Ashwaki – dangerous love – Eps 45


Precap: ashok and Charuvaki, get into another fight, causing her to lock the door on him. Devi gives birth to a girl, and charu starts to take command.

Acharya met helan , helan asks if bindu Was really dead. Acharya nod. Helen broke down crying. Acharya says the council’s are planning on making sushim king. He says he needs Her help. Helen told him she has no power, bindu took that rights from her.

” half of the council has connection with you. Maybe you can convince them to give the throne to ashok.”

” it’s not that easy acharya, I will have to give them a reason why ashok deserve the throne. With the way ashok is doing things, it won’t be easy.” She says

” you can try.” He says

” what will I get from this?”

Acharya smile ” your freedom”

Helan thought about it. She sigh before agreeing. She ask him where is ashok. He says that’s why he needs her help. Helen was now confuse.


Charu was talking with sushim. ” third prince uncle says he would gladly back us up. So two third of the council wants you to be king. We’re one step ahead of the throne” she says

She looks at sushim who was staring out the window. She walk to him and puts a hand on his shoulder ” what is troubling you susheema?”

” father was about to say something to me before he died. Something important.”

Charu asks if he was sure. Sushim nod. ” maybe it had something to do with his successor ”

Sushim agreed. He recall bindu words over and over. Wondering if bindu was really gonna say he will be king.


Charuvaki and ashok we’re getting. Charuvaki came out the bathroom having problem putting the toga on. She stop when she saw ashok back. She couldn’t help, but blush seeing his muscles. She gulp, waw for a dangerous man he has nice body. I wonder how it would feel being held in those arms, she thought.

She stop thinking when she saw ashok looking up. She quickly turn around frozen. Ashok seeing her asks if she was done already. Charuvaki, nod. She was embarrassed that she even think about it. When she felt the rope on the toga fall down her shoulder, she tried putting it back on.

When it was on her shoulder, she turn. Ashok breath was taken away. She was looking pretty in the white toga. She cursed when it fell of her shoulder again, showing her milky skin. Ashok walk to her, he was now staring down at her. He grab the straps of the togga and circle his arm in a hug like fashion. ” w-what a-are y-you d-doing?” She stutters

Ashok look down at her. ” I’m helping you, do you want me to do it or not?”

Charuvaki feeling warm allowed it. Ashok on the other hand was enjoying it, he was taking his time tying it. He didn’t forget to touch a little flash while doing it. Charuvaki cheeks we’re now red. She whispers if he was teasing her. Ashok got on her level. Both staring with their lips close. ” I am” he says ” is that a problem kaurvaki? ”

Charuvaki knew if she move a little bit, their lips would touch. But she refused to. She snap out of it when they heard a men speak. ” it’s time ”

Few hours later, ashok and his men’s we’re walking, the men told them they will have to be careful while going up the mountain path. Charuvaki looks down. She became scared seeing trees down below. She told ashok she can’t do it. Ashok sigh. He told his men to keep moving. ” kaurwaki, just don’t look down.”

” sir , the pathway is to thin, and were just going to keep going around. If this is the way im going to die, then i refuse to move”

She was looking down everytime, watching as rocks fall down.

Ashok told her if she trust him. She quickly shook her head and said no. Ashok frown. ” give me your hand”


When ashok said no words, she extand her hand. He grabs it and starts to walk. He told her to only look at him. while walking she felt weird. She felt warm watching ashok guide her. She suddenly had a flashback to the time she took rounds with ashok. She wonder what that was.

When they reach the other side, ashok let her go. They continue walking until they reach the river. The council man told them his stopping here. He says if they cross this river then their in uujain. Ashok thanks the men. He signal his men and they started crossing. Charuvaki was about to when her head starting hurting. She felt dizzy. She watch as ashok walk across, she mumbles his name.

Ashok turn seeing charuvaki, looking lost and sick. He quickly went back and lift her up just in time before she fainted. ” kaurvaki!!…kaurvaki?”

Quickly ashok cross the river. He told them to go to his house. He will be their soon. Ashok quickly ran another way, heading to the women he knew will help.while running he met with acharya and helan. He was surprise. Ashok told them, he will talk with them later. He says he has to help his kaurvaki. It was in the afternoon that ashok reached the house.

He knocked and chanda open. She look at ashok and the women in his arm. ” come in”

Once everyone was in, she asks how kaurvaki was alive. Ashok says he doesnt know. Chanda check her body, and pulse. ” do you know whats wrong with her?”

Chanda sush ashok to see. She check kaurvaki stomach and eyes widen. Acharya told ashok they have to talk , ashok told him they can talk after. Chanda calls ashok, ” did you find what is causing this?”

” yes, it appears you will be a father”

” what!?”

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