Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 39


Precap: ashok managed to build the bridged in three days, then he was informed by bindu. To stop the third prince. Now let’s continue

Chapter 39

The next day all the dancers got ready , but they stop when soldiers entered. The king waLks in calling for all of them. They were all scared, because they hate being the one the king takes his anger out on. The king look at each of them and ask for the head and charuvaki. The womens look around before whispering. Suddenly the two appeared ” you ask for us , my king” the women says

The king cleared his throat ” my soldier here told me that one of your dancers, killed one of my men’s. You know that’s treason”

The women tried not to look him direct in the eyes ” are you sure it’s one of my dancers. It could have been another women”

The king thought about it. He turn to the soldier asking if he was sure, the soldier nod ” it was a women from here, I’m positive ”

Charuvaki nervously unclentched her hand. The head says ” by any chance we’re you drunk when that happened? ”

The men hesitate ” we drank a few”

” if you we’re intoxicated I’m sure you didn’t see her face well. It couldn’t possibly be my dancer.”

The king had to agree, he glared at the nervouse soldier. ” we are done here.” He says before apologizing for disturbing them and holding back their business. The head told him it was no trouble.

” anything else I can assist you with”

The king shook his head, but advert his eyes to Charuvaki for a quick second before turning to leave. Once he was gone, everyone sigh with relief. The head told them to get back to work. She drags charuvaki to the room to get ready. And start applying some form of makeup on her face. Charuvaki frown, she had protested about the makeup thing, but they refused her request.

She sign through the mirror saying ” why did you help me?”

The head look at her ” everyone in here is like family. We don’t like to do what we do, but we have to cause we gave up our happyness long ago.”

She look at Charuvaki face, that holds question. ” all of us have a story here, just like you. ”

She sign ” me?”

” yes, now come, we have work to do” she says leaving

Charuvaki looking at herself, wonder what kind of story she has to tell.


Ashok and Devi we’re on their way to the temple. Mahendra was jumpy the whole way. People we’re moving away seeing ashok. Which made her unease. When they reached, she told ashok she will head up, and asks if he would join. ” I will observe from here”

Devi nod, and walk up the stairs. When she reached, she was about to walk in when the third stops her. Well more like the monks, ” why are you stopping me from entering? ”

” the priest, says if anyone wants their wish to come true. They have to contribute first.”

” contribute? ”

The monks point to the junket. Devi frown ” why should we pay for praying to the gods. This is wrong”

” wrong you say?”, the third prince step out

” yes it is” Devi says.

” the only God these people should be praying to is me. I bring them good fortune. These people luck ran out long ago, until I stepped in. Now they practically worship me”

” so why shouldn’t I charge them”

Devi was appalled, she told them to move aside, but they wouldn’t budge. The third looks at mahendra, and frown. He finally realize why he didn’t like the baby. He could see the baby luck which was very high. He suddenly realize the baby was his brothers. He told her to leave, she’s not welcome. Devi refused to move. The third grab her and pull her to the steps. She nudged her hand, and slip…falling while holding Mahendra ” ashok” she scream

Ashok turn to see Devi fall, and people surrounding her. The people look at the prince, the prince seeing this says ” that women, tried to cheat and harm me. Will you let her get away with it?”

” no!!” They scream. Now turning back to Devi who was holding her baby while bleeding from her head. They started attacking her verbally, and telling her to leave.

They all stop when they saw ashok . They move back while ashok stand before them ” you dare to accuse my wife”

They all staid quiet. He look down at Devi before bending to pick her up. He turn and watch the third prince who was smiling, before turning to leave.

Few hours later ashok was talking to acharya ” the king wants you to handle the situation, what will you do?”

Ashok while watching Devi sleep says ” the third prince is making people pay him in order to pray in the temple. not only that he has harm my wife. So I will play by his rule.”

Acharya raise a brow ” what are you planning? ”

” he believes his above all gods. So I will show the people that his nothing.”

