyed us . We then lived in a chawl. U lost everything my education ,my Anu and our business.

Then after a lot of hardwork we again rised . We lived there for 5years then we shifted to America because of my personal reasons.

Om _ okay know we got to know about your relationship with anika but mahi.
A male voice came from the stairs saying we

met in the chawl
Radha _ mahiiii
Mahi _ yaa Radhika changed her name to Radha because the rivals. Just like a love story
everything happened between us
Rudy _ everything happened???????
Radha _ yaa everything
Guys first I wrote they left when she was 10th instead degree 2nd year.)

End of the episode

Precap _ to be continued

Guys because I am writing this at 1:00am .I am
sooi sleepy ,si guys I promise as soon as possible. And pls do comment.

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