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HELLO! everyone, some probably recognize my user name, but if you don’t it’s fine. I may defend Kaurvaki a lot, but I respect all characters. Its just the way they portrait her in the show that gets me upset. I fell in love with the character because of her maturity and strong minded personality from the movie. I was so curious that I researched about her a lot. Her life is still a mystery to some and me, so I decided to use some theories and stuff I found online, to write this story. Some of the plot will be from the show… but trust me the rest is mine…I wouldn’t post this if people didn’t like it on Indian forum. So here it is

Summary: Kaurvaki grew up hating ashok, she promised the next time they meet it will be in battle. But fate has other plans that will unite them. The story will have some events from the show and dialect, and also error, because I’m using my phone to write…so don’t mind it.

While kaurwaki was walking with her dad, she silently cried, while questioning ashok. Why ashok, why did you trick me, when you know I would have followed you to the end of the world. Jagannath, puts his hand on her shoulder, squeezing it.

” listen my daughter, don’t cry over ashok. I’ve told you those people we’re bad news. If ashok had love you, he would not have led you to me. He would have kept fighting for you. This feelings you have, are nothing. Its just puppy love, I’m sure you will find someone better then ashok, believe my words kaurwaki.”

But kaurwaki was to busy in her mind to listen, her heart was shattered, by his betrayal. .while they left the area, they we’re on aware of ashok standing their with an apologetic face. I’m sorry kaurvaki, I know you must be hurt, but I hope when we meet again you understand why I did it. I promise the next time we meet, I will never let you go, he thought before walking back to the cave.

When he reached, he was not expecting to see his mom. She was pacing around, worriedly. ” mother!?” ” wha-…I mean why are you here?”

” you think I will leave you to survive on your own”

” but what about father, you should have stayed back”

Dharma puts a hand on his shoulder ” you will always come first before anything. It was always me and you, and it will continue that way” she says lovingly

Ashok frown, he didn’t like the fact that his mom left the palace, with his baby brother to stay with him. He told her, he won’t be able to provide things for her and his brother, but his father might. He told her it hurts him to say this, but she has to go back. Live with his dad. Dharma refuses saying theirs no place for her there, ashok asks her what she ment. And she retold what happens to her.

Ashok was angry, he says in a deadly voice, he will kill sushim, and all the people that conspired against them. He Ted his sash, and grab his sword ready to face them, but his mom called his name. Ashok told her this time, she won’t be able to stop him. She told him, revenge isn’t the answer to their problem, but ashok interrupted her. He turn his back to her and wlk to the entrence, he says ” you stopped me before when I wanted to kill my brothers, when they hurt me, my own father didn’t believe me. Even when the proof was right you want me to forgive after they hurt you. NO!” HE SAYS shaking his head

” I left you behind so I can take my revenge, but this time. I will not listen, I will not be weak in front of my enemies, not this time” he says before walking away

Dharma calls for ashok, she ran after him, but he gallopp away on his horse. She fell on her knees and cried, while her baby wailed. She remember the dream she had, she prayed that it doesn’t happen.

When ashok made it back to patliputra, the guards tried stopping him from entering, but he defeated them before they could touch him. Some guards ran to inform bindu, ashok stood by the entrence of the palace shouting sushim name. He told him to come out and calls him a coward. Sushim and his followers came out, watching ashok. ” what is a traitor like you doing in fathers land” he says

Ashok glares at him in anger, his hatred was so high Even the sky was justifying it’s rage with thunder. ” Sushim!!” He says grabbing a dagger before throwing it. Everyone gasp when the dagger cut Sushim cheeks, drawing blood. Ashok smirk ” this is just a taste of what I will do to you. What ever my future will be, this war is still not over, I will be your enemy, and I will make sure each one of you will die by my hand. If you think I was crazy before, you will see how much of a chand I will be, this is a promise to my late mentor” he finished

Ashok turn around and gallops away, ignoring the rain pouring down his back. He was unaware of bindu watching him sadly. Once ashok leave, Sushim hits the wall, ” damn that ashok, I will kill him”

” calm down Sushim, we will get him. Ashok will die before he become samrat, ” charu says

When ashok reached, the cave, he saw his mom in the corner out of it. When she heard his footstep, she quickly got up ” ashok, please tell me you didn’t kill them, please” she says

Ashok frown ” Why do you want them to live mother? Why are you always protecting our enemy, and making me keep promise” he says in anger

Dharma says ” the best king is the one that is calm and patient, he doesn’t let their enemy see him sweat, or his emotion. Thats the kind of king that India wants to see. So please for me just wait for the right time” she says

Ashok looking down, didn’t budge. Dharma lift his chin, while calling him ” if not for me, do it for your brother” she says before telling him to look at her brother. Ashok soften, seeing him. He sigh before nodding, Dharma with relief hugs him. Ashok says in head, I promise to wait, but that doesn’t mean I won’t hurt Sushim, when I see him.

Elsewhere, kaurvaki walk in the palace, everyone greeted her, but she ignored them. She saw one of the guards training and remember when ashok trained her. She angrily bold her fist before stomping over to the field. ” You!” She says pointing to the men. “Fight me”

The men was taken back. He told her he couldbt fight her because shes the princess. This upsets her, she grab one of the sword and told him to fight her. The men look at jagannath, and he nod in approvel. Her mom protest, but jagannath held her back. Kaurvaki attacked the men, and the men blocked it. She side step him and attack again while thinking about ashok.

The men was surprise at how strong her hits were. he move out the way, when she tried cutting him. Kaurvi, duck when she saw him swubg, and down kick his foot. Making him fall on the floor. ” i won” she says out of breath, jagannath smile proud of her skills ” our daughter has a talent. This will come in handy for us” he says making her mom worried.

Kaurvaki says ” ashok will never know what hits him, when he meets his equal. One that will make him tierd, and make him look pathetic infront of his people.” She says determined.

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  1. Thanks for your imagination skills. Hope they will marry after a fierce battle.
    Pl. keep posting.

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks, I will try to make it as interesting as possible.

  2. Shriya kashyap

    a very nice updates i like that thank you for writting

    1. Angelk1

      Lol if you like that… You will definetly like sushim and ashok fight in the next few chapters

  3. Devi

    Already in <3 keep going!

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks… I posted eps 1 … It should be coming tomorrow. I made sure it kinda went by history… But when it comes to laurvaki part i used my imagination.

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