Ashwaki – dangerous love – Eps 46


Precap: while ashok and his troops we’re on their way, kaurwaki fainted. Later on he found out the reason why was because she was pregnant.

” pregnant? ” ashok says happy, he was over joy. He asks chanda if she was sure, chanda nod. He sat by kaurwaki side, thinking of the times they got intimate., but that was soon over when he recall kaurwaki getting hit by the arrow, and him thinking she was dead. He quickly got up, backing away.

Chanda asks ashok what was wrong, ashok still watching kaurwaki says ” she was shot seven month ago, and I haven’t touched her ever since. How is it she’s pregnant? ”

Chanda stare at kaurwaki stiring. She watch as kaurwaki, open her eyes and look around before panicking. She quickly, grab her dagger from her dress and ask who they we’re. Chanda looks at ashok.

” she has lost her memories? ”

Chanda gasp. She look at her student before asking her to calm down. Charuvaki didn’t want to at first, but did anyway . ” why am I hear?, and who are you?”

Ashok seeing her so calm remember what Chanda says. He grab his sword and points it at her throat. This surprise her. ” w-what are you doing?” She asks

Ashok still glaring says ” I showers you with my love, I tried making you happy, but in return you betrayed me.”

Charuvaki shiver ” i-i ddont know what your talking about.”

Acharya told ashok to calm down. Chanda stood up, shouting ” if you hurt my student ashok, you will pay dearly”

Ashok ignores them and continue to stare at charuvaki. Angry, betrayal and confusion we’re all mixed in there. he suddenly remember her in the haram, he neared the sword closer to her neck,” you cheated me… and you expect me to believe this child, that could be any men’s is mine.” Ashok shook his head, he remove his sword and puts it back.

Charuvaki was shock. ” pregnant? How am I pregnant? ” , she look at her stomach and suddenly had a flash back.


Charuvaki was laying on the bed half unconsious. She was turning around in pain. She heard voices speaking saying she’s in a critical condition. She heard another voice gasp. The calmer voice says ” both mother and child could die, but we may have a chance to save one of them. Looking at her stomach, she’s not showing. ”

Charuvaki, scream when she felt an arrow taking out. The calmer voice says I can give her herbs to kill the child. When she said this the other women rejects the idea. The calmer women says ” or I can get my sister who does black magic to stop the child from growing until the mother is healthy and makes contact with the father.”

The other lady didn’t like the idea of black magic, but she felt really sad for the girl, so she agreed. And so they took her to the sister and she perform her magic. Once done, they put her on the cart, taking her with them when the wheel on the cart starts to shake. And it soon came off, rolling. They chase after it, and stop when the cart stop near the haram.

They watch as a women came out surprise to see Charuvaki. Bleeding still. They quickly took her in and close the door.

End of flashback

Charuvaki says in head that probably explain the voices I heard back then. She snap out of it, when ashok move back. She look up, and ok could see how frustrated she was. Ashok turn his back to her, Chanda asks where he was going. ” I don’t want to be near this women. A who’re can never be the mother of my child.”

” ashok!” Chanda says

Charuvaki for some reason was hurt by this. Her heart was breaken by his words. Ashok says he hates to do this, but if she wants to be with him then she will kill that baby, but if not then they have no relation.

He walk out the door follow by acharya. Helen says ” it’s better this way, after all he has a wife and a child. Don’t live in a fantasy world like I did or You will be left behind too.”

Chanda eyes widen. This was the first time she heard this. She look at Charuvaki who had tears in her eyes. She says she didn’t know why his words affect her so much, but it hurts. Chanda told her to calm down she will help her.

Helen left the house. She heard acharya telling ashok to clear his mind because they need him. Ashok hits a tree out of anger and falls on the floor crying. Acharya explains everything to him, and asks for his help. Ashok quiet look at the sky, before deciding. ” charu and sushim are probably going to try talk to the council again. I need half of my supporters there. To pretend to think about sushim being the king.

They I’ll request something from sushim, and send him far, while my soldiers kill the 2/3 councils that support sushim. Ashok smirk evilly.

And so everything went according to ashok plan. Sushim did try speaking to them. His other brothers back him up. They told him to stop a small war going on in one of the village. If he does then he will be king. Charu didn’t like this. She was suspicious, but sushim ressures her. And so sushim left Patna just like they wanted. That night ashok killed all the council with the help of his man’s.

Once done, he gathered all the council. While he goes home to wash. Devi was surprise seeing him. She hugs him saying she thought he died. Ashok told her he was fine. ” where you going?”

” I have business To attend ”

Devi was about to tell him about their daughter, but ashik left the house. She frown, she wonder if ashok will ever have time for his family.

It wasn’t long before ashok was at the temple. Every council was gathered. The sky was heavy, but no one paid attention. The priest starts the preparation. And ashok repeats after him, acharya guides ashok.


Charu while walking in the palace, saw the third since uncle. He s bleeding very badly. She asks him what’s going on and where’s everyone. He says ashok… he killed all of the councils. Charu surprise asks him why ” I don’t know?”

” does it have something to do with bindu choice?”

The council men thought about it. He gasp ” their planning on making ashok the king, that’s why they send sushim away.” He says couphing Blood.

Charu asks him who did bindu appointed as the next king. The men holding his death knew his time was up ” s-s-u-s-h-i-m” he finish before dying. Charu angry quickly calls the guard. She told them to hurry and bring sushim. She says she won’t let them take her sons right.

But it was already to late, as ashok took his last vowel, sushim arrived. Ashok was announced king, the council cheered or him. Ashok smirk, while walking down the stairs, heading to the palace.

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