Ashwaki -dangerous love-Eps 41


Precap: ashok was assigned another mission to capture the men that stole from their safe. While in kalinga he sees bindu chained up and inform him about Kaurvaki death. Now let’s continue…..

Ashok and his men have been watching the the fake king for a while. They we’re planning when to ambush him. It wasn’t long he heard two women saying the king will sleep with a women name charuvaki. He smile, he told his men the time has come for them. He told them to move out. On the other hand, Charuvaki was preparing herself. She got everything she needed before closing the blinds and turning of the light.

She thank the other girls for showing her which room the king will be in. She waited patiently.

Meanwhile, ashok and his man walk to the building. Their face we’re hidden. Only their eyes could be seen. When they entered the snow covered the ground. Everyone froze. Ashok told his men, to search around. Some guys drunk told ashok to leave, he was unwanted here. He even went as far as to spit on ashok shoes. Ashok grab his sword and cut of the men arm.

The men scream, ashok told them to kill anyone who stops them. The dancers hearing this scream and ran. Soon the place was in chaos. Ashok ignored all the noise, and searched for the room. He stop at the room that smelt like flowers. He open it and walk in. As soon as he did, the door shut. ” welcome my king” she says with confidence.

She walk to ashok and touch his shoulder. Ashok half turn to see familiar eyes. His heart started picking up. He remind himself, that she’s dead. Charuvaki touch his hand and whispered something. Causing ashok body to burn up.

” who are you?” He question

Charuvaki sush him, and pulls him to the bed. Ashok didn’t know why his body was betraying him. He let her push him, making him sit down. Then she starts to shake her hips. Ashok felt mesmerized. Their we’re candles in the room. So he was able to see her choice of clothes.

He watch as she walk towards him and stood between his knee. She pushed him, making him fall on the bed. It Was still dark even with the candles. She got on top of him, both legs on each side of his waist. Then she put a hand behind her back, revealing a dagger. Charuvaki hate what she was about to do, but she had to do it. To save the head. I’m sorry ramji, I have to do this, she thought.

Ashok seeing the dagger quickly twist her hand and flip them over. Surprising her. She yelp before dropping the dagger. ” I surrender… I surrender ” she says

Ashok watching her, wasn’t thinking about the intimate position they we’re in. Neither was Charuvaki. Ashok finally seeing her gasp ” Kaurvaki?”

The women who was chanting under her breath praying for someone to save her, open her eyes. She could finally see the men. She felt connected some how. But she suddenly remember her situation. ” please don’t kill me, I was just trying to pinch you a little with the blade, nothing else.”

Ashok ignored her rambling, and continue watching her ” how is it your alive?” He says

This shut her up. ” what?”

” do you know how empty my heart was.”

Charuvaki could see the love in ashok eyes.His honey eyes full of emotions we’re so overwhelming that she could melt just by staring at it. She suddenly snap out of it when she realize, what she thinking. ” I don’t know who thi-” before she could speak he kissed her.


The council we’re hosting a meeting without bindu. One member says ” I’m speaking on behalf of the people. We must appoint a new king.”.

Another member says ” theirs no need when bindu Will be back soon”

Another denies that, he says bindu has a rare condition. No one knows how to cure it. We must appoint a new one before it’s to late.”

Acharya says ” bindu has been a good king to his people. He went through so much, he will over come this illness.”

The men who happen to be a relative of the third prince says ” you say that now, but what if he doesn’t. No one will take the thrown ”

” who would be willing to take the thrown?”

” we have many prince who would die for the thrown”

” yes, but only one can truly rule patna. Someone like the late king.”

” let’s take a vote, to remove bindu of the throne.”

Some of bindu supporters we’re tense. Suddenly the door open, and a weak bindu walks in. ” no one will do anything ” he says

Everyone became quiet. Bindu slowly walk to the thrown, once he made it. He sat down. He look at both side of the court ” no one will remove me because I have made my decision on who will be on the throne.”

Everyone was curious now. Bindu held his breath before saying he thought about this a lot. He says this person will be someone people will learn to trust. He will change along with his people. And will grow from his mistakes.” He did wrong many times, but I believe he will change from this. Besides i can not ignore our old tradition.”

” enough with the speech and tell us already” one member says

Bindu holding his chest, could feel it kicking in. He was running out of breath, he knew it won’t be long. He has no more time ” the person that will be Patna future will be my first son Sushim”

Everyone was shock, while a few smile. Acharya was disappointed. He didn’t know what bindu was thinking, but stop when bindu fainted. Everyone quickly call his name, before running to him.

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  1. Kannie I love u I love u love u so much for this episode….
    It was just awesome …
    Perfect climax n twist…
    When I read kaurwaki’s 2 legs were around his waist….I just closed my eyes n thought to stop Reading but the after twist of dagger was unimaginable for any one…

    I could feel it n imagine it…
    N the kiss … Omg I will die out of happiness….

    Please write like this episode the next ones also…..
    It was perfect combo of romance,emotions, love, climax n twist….

    I m your biggest fan now..

    Waiting for the next eagerly….

  2. Angelk1

    Lol thanks for the comment. Ashok is on the verge of being the new king. We will have to see how things play off. And now that ashok knows Charuvaki. Might be Kaurvaki, we will see what he will do with this different girl.

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