Ashwaki -dangerous love -Eps 7


Last time : ashok and kaurvaki escape nirankush palace while trying to get back home. Ashok helps an injured kaurvaki while dharma arrange devi and ashok marriage.

They silently walk, not saying anything to one another, before they reach a small village. ” well this is it” he says

Kaurvaki nod ” thank you for your help”

” same here, and I’m sorry for being rough on you ”

” it’s fine, I guess it was my fault ” she says leaning her weight on one foot

Ashok smile ” it was mine ”

They both we’re looking for something to say, just so they wouldn’t leave. It was weird, they just met and yet, their soul was calling for each other. This time it was Kaurvaki who turn to walk away, ashok watch her go before turning himself. Neither looking back.

When ashok arrive home he saw vit outside. He ran to ashok while crying, soon Dharma came down, follow by Devi. They bombed him with question, but ashok just ressures them that everything is fine now. ” she did keep her word” vit smirk

” who… vit?”

” karubaki, I helped her save the kids nirankush held captive”

” so that’s why she was there” he thought, Devi was a little jealous ” we had no words of you, or how to reach you, but you we’re with some girl.”

” it wasn’t like that Devi, she saved me, and she became injured holding us back from going home” he reasons

Devi pouts, before sighing. ” don’t be jealous devi-di, ashok love you a lot, besides she was in disguise, so we couldn’t see her face. She’s probably not as pretty as you ”

Devi smile before pinching vit cheeks, Dharma told them to come inside because tomorrow they will get married. Ashok was taken back, ” we just confess not to long ago, why marriage now”

Dharma says ” if you love someone so much wouldn’t you want to be with that person, as much as you can. You can go to war at anytime, and die. Regretting the fact that you forgot to marry the girl you love. Would you like that ashok?” ” does your soul cry to be with that person??”

Ashok thought about it, he remember Kaurvaki, but he brush it aside. Then he remember when he watch the lady walk away. How his soul pang, and long to be with her. He look at Devi, and felt that pang, but it wasn’t the same. ” yes It does”

” good then sleep, tomorrow we will marry you to Devi”

Ashok told himself to stop thinking about kaurvaki, he says he hasn’t seen her in years, she is his past and Devi is now his present. He stare at Devi while she and his mom talk about the ceremony. ” yes, she will be a good companion for me”

Elsewhere, Kaurvaki is searching for her friend, when she nottice Bela asking people for her. She turn when she spotted Kaurvaki. ” kaurvi!! ” ” your alive ”

” of course, why wouldn’t I be?”

” that’s good” Bel says before hugging her, Kaurvaki told her she needs to change, Bel gave her the change of clothes before going somewhere private. While changing she wince, when she accidently twist her side. She stop when recalling ashok wrapping the sash around her.

Shaking her head, she quickly puts the clothes on and walk out. They walk for a while before stopping to rest. It wasn’t long before they saw a little girl and boy begging for money. Some guards taunt them and hit them. The boy defends his sister, by taking the hit. Some commoner whisper, while others ignore while being afraid. Kaurvaki, got up and walk to the two, she bends down and pat the little girl. ” the world can be very cruel even to children, that’s why you shouldn’t cry. This is a life lesson, that will make you and your brother strong ”

She took out some money and hand it to them, ” use it and learn from it” she says before turning to leave. Bel smile at Kaurvaki, even though she looks mean, she is very nice. Shes proud to be serving her, and walking beside her.

The next day, everyone was at the temple, the family decided to do a small ceremony because they didn’t want ashok enemies to find out. Ashok and Devi listen to the priest before doing exactly what he said. Dharma smile, seeing this. Ashok and Devi got up and start doing the rounds. When they reach the last one, everyone cheered for them. Vit, ran and hug them, while Dharma walk over to them. Devi took her blessing, so did ashok. For some reason he felt lost, but he ignored the feeling.

Meanwhile, Bel and Kaurvaki finally made it. All that walking paid off. Bel turn to Kaurvaki to tell her, something . .. when she nottice how sweaty and out of breath she was. She was about to ask if she was OK, when she fainted. Bel scream causing the guards to run to her. They saw Kaurvaki and quickly took her inside, to the healing chamber.

Jaganathan asks what happen, and Bela retold everything. Kaurvaki mom cries. She told jagannathan This would happen. She says why didn’t you make me raise her normally. She could have lived in peace without fighting, and get married. Jagannathan. Says ” you know as well as I do that our daughter is a trouble magnet, trouble will always find her, but that will make her strong.”

Kaurvaki mom frown, she says ” what will we do about the prince, his waiting to meet her”

” he will just have to wait until she’s healed ”

Her mom sigh before watching the healer work her magic. Once done, she sat by her side and hold her hand.

Meanwhile Dharma was in her room when she had a dream, she was back at the palace, she could see charu doing black magic, and bindu lying on the bed, lifeless. She could hear Sushim taunt and charu laughter. She could see Sushim sitting on the thrown. She gasp awake ” no, this can’t happen” she says

She got up, and walk to get water. When suddenly someone knocked, she asks who it was, and the voice answered. She sigh with relief before opening. ” what are you doing here so late?” She says

” I’m here to tell you that the time has come, for ashok to go back. To save his land and become the king” Dharma frown, she says ashok just got married, let him enjoy his honey moon, and then we will tell him.” She looks at acharya ” I don’t want him to go back, I want him to live a life where he won’t have to change. , but I know it’s inevitable ”

Acharya says ” you can’t always protect him from what is ment to happen. All you can do is give him strength to make it alive”

Dharma nod sadly, she said her goodbyes to him before closing the door. She was about to head to bed when she heard a knock. She figure it was Acharya again, but she was wrong. The person smile and grab her by the neck squeezing it until, she was unconsious, ” ashok will have no choice, but to come and find me” he says

Telling his guard to drag her, he step out and told his guard to set the house on fire, before leaving. Unaware of vit, sound asleep. It wasn’t long before someone walking by quickly call for help, everyone gathered calling for chand, but he was no where in sight. Acharya quickly ran inside avoiding the fire, he walk to the rooms and found vit, unconsious. He quickly ran out before the house collapse. He shook vit, but he wouldn’t wake up, he check his pulse and sigh with relief.

While walking he saw a patriputra badge, ” so someone from the palace is behind this, it had to be sushima” he says

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