Ashwaki -dangerous love -Eps 4


It was another day in ashok household. Dharma while silently eating, look between the two occupant seated at the opposite side. She look at her son to see him sneaking looks at Devi while she talks to vit. The same could be said for Devi, who tried hiding her blush every time she stares at ashok. She knew something went on that night, something definetly changed.

Dharma got up and signal vit, to follow her. At first he didn’t understand, until Dharma point to his brother and Devi. He smile and got up, they left the room leaving the two alone. Devi nervously plays with her hand while ashok looks away. ” ashok” she says after debating with herself

” yes?!”

” I-I want to tell you t-that i-i lo”

Suddenly their was a knock, ashok got up. He went to the door to see none other then Acharya RG, ashok surprise asks how he found them, he says he got news from his people that Dharma was living here. Acharya walks in, he look at Devi and then look at Dharma in question. Dharma told Devi to go home, Devi was about to protest but she calls ashok name and told ashok to go with her.

Ashok wanted to stay to know why he was here, but sigh. He grab Devi hand and drag her outside. While they we’re walking ashok wonder what could he be doing there, he knew Acharya never come without a reason. ” ashok”

” yes?”

Devi nervously says she wants to tell him something. Ashok stops to listen ” I really like y-… I mean not like, but l-love. Do you like me too?” She says

Ashok surprise, smile. He was happy she likes him, he didn’t expect her to love him, he wonder if what he feels is love.

Meanwhile, Kaurvaki is seen saying goodbye to her mentor. Chanda told her to come back again, she said she will. While they we’re walking they saw mother’s weeping. Bel says she wonder why their crying. Kaurvaki walk towards them and asks, ” nirankush, is taking our children to create an army. What will I do without my child” she cries

Kaurvaki says ” whose nirankush?”

” he’s the king of ujjaini ”

” OK, do you know where their taking them?”

the lady shook her head, she said she saw them heading straight down the road. Kaurvaki told Bel they can still reach them. She told the lady everything will be fine, and got up to leave.

Elsewhere, Sushim was talking with Helen, when one soldier walk in, he told Sushim what happen, and about ashok. Sushim angrily curses ashok, he says this person must be ashok. ” I will go and kill him myself”

” don’t be stupid sushim. Ashok will come to us, in due time. Right now bindu favors you, you should try proving to him that your ready to be his successor, I heard his about to announce charu good news. I wonder whose idea that was”

Charu smile, ” once Dharma hears this, she will never set her foot here. She will feel betrayed.” She says smirking

Suddenly a guard walk in saying bindu wants to see them. They all left heading to the Royal court. ” this is observe bindu, how can you let him make the decision ” one of the minister says

” half of the people are starving, because of this. This is no way a successor should think.” Another says

Bindu sush them by raising his hand. He looks at his elder son. Over the years Sushim had showed him that he could be a good king. But bindu didn’t know if that was all planned or not. ” sushima, I gave you controll Over the finance , but from what I see here, you made a wrong decision” he says observing him

Sushim calmly says ” father, I did it for you. With the rate things are going we will be bankrupt. If we don’t tax people for food, our increase in profet will decrease”

Bindu raise his brow ” I understand your concern for the kingdom, but remember a person can not build an empire’s takes everyone to make it happen. Thats something you have yet to learn Sushim.”

” I’m sorry father” ” I should have talk to you about it first” he says with his fist bold

” it’s not me you should apologies to it’s the people of ujjaini. ” he says

Charu gasp ” isn’t it enough he had to apologize in front of the court, why make him loose his respect in front of those people”

Bindu says ” a king will put everything aside for his people and family. Those people are like family, that is why This is a good lesson to become a great king.”

Bindu got up and told Sushim to raise his head, he told them they shall head to ujjaini.

Meanwhile, vit in hiding watch his brother, waiting for a response, ashok puts his hands on her shoulder, before saying he like her too. Devi was happy, even though it wasn’t what she wants to hear, it was a progress. Vit, shook his head while calling ashok clueless. While he was confessing, he didn’t notice the necklace crack.

While this was happening, Kaurvaki and Bela followed the trail leading to a stop. They saw the wagon park, while the guards drag more young boys in the wagon. ” we have to stop them” Bela says

Kaurvaki says ” if we stop them now, we won’t know where the other twenty fives are. ” but we can’t let them take those children look how scared they are”

” stay here” she says

She silently walk around the wagon, before cutting the horse ropes. Kaurvaki pat them and told them to go silently. She look over the children, and realize how scared they we’re. She was about to free them when guard surround her. She took out her twin sword, and block atacks after attacks. She enjuried. Many soldiers. One decide to play dirty and throw sand in her face. Causing her to loose focus. She tried clearing her face just when the soldier cut her on the stomach. Bel calls for her, but she ignored her and managed to kill them. The children cheered after being set free, kaurvaki asks them where are the others, they told them locked up in the palace.

She says she will get them out and send them back to their mother before she fell on the floor, causing bela to scream her name.

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