Asliyath Kya Hai (episode 2) by gangu

Hi guys I ‘m back . So let’s continue and pls do read my another ff Kya muje pyaar hogaya.
Here goes episode 2
Mahi gets very emotional hearing her name . shivaay noticed this

The next morning
Tej _shivaay what should we do with mahi
Mahi _ I will not come in front of her
Anika _ okay
Anika _ do one thing let mahi sleep with Rudy.
Rudy actually likes him
Mahi _ can I get another room
Rudy _ why I am there with you Na
Mahi _ that’s my problem you will kill me by hugging me.
Rudy _ bhaiya aaaaa
Shivaay _okay you will stay next to my room ,one spare room is there right.
Mahi _okay

Shivaay got one call and went .after the call he came
Shivaay _ Radha mehra is coming,mahi
Mahi went

Khanna _ Radha mehra have arrived
Shiv _ come miss mehra
Radha _ good to meet you Mr oberio
After entering the Mansion she felt so good,after seeing shivaay’s face a layer of tear formed in her eyes.actually mahi was behind the pillar.
She took the blessings of elders and hugged youngsters.
Shivaay _ miss mehra meet my wife Anika shivaay Singh oberio
Radha jumped to her and hugged her tightly.
Everyone was shocked by her act,even she
Anika _are you okay
Shivaay _do you know her early
Radha _ nnoo I have a friend named Anika but now she is not with me but I heard her name so so
Radha _what is your surname Anika
Shivaay _ Anika shivaay Singh oberio
Radha _ before that
Anika _ it’s just Anika ,I don’t have a surname even I don’t believe it. And started say those things which see used to say to shivaay on surname.
Tej signed shivaay to stop her this is humiliating radha
Radha smiled hearing her answer .few moments flashed in her mind
2 girls were siting .
One girl started saying that I don’t have a surname
Girl 1 _ you know my classmates was teasing me by saying that I don’t have a surname
Girl 2 _wheneber someone teases you Na so say this that your surname is not your identity,your identity is what you make by your sweat and hardwork……………………..
See the girls are in 8th.
Flashes ended

Radha then noticed the bracelet on her hand . She moved forward and caught her hand and asked from were you got this
Anika _my friend given me this as a gift
She again smiled.anika was feeling a very strong connection with her .
Radha _ okay Mr oberio were will I stay
Tej _ you can stay in our house
Radha _ okay can I see this house
Tej _ you can ,shivaay will join you
Mahi was standing there watching everything
Radha _ no I will take Anika with me
Tej _ as your wish
Shivaay signed Anika to behave well,but she didn’t bothered.

Radha and Anika was going around when suddenly mahi came out.
Radha _ Mr oberio you changed your dress
Anika in mind _ oh my god this is mahi also he is not is suit. Raitha phelne vala he
Mahi gone and hugged her lightly. Shivaay and rudy was following them seeing mahi’s action
made them stunned .another action made them more stunned
Radha hugged him more tightly
Radha pov
Why am I getting the feeling that this is not shivaay but my mahi.maybe he is
Mahi pov
I can’t control more .I can’t
Shivaay pov
Omg why is she hugging me ,i mean for her
mahi is me .Anika is gonna kill me,sabe me
Rudy pov
The real game is gonna begin now hahahaa???????

Anika pov
Iam not gonna leave shivaay

End of the povs

Radha still hugging tightly same with mahi
Anika tapping on her shoulder Radha he is my husband leave him.
Mahi_ no iam not shivaay ,I am mahi
This made them shock everyone.after hearing this shivaay came out and said yes he is mahi I am shivaay
Radha _ so the one who was standing down was
Anika _ shivaay
Radha could not control her emotions she immediately smashed her lips into mahi’s in front of them ,mahi stood there Simply .
He slightly pushed Radha and went to his room without turning back , seeing h like Radha broke down.other stood there

End of the episode
Okay guys only this episode will be a bit emotional next onwards only romance,love and masti .and this will be only 5 parts
So already 2 over only 3 more.

Precap _ shivika cute moments and madha flashback to everyone and romance

Bye guys and pls do comment.
By gangu

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