Ashwaki -dangerous love -Eps 8

Precap: ashok parts with kaurvaki only to marry devi. Kaurvaki hurt was taken to the healing chamber while dharma had a dream of something bad happening in patna.

week past and Kaurvaki was starting to recover. Everyone was happy especially the guards. They love their princess, and she showed them with so much kindness. Jaganathan. Had to keep making excuses for the prince from another kingdom. The prince was getting irratated. He walk down the hall to go to the garden, when he saw Kaurvaki practicing, he was mesmerized by her beauty. He walk to her clearing his voice, making her turn, pointing her sword near his throat ” who are you?”

” your fiance of course” the men says cockily

Kaurvaki almost drop her sword “I don’t remeber agreeing to marry”

” well your father had reach to me long ago. Don’t worry I will shower you with many things. And once we’re married, you won’t need to do this anymore.a female as fragile like yourself shouldn’t touch a sword. Its unlady like” he says

Bel who was watching shook her head. Kaurvaki turn her back on him and walk to grab her bow and arrow ” would you like to play with me, prince”, the prince nod, saying he has a little time. Kaurvaki nod, she told him to stand still, and told bell to put an apple on his head. The prince confuse laugh ” this game is old, anyone can do it” he says

Kaurvaki grab the bow and errow, ” your right, it is. Thats why I should make it interesting ” , she puts the errow in the fire and prepare herself. The prince suddenly starts to panick , ” w-what are you doing?”

” im playing a game” she says smartly

” this is not right”

” you shouldnt worry about me hurting you, since im so fragile”she says. The men prosted, but kaurvaki told him to stay still. He kept shaking out of nervousness the whole time. She finally let the errow go making it zoom pass her and hit the apple, scaring the prince. bel laugh while kaurvaki walk closer . ” the difference between me and you is, even though im a girl, my determination and will is strong. And your not, your weak… your just a spoil prince whose never faught in his entire life.”

She touch his hand making him blush, before saying ” you re as fragile as a baby bottom. If anyone should marry me, it should be someone who i can call my equal, whose hands as rough as a rock showing how much he worked , not afraid to do something dangerous. some one that wont back down, even when entering hell. That is someone i will acknowledge as my husband. Do you think you have that, prince” she says

The prince, held his breath at her stare. He almost peed on himself, but luckily one of his butler arrive calling him. He quickly made an excuse an leave. Bel told kaurvaki she was a little harsh on him , kaurvaki pick up the errow ” i was just stating a fact, if he thinks i was trying to be mean, then let him think that”

The prince after calming down. Angrily yells ” that good for nothi ng girl, how dare she insult me” he says, he was thinking of going back their and showing her whose boss when he heard a voice. ” sir, I did what you asked”

” perfect”

The men look at the book and scan through it. What he found was a surprise . ” is this true?”
” yes sir, theirs no record”

The prince smile before marching to jagannath office.

Meanwhile, ashok was on his horse heading home. He had his arm wrapped around Devi. When he arrive everyone was calling his name. He was surprise at how dead they all look. Ashok wonder what’s going on, when he reached his house he was surprise. He quickly puts Devi down and step down. He ran to where his house use to be before calling for his mom and brother. The people sadly surround him… they told ashok what happens, and he fell to the floor in shock. He told them it must be a lie, his mom and brother are alive.

One men tried counseling him, he told ashok the fire was to much… no one would be able to survive that. Ashok squeeze the men hand out of anger, saying his lying. Devi told him to let the men go, but ashok refuse. The men scream while shaking, he was afraid for his life. ” ASHOKE!!… let him go” the voice said

He turn surprise to see Acharya, he was about to question him when he saw his brother in his arm sleeping. Ashok with tears let the men go. He walk over to touch his brother, but he was afraid, he look at Acharya for answer and he nod letting him know vit was alive. Ashok let the tears come out, letting it fall on vit face. after calming down, ashok asks if his mom with him, acharya looks away. Ashok asks again, a little louder and out of anger, but acharya refuse to look him in the eyes. ” who is is?” He asks upset

” sushim” ” he has dharma, and is expecting you to show up”

Ashok gasp, before bolding his fist.He says, he will kill Sushim, because now he won’t spare him. They will continue where they left off, and this time his blood will spill on this earth. Devi told him, it s a trap, and he should find another way to save dharma, ashok ignores her, and told Acharya to look after them. He went on his horse heading to his motherland.

“We should stop him!!”

” no, the time has come for ashok to go back to his motherland. To take the thrown” , he told devi to come before taking her to his hideout.

Elsewhere, the prince walk to jaganathan office smugly. Jaganathan raise a brow asking what was wrong. The prince throw the paper on the desk. ” whats wrong you say… you lied to us, you told us i would be marrying the princess of kalinga, not a commoner”

Jaganathan quickly got out his chair ” how do you know about this” he says

” i have my sources, i was curious about my fiance so i did some research. She has no record of her birth… and shes not even in the royal list. You think by marrying me, she will get a title, your wrong. Some one that has no royal blood or title will never be accepted in our palace” he says, jaganathan was about to say something when they heard a noise.

They turn to see kaurvaki by the door shock ” what did you just say?!” She says

Jaganathan tried talking to her, but she asks him if it was true. He was about to denie it when she yell, telling him to speak. Jagannathan sigh before telling her everything. Shock, destroyed she turn to leave. ” kaurvaki …wait!!”

She ran until she made it to her room. Their she cried , she realize everything was falling apart. First ashok, and now her so call parents. ” who am I the end?… I feel like I don’t belong anywhere ” she says remiscing all the time in the palace. She dried her tears and pack her things. Thats how Bel saw her. Confuse she asks where she was going, Kaurvaki told her not to bother her. She says she can stop serving her now because she’s not of royal blood.

” what are you saying, your dad is the king an-”

” No Bel!!… all that is a lie, this happy life I was living in was a sham, I am nothing more then a commoner”

Bel shook her head” your wrong, you are still Kaurvaki the bravest girl I know. My friend, and the one I will serve for the rest of my life”

Kaurvaki turn the other way, so she wouldn’t cry. She grab her things and apologized before leaving. Bel cries, she ran after her telling her to stop, but she didn’t listen. Jagannathan hearing Kaurvaki name, step out to see Bel crying. He asked her what happend, and she explain it to him. He frown before calling his guards to find Kaurvaki and bring her back. Before he left himself to search for her, ” my child” her mom cried before fainting

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