Ashwaki -dangerous love -Eps 6


Precap- ashok and Kaurvaki end up in nirankush palace. Kaurvaki while searching for the kids met up with vit who decides to help them rescue them. Ashok on the other hand is scene fighting nirankush, while Dharma talk with Devi about marriage with ashok.

Ashok is scene fighting nirankush, both parties, at each other throats. ” you are very skilled to be a commoner chand… or should I say ashok” he says

Both parties we’re to busy with one another to notice the fire surrounding them. ” a commoner can become something far greater then the average ruler. And it’s this commoner that will end your life today.” He says before dancing past nirankush swing, and land a heavy blow behind the knee with the arming sword to Pierce his skin. , nirankush scream in pain while holding his knee with one arm.

” that was just a small taste, I will send you to the ground along with Sushim” he says before swinging his sword up in the air, making it go ” Whoosh” ” Whoosh!!” Nirankush urse under his breath, he tried to bare the pain. He could feel his wrist vibrating, while along with his sword as he block ashok attack. He could feel his knee buckling, while trying to push back ashok sword. Suddenly his knee crack, making him scream, and get down on both knee.

He knew this was it, he could see the fire blazing, while getting higher and higher, he tried to plead with ashok, to make a bargain with him. But all ashok saw was red ” today no one will stop me, as I ashok will punish you” nirankush in fear almost peed on himself, he watch as the blade slice through his side, cutting him in half. He fall down, while taking his last breath.

The fire was now getting dangerous. Ashok quickly look for an ascape, suddenly he heard a shout. He turn to see one of nirankush guard throwing water. The person calls him over quickly before the palace collapse on them. Ashok a little skeptic follow the person. He cover his mouth when he inhale the smoke, and ran through the jungle. Once they we’re clear, they both couph inhaling clear air.

Ashok look at the person before raising his sword ” tum kaun ho?” , the person look up frowning ” is this what I get after saving your life”

Ashok laugh ” I was perfectly fine, besides I could have gotten out alive”

The person stand up, ” right, if I had known you we’re like this, I would have left you their to die. But your lucky I have a conscious ”

Ashok frown, he obviously didn’t like this person. Especially the way he/ she talks to him. The feeling was mutual, kaurvaki. Was wondering how a boy like vit can have a brother like him. She observe him from the corner of her eyes before mumbling something not so pleasant. She sigh before shifting her foot to walk, ashok follows. Kaurvaki asks him why he’s following her.

Ashok put his sword back before telling her it’s a one way road up ahead. He walk ahead of her so she wouldn’t think she’s in charge, Kaurvaki seeing this, now took the lead. Ashok frown, and walk even faster, ” it’s better for you to follow so you won’t get lost”

” and you won’t?!”

Ashok half smirk ” I know this jungle better then you”

Kaurvaki was now irritated, she saw a mud puddle up ahead she was about to warn him when he jump over it. She says while mumbling, ” show off”, she quicken her step, but cried when the pain hits her. Ashok stops and turn back ” are you OK?!”

Kaurvaki nods, and told him to keep walking. Ashok was about to, but stop when he saw blood dripping. ” your wounded?”

” it’s nothing” she says brushing it off ” are we almost there?”

Ashok told her, they could be if they run. Kaurvaki nod, before getting ready to run… ashok told her she won’t be able to run, he told her to get on his back. Which she plainly refuse, ” look, if you want to get out of here alive then compromise with me”

Kaurvaki clearly showed how she wasn’t happy. Ashok got down on his knees, and she climb on his back. While doing so she had a flashback, when her ashok did the same thing before carrying her bridal style. She quickly erase that from her thought, and touch his shoulder. Both of them felt some type of electric shock, but neither comment on it.

When ashok lift her he was surprise at how light she was. He stood up and start running. She was shock at his speed, it wasn’t long before they reach the one road. But Kaurvaki wasn’t feeling to good. She told ashok to put her down when she saw a waterfall. He wasn’t to gentle while putting her down, he practically drop her on the floor.

Kaurvaki glare at him ” my brother could be anywhere, even in danger, while your here, wasting my time.”

” then go” she says loosen energy ” I don’t need someone with no compation to help me”

Ashok angrily snorted ” uncompationet, says the person whose ungrateful ”

Now Kaurvaki was heated ” I Saved Your Life, instead of a thank you. I get a cocky attitude ”

” for the last time, I was capable of handling myself. I didn’t ask you to save me. I shouldn’t even be helping someone who hides himself in a mask” he says

” fine, G-” she never finished before fainting. Ashok turn around when he heard a “Thump!” , he quickly knelt down and shake the person shoulder ” excuse me…hey you OK…wake up?!!” It was no use, Kaurvaki wouldn’t wake up. Ashok touch her forehead and realise it was burning up. He quickly pick her up and took her near the waterfall. He lay her down and rip his sash and wet it. He squeeze the water and came back putting it on her forehead, he look at the sky to see it getting dark, he hope his brother was doing fine.

