Ashwaki -dangerous love -Eps 9

Precap: ashok coming back from his honeymoon only to find out sushim kidnap his mother, while kaurvaki after recovering discover she’s not of royal blood but instead a commoner, confuse of her identity she ran away from home.

Ashok after riding to Patna, gets of his horse. He look at the windows calling for Sushim. The guards quickly came out. Soon followed by charu and Sushim. They we’re wondering who this person was, but stop when they saw his eyes, Sushim smirk ” well brother I see you finally stop hiding” ” about time because I was getting bored”

Ashok was shaking with rage, his eyes we’re turning completely red. ” where is she…where is she!”

” where is who!?,”

” don’t play dumb, where is my mother?!”

Sushim laugh ” right, she’s probably chained up and being torcherd”

Ashok in anger screams his name, he says today he won’t spare Sushim. Sushim says I’ve loath you since father brought you into this place. And today you will see why Sushim is feared. He jump down the balcony, everyone cring when he stood up and fix his bones. He took out his sword, and told people not to interrupt. Ashok on the other hand touch the ground to take the earths blessing, before grabbing his sword. ” Sushim!!”

“Ashok!!” They both scream before running to each other. Both sword clang against each other. Ashok shouted as he spun around and swung his sword sideways. Sushim deflected the blow with his sword. Ashok out of anger lost his footing. Sushim seeing this roared and drove the tip of his sword into ashok side.

Ashok wince, while touching his side. Charu and Sushim both smirk. Siamak says ” ashok is no match for Sushim, after all his indistructable.”, they watch as ashok block Sushim sideways swing to his left side and push the sword away. They then circle each other again. Ashok watch his every move, remembering Sushim evil deed. When Sushim attack again, by stepping forward and flicking his wrist out. Ashok block The blur that was his blade, but Sushim was quick.

Without giving ashok time, Sushim slashed ashok right flank. Ashok almost failed to block, barely deflecting it off his neck. Sushim pulls his sword back and slash downward at his shin. He smack them with the flat of the blade, knocking ashok down. When Sushim turn to give the killer strike. Ashok remember something someone said to him long ago. He calmed down and cleared his mind.

Suddenly he realize how slow the sword was going. Ashok quickly turn when he saw the lion roared, he suddenly felt something running through his whole system. Ashok turn back to Sushim who was about to gut his stomach, ” I am ashok, mauraya blood, I will punish you, and the ones who betrayed this land . ” , ashok grab the sword with his hand, surprising Sushim. He swiftly got back up, and push Sushim with just one hand. He didn’t care if it was cut, or bleeding. All he want is Sushim blood.

Ashok grab his sword and touch it with his blood. He glare at Sushim and once again attack, this time with much forced. The low was so fast it knocked Sushim off guard. Ashok turn and slash Sushim. He didn’t waist anytime, he double slash him again this time on his left and right side. Sushim cursed while couphin blood. Charu bite her lip, she says at this rate Sushim will loose, I have to do something.

Sushim glares at ashok before lifting his sword to meet his. They went at this again, but ashok had the upper hand, both boys we’re bleeding badely. Ashok pushes his sword knocking Sushim sword from his hand. Sushim curse realizing how far his sword was. He watch as ashok walk towards him ” you would be coward enough to attack a men with no weapon “..

Ashok stops ” your cowardly words will kill you at the end. Even with no sword, I will end your life” , ashok throws the sword away, but Sushim had other plans. He grab dirt and throws it in ashok eyes, making him move back to clear his eyes. Sushim got up and attack ashok with his fist. Knocking him to the ground. Ashok spit blood, Charu calls Sushim and throws a stick to him which he caught. Ashok still couldn’t see, decide to use his other senses.

He could hear Sushim footsteps, and heart beating. He waited until he was close before blocking the stick Sushim was aiming. He use both his hands to stop the blow, a normal person would have had his hand broken, but not ashok. He was so use to it that is felt like a pinch. The stick ended up broken. Ashok jump in the air, making Sushim Eyes widen. he pulls on ashok wrist to catch him, but he was already in the air. He shoot his legs forward and up catching Sushim in the stomach with a hard kick, using his grip as support.

Sushim gasp letting ashok go, ashok throws his now free hands back and do a back flip. Whacking Sushim with his foot. When he landed he saw Sushim on his knees holding his stomach and jaw. Ashok eyes now cleared, walk to Sushim and punch him. Sushim fell on his back. Ashok let all his anger out, beating the day light out of him. Charu scream begging ashok to stop, Sushim was now unconsious, but ashok ignored her. He grab his sword which happend to be near him, and aim the tilt towards Sushim heart, Charu scream , while siamak. Shake out of fear.

” Ashok!!” The voice said, full of authority, ashok stops and turn to Bindu, all his anger came back. He was about to attack Bindu as well, but stop when his mom calls him. ” mam!?”

” ashok…enough, you have won” she says before saying ” remember your promise…remember” she cried

He cried before dropping the sword ..fainting. Dharma was about to rush to him, when Bindu told her to stop. He says ashok is to dangerous right now. Dharma says ashok will never hurt her, before running to him. Bindu sigh. Before looking at Sushim. He call his guard to take them to the infirmary. Charu out of anger told Bindu to kill ashok, she says ” see what he has done to my son. If he dies I will not spare him, mark my word’s ”

Bindu shut her up ” I might be quiet, but I know exactly what goes around in the palace. You let your son kidnap Dharma, to lure ashok here. You got your wish, and this is the affect of it. You did this to your son, not ashok” he says before walking away

Dharma says ” I tried preventing ashok from coming here, but now you have brought your own death here, now my son will not stop until you and who ever is helping you dead.” She says before leaving

Charu curse Dharma, and promise to kill them if Sushim don’t do the job.

