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Here’s another chapter, it’s getting to the part where ashok will fight Sushim soon.

Ashok is scene heading to kumbh mela after founding out that Sushim is coming with his father. He was angry, his blood was running. When he arrive he saw bindu on his horse holding charu hand. Everyone surprise wonder what’s going on. He watch as bindu step down and asks for sushim to do the same. Bindu look at his people, imagining little ashok being in the crowed. Yes bibdu is angry, but he felt guilty as a human being for sending him away from his mother land. He hope he can make amand with charu. ” my people, i am truly sorry for what my son sushim has done. he is apologetic as well, that is why he is here before you to seek your forgivness.

Ashok covering his head, angrily glares at Sushim. His blood was boiling calling for blood. He was ready to step out of the crowd when a hand stops him, surprise he calm down. And the person shook his head telling him not to do it. So ashok turns back to listen ” my father is right. I should have spoken to you all first before making the decision. It won’t happen again.” He gritted

He hesitately, bend down asking for their forgiveness. When he didn’t receive any, he turned red out of embarrassment, making ashok smirk. Charu told Sushim to stand up, which he was glad to do. After that bibdu decides to make one more announcement. He held Charu hand, looking in her eyes. ” it’s been ten years, but my wife char, has blessed me with another child. Their will be a celebration going on for this tonight. It would be me and my son Sushim pleasure to invite you all.”

After the so call announcement, sushim scan for ashok, when he didnt see him . He turn back to his carriage, and galop away. ashok angrily went home. He stomps in out of anger and slam the door. He walk in to see his mom in the corner crying, he soften before going to her ” you must have heard too” he says ” don’t cry for those people mother, I will make sure they pay for those tears.”

Dharma shook her head. She told him, she wasn’t crying because of bindu, she says she knew this would happen, after all she is bindu first wife. She says “nirankush has kidnapped your brother, to lure you. please ashok bring him back in one peace!” She cries

Ashok look at his mother hand on his shoulder ” why the show of love mother, you should know by now that even without you asking me, I would have brought vit back without harm.”

Dharma says ” you are living with so much anger and hatred that you can’t even see the love in your own mothers angry words. Or is it you just don’t want to see it”

” if preventing me from killing my enemy is showing how much you care, then I guess I’m not the insane one here” when he said this Dharma was shock, Acharya calls ashok name, telling him to see reasoning, but ashok was just to angry. He was pissed that Sushim got away once again, and now his brother was taken without his notice. He sigh before apoligizing. To his mom, he says ” we have learnt only one thing from one another, and that is to hide our pain from each other. If you could see , then you would have understand how tiered I am, but it doesn’t matter now. I will save vit, but not because you requested it, but because his my brother”

Ashok, turn to the door before angrily calls nirankush name, ” I won’t spare you for taking my brother and harrassing my family ” he says

Meanwhile, Kaurvaki woke up, tierd, and sweaty. She stood up while thinking about the children, Bela told her to rest and heal before going to help. ” I’ve rest long enough, while those boys are crying for help”; she stood up with the help of the tree, Bela didn’t like that she’s ignoring her health, she tried convincing her to do it tomorrow, but Kaurvaki stops her, telling her this is the perfect time. .. to let them ascape.she told Bela if she doesn’t want to Come, she can go back to kalinga without her.

Bela shook her head while watching Kaurvaki putting her sword back on. When she start to walk, she ran after her. It wasn’t long before they reach the palace. They could see guards lined up. Bela says how will they get in. She turn to look at Kaurvaki to see her stepping out and using her female charm to attract one of the guards. Once he was near the bushes, she knock him unconscious, and stole his clothes. ” she never listens to me, I swear one day she will get herself killed ” she says

” what was that?”

Bel jump and turn around, she was about to say it was nothing when she saw Kaurvaki outfit choice. She giggle irking Kaurvaki. She through the outfit in her face, making her stop laughing before telling her to hurry up. It wasn’t long before they we’re in the palace searching for the young boys. they hide seeing guards running. They wonder what’s going on.

Turns out ashok had save vit, and was fighting with nirankush, after seeing the wound he infelected on his brother. Everyone could agree that nirankush was a men who talks big, because right at this moment. Ashok was killing every soldier he tells to kill him. Ashok was far lost to care. He remember telling vit to hide somewhere, because he doesn’t want him to see what will happen. He had left vit on the stairs, he just hope he didn’t disappear.

While Kaurvaki and Bel search for the missing boys… they heard noises somewhere, and it led them to a door leading downstairs. They look at one another before going down, their they saw a young boy, bored. ” who are you?”

” I can’t tell you my name, you could be an enemy?” He says

” my name is karubaki ” she says, making vit pout. He says in head, now I will have to tell her my name… but maybe I don’t. She could be an enemy to bhai.

” I still won’t tell you my name” he says proudly

” I never asked”

” you didn’t, but you we’re trying to trick me” he says

Kaurvaki smile ” smart boy” she says

” how would you like to help me find, some kids down here” she says

” I don’t know… bhai told me not to leave this place”

” suit yourself then, Bel let’s hurry” she says

They both walk away searching, while vit contemplate. It wasn’t long before he decides to help them. They search until they found the boys crying for help. They saw some guards keeping guard, this made them stop. Kaurvaki told them to find the key while she distract them. They watch as she throw something grabbing the guards attention, before running away. The guards chase after her, disappearing from the area. Bel and vit nod before searching for the key. When they found it, they unlock the doors and told them to ascape.

Kaurvaki came back injured. She told Bel she is fine, and said she has put gas all over the palace, they should leave quickly before the fire catches them. Vit says he can’t leave without his bhai. Kaurvaki told him she will find him, and told Bel to take him away. Vit was about to protest, but Bel ressures him.

Elsewhere, Devi was at the temple studying medicine. She couldn’t concentrate because she was thinking about ashok. She hasn’t scene him all day. ” hello Devi?”

She turn to see ashok mother, quickly she got up and respectfully greet her. ” ah… hello!?” She says flustered

Dharma smile ” how is your studying?!”

” it’s OK, I’m learning some new healing herbs that can help countering poisen” , Dharma smile before their was a long pause ” look Devi, I notice you and my son chand have been getting close. And with your father concent I would like you and chand to get married.”

” What!!!?” She scream, standing up while knocking over her book. She quickly apologize before Dharma help her pick up her book. She smile when she saw her son name on her notes ” seeing this, I guess that’s a yes” she says making her blush

” I would love to marry chand, I already see him as someone I would be with my whole life so yes”

” good because you will marry him tomorrow ” , when she said this Devi was surprise ” me and ashok forever” she mumbles

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