He stares at Kaurvaki, wondering if he should remove the mask so she could breath more easier, but refrain from doing so. He saw her shiver, making ashok search for a stick and rocks. ” we said a lot of harsh words earlier, and yet I’m here helping you recover” he says

After he created fire he decides to keep watch. While thinking of his family, and Devi. Being away from her, he realize he love her too. He smile thinking about it, ” this was the same feeling I had with Kaurvaki, but back then I thought it was because we became really good friends. I didn’t have a name for this feeling, now I know.

” Kaurvaki.. I wonder where you are now, and what your doing… do you still hate me, or forgive me for what I did” he says looking at the stars.

The next day Kaurvaki woke up to see ashok, turning of the fire. She was feeling a bit better. Her wounds still not close. ” you should wash that and tie something on it” he says

Kaurvaki asks if he staid up all night, he nods. She thank him before heading to the fall with clothes on. Ashok was bout to protest about it, but stop when he saw her in the middle of the water. She lift her hand to capture the water falling, but stop when she realize how heavy it’s making her uniform. She wash the wound and was about to get out when ashok says ” your a girl!! ”

Kaurvaki blush, ” isn’t it obvious ”

” no, with you wearing that outfit, you look like a men. ”

Kaurvaki smirk ” a small child can tell I was a girl, but a men as yourself couldn’t even tell. ”

Ashok blush in embarrassement. He watch as she walk by him, her curves showing through the clothes. It was perfect in every way, ashok quickly shook his head before gathering his stuff ” we should leave now, since your feeling better”

Kaurvaki nod, she quickly grab the sash that ashok gave her and starts to tie it around her waist, but she cried when the pain hits her and the blood starting resurfacing. Ashok seeing her struggling walk behind her, grabbing the bandage to wrap it. Kaurvaki stop moving when she felt his body heat. Her whole body was on fire, ” what are you doing? ”

” isn’t it obvious, I’m trying to help you so I can leave”

.” I don’t need your help” she mumbles

Ashok unconsiously move closer, he told her to stop being stubborn. Before tying it, when his hands would accidently touch her skin, she would blush. She could hear her heart beat, which made her frown. Once he tie it, she quickly turn around, clumsily twisting her foot, making her head hit ashok chest. She shly blush, while lecturing herself. What is wrong with you kauri, your usually never clumsy, why now. These feelings shouldn’t ressurace. I had lock it up ten years ago, until I see ashok again.

” are you alright” he says feeling a jolt through his whole body. She look up at him, her face still being covered. Ashok look down at her mesmerized by her eyes. They stared at each other for a minute,.but it felt Iike eternity. ( o priyathom could be heard playing)

Kaurvaki was the first to snap out of it before she did something she would regret. She remove herself and told him, they should hurry up. Which ashok gladly comply.

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  1. Nice…

  2. Angel pls update next epi eagerly waiting for it..plzz

  3. Angel I am a silent reader of ur fan fiction…. N I love it..
    But sorry to say in today’s episode their were many lagging such as…
    1. When ashok was thinking to escape from the palace.. He should have thought to find he had told him to hide somewhere in the palace n he doesn’t know DAT kvk had already took him out… N as the palace was burning.. So he must be concerned about his little brother than fighting with talks with an unknown..

    2. Dharma should be worried as vit n ashok had not returned.. N Devi their must be pacifying her instead u told that in such a situation a mother Will go near a girl taking the marriage proposal of his son happily who has still not returned n had gone to fight with the powerful prantpal of Ujjain..

    3. Even if dharma knows that her son will not lose but still he can be wounded dn why to fix his marriage without asking him n that to be tomorrow when she knows ashok still loves kvk

    4. Ashok dropped kvk on the floor even if he knew she was badly injured…
    Ashok never does that to anyone…

    I really appreciate ur writing n I wrote these lagging so that u can write better next time with no loop whole…

  4. Thanks for reading. And i agree i could have made ashok turn back for his brother and kaurvaki ressures him. I could have also made dharma worried for ashok and vit safety instead of marriage , but i was half asleep lol. Also ashok is the same from the show, day by day he will become cruel. Kaurvaki just have a way to irk ashok so in anger he drop her not knowing shes a women. Also dharma cant read ashok like she usually do. He has made sure of that over the years. Thats why she doesnt know if ashok still love Kaurvaki. So when she saw ashok guard down around devi she saw the love there.

    Keep telling me what I’m lagging so in the future i can fix it. And thanks for reading my crazy idea πŸ™‚

    1. I ment isnt the same

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