Three years later

Helen is seen in jail after they found out she was alive. Bindu has started trusting ashok, out of ashok best interest he decides to exile him to kalinga, and take care of the dispute there When he saw him attempt to kill Siamak. It was sudden, ashok was pissed, but Dharma told him to be patient. Bindu told ashok he’s not angry, he says if ashok wants to be king he has to learn to calm his heart. He told ashok to take care of the dispute, until then he can’t enter Patna.

Ashok thought it was unfair, that night he told Devi. Devi told him , not to worry to much. She says ” he gave you a task that means he trust you enough to handle it. He cares about your well being, just like I do. So you should do it”

” but I won’t be able to see you ”

” then you better do it fast then” she says

Ashok smile, he promise to fulfill his father task, and come back.

The next day ashok was ready to leave, he had his horse and sword by his side. Dharma wishes him luck, so did Devi. Bindu still didn’t approve of Devi, but he understood ashok was in love. He said it was better then that kalinga princess, speaking of kalinga… he was angry by the fact that they we’re getting stronger. After their two alliance, kalinga military force has expended, so did their wealth. He thought, they will be great enemy to Patna, if he don’t do something.

Meanwhile, a young girl probably in her twenties walk towards the temple with lots of fishes and fruit. She walked with grace, and her beauty outshined many. She had grown her hair, making it reach her waist line, but she tied the end in a knot so it wouldn’t bother her. She was very fair, and her eyes was as beautiful as the sea. She had a determine look, but where could she be going. Oh yes… the temple

She walk up the temple with the fruit and fish, and call for the head monk. The head monk step out curious, ” what’s this now Kaurvaki ”

” I told you before, I want to help out as much as I can”

The monk sigh ” yes, but your a female you can’t joined in our activities”

Kaurvaki stubbornly cross’s her arm” when it comes to helping the poor, when has it ever matter what gender I am. You of all people should know that” she says

The young monks laugh, while the elders shush them. One elder spoke ” she has a point, besides she’s not harming anyone. Just let the girl do what ever she wants, after all she was your student”

The men sigh before agreeing, making Kaurvaki smile, she set up her stand and call the children and parents to come. It wasn’t long before their was a line. The younger monks asked if they could help her, but she told them they would have to ask their teacher, ” I have no problem, besides she owe me lunch ”

They all ran down happily to help her, one monk says ” she has changed a lot, the time we met her she was so broken. But now she’s at peace, she gives the people in this village hope. Her charity will not go unnoticed.” , her mentor says

It wasn’t long before she finish and head to the temple after cleaning herself to finally pray. She sang, making the monks close their eyes in union to listen to her tune. Once done she rang the Bell and left. They all said goodbye… while leaving she was stopped by children asking her to play with them. She thought about it before agreeing.

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  1. Awesome……

  2. Wonderful kanie
    waiting for the next one !!!!

  3. your ff is wpndreful. I just love it. But i am eagerly waiting for kaurwaki and akhok’s love. U r quite punctial in ypir ffs. Unlike many of them who just forget to write after a few episodes. Umm… But maybe they r just too busy.
    afterall i love your ffs. Just keep posting

  4. Excuse me Kanie, but i am still not able to understand that have 3 years passed simce ashoka devi marriage? I am not able to understand what u mean to say by “helena was seen in the jail and bindu starts trusting ashoka. ” Please explain.
    SORRY TO DISTURB U!! But i cannt help it. I’m a bit confused.

    hope u understand.

    1. Angelk1

      I’m happy that you enjoy my story. Yes i decided not to go into detail with what happend after sushim and ashok fight. Bindu found out helen is alive and she was the one plotting against him. So he decided to punish her by not killing her, but instead rot in jail. Bindu will use her later on, also bindu was angry with ashok in the ff..and didnt want anything to do with him or his mother.

      So over the years ashok prooved himeself to him earning his trust. Lasly this is where ashok and kaurvaki love will start and someone elses because i like that person as well, i dodnt go into detail with ashok and devi because we all know how they fell in love and this wasnt a asvi ff.

  5. Are burbak e kat hai be nonsense

    1. Angelk1

      What? I’m confuse … What are you trying to say?

  6. Hey kannie today’s episode was awesome..
    Well I would like to say I am late…as I was busy in some other work n wn I found u writing an ff I sat down took out time n read all the nine episode today itself…
    They are very good..
    Through I support @surya what he has commented in episode 6…

    I must say if the cas team would have showed what u wrote then probably the serial would have been a hit and all the devi n kaurwaki fans would have been equally happy…

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks zannat, i also agree with surya i was half asleep when i wrote that eps. I could have added more details filling the missing peice. But i had to sleep lol, i wish i was good with politics so i can write some in here, but sadly I’m not so you wont see much here.

      The next chapter will be the start of ashok and kaurvaki love, it wont be much about devi. Also thanks for reading:)

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