Ashwaki – dangerous love – Eps 47


Precap: ashok conspire against Sushim and killed all his supporters. While rejecting Kaurvaki baby.

When sushim heard the news he was furious. He remember coming back from Patna after the guards told him his mother needs him. He was even more surprise when his mother told him the council used him to make ashok king. While galloping he told his guards to find ashok an kill him. He says the council and ashok shouldn’t be far.

But how wrong was sushim. Ashok and the council we’re on the other side almost to the palace. Ashok suddenly stops them, he told his soldiers to protect the council. Which they did. Ashok looking at the other soldiers says “why is it you are here pointing swords at your new king.”

One brave soldier says ” you are no king of ours, but instead an imposter. ”

Ashok raise a brow in amusment. ” so you will defy me”

” we will do anything for sushim”

Ashok smirk ” then you will go to he’ll with sushim. Before the men had time to register what ashok ment, ashok unshed his sword and killed the soldier. Blood splattered on his wasn’t long before a small battle broke out. As ashok battles, his clothes we’re smeared in blood, so was his face. When the battle ended ashok and the council walk away.

Ashok was now alert while walk. Dragging the blood cover sword with him. Every step he took, soldiers would attack. Ashok would kill them all. When he reach the palace, and was going inside sushim and charu arrived. ” Ashok!” He screams

Ashok turn around, amused ” brother, how may I help you”

” you thief. You did this, plan everything so I wouldn’t become king”

” didn’t I made it clear before that I would fulfil my guru dream”

Sushim out of anger unshed his sword to attack ashok, but the soldiers stop him. Charu calls Sushim and told him to calm down. She says right now their out numbered, but they will get their chance later. She look at ashok with so much hatred. ” you betrayed us, and stole my sons right” she said looking at ashok an the council ” fine, you just made an enemy out of us. Mark my words, you all will pay, but first I will remove the alliance I had made.”

Some of the council gasp. Charu turn around and grab Sushim before they left. Acharya says if Charu removes those alliances, then half of our trades will be gone. Ashok told him they will get it back and make a better offer then she did.

The next day arrive, it was time for ashok to meet the people. Everyone was anxious to know who the new king was. Sushim and his mother had hire some people to cause a scene at the meeting. To stir trouble. When ashok came out, everyone was shock. Some called him chand. While others we’re smiling. When they announce ashok as king some people started question him ” how is this possible? You are not fit to be king”

” this must be a joke” another shout from the crowd

” we are all doom”

” his not even royalty, how is he king. I will not accept someone that’s not royal as my king ”

The crowd started thinking about that. It wasn’t long before they all started booing ashok. Calling him fake and other mean names. Ashok anger was building up. Acharya told him to calm down. ” the people that started this, find them an capture them.” He says before turning around to leave.

Meanwhile, charuvaki was having more nightmares, well it wasn’t nightmares just memories.


While in kalinga, ashok took kaurwaki on a boat ride. They we’re staring at one another with so much love. Ashok?!” She hesitate

” hmm”

” if I we’re to ever leave, would you stop me”

Ashok stops rowing ” of course. I won’t be able to think straight if you weren’t around”

” so how did you managed all these years?”

” I don’t know” he says

She gasp when she saw the sunset. And stood up. She smile an starts to sing. Ashok smile while enjoying the cool breeze. He wish this day could last forever. He open his eyes when she stopped, and stood up. Kaurvaki told him they will fall. Ashok ignored her. He got up to hold her, but the boat shake causing them to fall. When they reach the surface, Kaurvaki glared at Ashok. Ashok starts laughing. ” you think this is funny ”

” yes”

Kaurvaki attacks him, causing them to role around on the ground. Kaurvaki on top grab his shirt ” do you know how cold it is”

When ashok said nothing she shook him. He wrap his arm around her, surprising her. ” are you better now”

” what?”

” earlier you we’re sad about your parents. I wanted to make sure you were ok”

Kaurvaki eyes soften ” were you trying to cheer me up ?”

Ashok blush ” yes”

Kaurvaki smile and kiss his cheeks. Ashok says thats all i get, what about here, she blush seeing where ashok points. She says people will see them. Ashok told her, he renovated the place just for them. He says he will call this their honeymoon. He flips her around, now he was on top. He remove the hair from her neck, and kiss her shoulder. Kaurvaki blush, ” ashok” she mumbles

Ashok pulls her saree down to her arm. And held both of her hands above her head. ” when I become king. Will you stay in the castle with me?”

Kaurvaki says ” if I do, will I be your main queen”

” main queen?”

” yes, I know you will have plenty wife’s just like your father. But I want to be ressured. That I will always have your heart and attention ”

Ashok smile ” you already have it. That won’t change ”

” good, then I will stay with you when you become king. ”

They both smile at one another. Ashok moves in for a kiss, and they both lock in each other mouth. Enjoying the moment.

End of flashback

Charuvaki woke up, sweating. She was shaking in the room. She remember the dream clearly. ” why am I there with chand? Were we really together? If that’s true then he really was telling the truth. Maybe I am this Kaurvaki person.

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