Ashok got up and left the room before walking back to the temple. When he reached, he call forth the third prince. Everyone stop and look at him. The third prince comes out ” what is it brother? Did you come for revenge” he asks

” no I came to test your luck, you claim you are gifted and a God. So you wouldn’t mind a small challenge ”

The third cross his arm ” what is this challenge ”

Ashok smirk. ” in these five vase theirs a snake. His one of the deadliest amongst all snakes. You and I will pick a vase one at a time, and stick our hand in. If theirs no snake then your safe, but if the snake is in their you will die bye that snake. ”

The people gasp , the third prince on the other hand was confident. He believe he will win. And ashok will die today. ” OK I accept your challenge ”

Ashok turn to the people and told them to stay in their house. Once the snake comes out, he will one after them. The people quickly ran home, but some near hide while watching.

Ashok before starting asks his mother and Kaurvaki to protect him. The prince step up saying he will go first. He look at each vase, nothing different about them. They all look the same. He went around observing , the vase were lined up in a square position. He ignored that before choosing the vase in the middle. He opens and stick his hand in. He smirk and removes his hand. ” nothing “, the monks cheered for him

Next it was ashok, he easily picked the one on the right end. He stuck his hand, and waited, when nothing happend he move back. The third told him he won’t be so luck next time. He walk to the one on the upper left, ashok told him the snake was in their, he says he saw the men move this specific vase. The prince thought ashok was trying to trick him, so he would choose a different one. That was even more reason for him to choose the one he did. He cockily opens it before putting his hand, he told them this game will be over very soon.

He froze when he felt something and yell when the snake bit him. He quickly move back and the snake got up in his full glory. The monks and the people near by we’re shock. It hiss, and move around, getting out of the vase. The third look at ashok, who was smirking ” your luck ends now”

” you tricked me”

” no, I told you the snake was in their, you didn’t listen”

The third curse ashok. The snake wrapped it’s body around the third. Squeezing him. ” if I can’t kill you, then my brothers will.” He says before the snake devour him. Leaving his shoe behind. The snake turn to ashok, and move closer. Ashok was ready, but it stop when ashok raise his hand. Ashok look at what the snake was looking at and smile ” even though your not with me, your charm still helps me Kaurvaki.”

The snake hiss, and turn when he heard the nagin tune. He started slithering away, out of sight. Ashok told the people now they can pray without paying. The people said nothing, even when ashok walk away.

To be continued………


Months past, and ashok and his troops we’re giving a task by bindu. To capture the men that calls himself the king of kalinga. Turns out he has captured the whole palace, when the young prince was away. Jagannath was dying slowly.

” time once again repeat itself ” he says laughing ” how ironic ”

Ashok and his men walk in the haram, causing the snow to fall inside. ” find him” he command

Charuvaki was told to wait for the king in one of the rooms, when the door opens, she closed it from behind” welcome my king” she says closing the door, and touching ashok shoulder intimately. Ashok whole body was on fire.

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  1. Hey I asked u a lot of times but u didn’t answer what did kaurvaki tell ashoka at her last meeting with him…
    N here in this episode I kind of couldn’t understand some things…
    Nevertheless can u say snake was looking at what.. N charuvaki touched whose shoulder?? ASHOKA’s?
    N ASHOK is in whose palace n charuvaki is in which place…..

    As far as I understand u have written that ashoka is in kalinga palace but that’s not possible…..
    N how can you make charuvaki a pros**tute ??

    Actually I couldn’t understand today episode….

    1. Angelk1

      Shes not a prostatute. She never slept with anyone, so how can she be one. Also she was brought to this place, she doesnt remember anything.just wait for next eps on what happen. I wouldn’t disgrace my favorite character. Remember when young kaurvaki was brought to a place to be sold off. Its similar to that. But just wait an see

      And the snake was looking at his bracelet that kaurvaki gave to him. Its a lucky charm, also charuvaki is in some part of kalinga, ashok will go their next eps. Please reread so you can understand the preview better.

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