Ashwaki -dangerous love-Eps 40

Note: this should explain somethings. To everyone whose confuse.

Preview: ashok tests the third prince luck, with a test. When he failed, to pick the right vase, he was eaten by a snake. While the king demands to know who killed his soldier. Now let’s continue

” so you’ve stopped the problem?”

Ashok nod, ” unfortunately our brother was attacked by a snake, and now is dead.”

” I see, I will have to contact third prince mother. This is unfortunate.” He says

Hindu, sadly got up, but stop when his heart starts to hurt. Ashok walk to him, but he stopped him. ” don’t, I will be fine.”

He told ashok to go home. He has nothing else for him right now. Ashok nod, before leaving. When he reached home, he sees Devi playing and teaching mahendra about his surroundings. He smile, ” I won’t let anything happen to you both. Your the only family left, I need to protect from this feud”

When Devi saw ashok she excitedly told him to come. When he did, Devi told ashok mahendra said their name. She told mahendra to say it again, and he concentrate hard before saying it.” Ashok smile

” my son” he says

And so month past and ashok got some respect from other countries. Right now he was on his way to kalinga, seems like a men calling himself king has stolen money from magda safe. And is now taking over kalinga, calling himself king. Ashok was angry because some one was able to pass his tight security. He wonder how they knew and enter the palace, unless someone from the inside did it.

If ashok had to guess it was either sushim or siamak. Now concentrating on the path ahead, he was surprise to see snow falling heavily. He hope nothing happens on his journey.


Charuvaki, was talking to some of the dancers. Yes, after some month she was able to get her voice back. They told her that the king is executing the head, but before that he will sleep with her. Charuvaki was surprise, ” why is she being executed?”

“Because of you”

” me?”

” yes, he wanted to marry you, but the head refuse. And you know what happens when someone refuses.” Charuvaki nod

” we can’t let this happen? We….I mean…I have to do something

” what will you do? He is the king. His stronger then us, unless you kill him he will only continue to do the same thing. ”

Charuvaki thought about it, she remembered the day she was found, and the head took care of her.


The head is seen bandaging her wounds. She told the dancers to not tell anyone about her. When they left, she sigh, ” poor girl, what could have happens to you? Your lucky this necklace stopped the arrow from entering your heart. Or you would have been dead.”

A week later

The head asks the women how she was doing. She tried speaking, but couldn’t. ” that’s a problem.. well the whole what’s your name is out of the question.”, she turn and search for something before telling her to write. She asks her if she remembered anything, she said no, she asks about her name, she says she doesn’t remember, but stop when she heard someone saying her name in her head.

” Charuvaki….that’s your name?”

The women nod, the head told her to rest up. Since she has no where to go. She told Charuvaki to stay here as a guest until she remembers. One day while she was bored, she exit the room to look around. She froze when she saw so many men’s around, watching the women perform. She suddenly had flashback, when she was younger, and brought to something like this.

She held her head, while wondering what was that. Suddenly all eyes we’re on her. The men’s look at her hungrily. They ask the head who she was, and she told them she is no one. Before marching to her and drag her back.

The head asks, why she was out. She says she as bored. The head sigh, and told her she will bring books for her.Charuvaki bite her lip. She told the head, she hates being helpless, and wants to help her. The head refuse, but as time went on she agreed. She told her, she will only dance. Nothing else, Charuvaki nod.

End of flashback

Charuvaki made up her mind. She told them she will save the head, no matter what. When she left the two girls smile, ” didn’t the head told us not to say anything to Charuvaki”

” who cares, as long as she’s gone, it doesn’t matter.”


Ashok and his men entered kalinga. They head to the palace, but no one was around. Ashok told them to search the area, he describe the king, and they split. He search everywhere, hiding from guards. He went down he dungeon to see some one chained. Jagannath he says. The head turn once more, and was surprise ” you, what are you doing here?”

Ashok laugh ” history repeats itself, how ironic”

Jagannath wasn’t laughing, he has lost all energy. Ashok asks him what happend to his castle, and why an unknown men is king. Jagannath told him when he was sick, and was still moaning over his wife, they ambush him. He couldn’t get his son because he was away. I believe someone sent him away. The men took control and lock me up.

Ashok listening, was surprise to find out kaurwaki mom was dead. Jagannath asks why he was here and if his daughter sent him. Ashok knit his brow ” your daughter died five month ago while fighting sushim men’s ”

Jagannath, head hang low. He was crying terribly. He said he wanted to apologize to her, and tell her all was forgiven. And that he was sorry for being an aweful. Father. Ashok felt his pain, but got over it. ” what’s done is done. Because of us, she ended up dying. All we can do is think of the happy times.”

Jagannath told ashok in this time period, theirs no happyness. Theirs only sorrow. Ashok search for the keys until he found it, Jagannath told ashok to go. He says the soldiers are coming. Ashok asks about him, he says he will survive. Ashok nod and left the key in his cell. ” if your ready, just use it”

When he stepped out of the dungeon, he met up with his soldiers. ” sir I found out the king goes to the haram. After his meetings ”

” a haram? ”

The soldiers nod, ” then let’s go. We shall observe his moves before catching him.”

” yes sir” they said

To be continued…. . .


Ashok and his men walk in the haram, causing the snow to fall inside. ” find him” he command

Charuvaki was told to wait for the king in one of the rooms, when the door opens, she closed it from behind” welcome my king” she says closing the door, and touching ashok shoulder intimately. Ashok whole body was on fire.

Ashok is seen talking to jagannath, he told him he will bring his daughter to him, when he left.few hours later Jagannath vision starts to get foggy , he heard someone speaking, and says ashok. Before dying.

” we must appoint a new king. The people now know that bindu is sick. They are afraid.


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