Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 38

Precap: ashok plans to build a bridge, but some people oppose on it. To show them what happens to people who go against him. He killed a men in front of the whole village, scaring them. Now let’s continue

Chapter 38

A women is scene dancing, everyone is infatuated by her. One Men calls her over, but a guard stops him. He shrug his hand and told him to leave him. A women walk in asking why the men was disturbing the environment. The men drunkly told her, he just wanted the lady to pour him more drink.

” that’s not part of her job, please understand that.”.

The women turn to the guards before telling him to kick the men out. He look at the young women with short hair, that looks like a Bob. She smile, ” she is our most prize possession. We don’t know where she come from, or who she is, but the gods blessed us with her.”

” indeed they have” the voice said

The women turn to see her king. She quickly bow before asking what he was doing here. ” I simply came to see how my friend is doing, but now I see how flurashibg. She’s doing. ”

The women smile ” it’s all because of you my king”

The men laugh ” I wouldn’t take all the credit. Charuvaki seems to be popular, even though she’s mute”

” your right, she has improve greatly in her dancing skill. She’s more talented then you think.”

The king smirk, ” she is a mystery, but we will keep it that way. Its best for her not to remember her past.”

” your right”

When the dance was over, Charuvaki went on her break. The next dancer showed up. She sat down in her room and wipe the sweat. While staring she wonder where the scar on her shoulder came from. She removes her clothes and look at the scar. She touch it, and suddenly got a headache.

She held on to something, before calming her racing heart. When it was over, she put her new clothes on and step out.


The protesters watch as ashok continue building the bridge. After what happend last time, they were afraid. They knew ashok will punish them, but they didnt know when. Three days ashok continued working, he didnt stop to take a break, he made them watch him even when it rained.

at last the time has come. Ashok stood proud watching his work. He was tierd … yes, but he still had unfinished business. Ashok turn to the people who were cadged ” do you see this, i..ashok…in three days accomplished something ten men could have done. Now see how i test my new work.”

He nod to the guards and they release the mens. The guard grab their rope and near them to the bridge. He freed them, and told them to go. They hesitated at first, before they all started walking. While walking they suddenly felt the bridge shake, some turn to ashok, who laughs . ” i will suggest you run, before i cute the ropes”

The mens were shock. Some quickly push each other and start to run. Ashok continues to watch ” release the ropes” , the guards quickly nod and release.the rope. The people on the bridge scream, before they all fall.

Ashok turn around , smirking. He stop when he saw Acharya, he wasn’t pleased. ” your father wants to see you”

” OK”

Few hours later ashok is in the courtroom greeting bindu. Bindu looking over things asked him how the bridge was coming along. ” I manage to finish it. Now we can use this to not only help people travel, but also for our enemies.”

Bindu look at ashok ” good work, I will check it out soon.” He says, but stop to couph.

Ashok told him to rest, but Bindu refuses saying he has to make sure everything is right before leaving. He throw a scroll at ashok and told him the people in uujain. Have been sending him letters about the third prince. He old ashok to read it and check it out.


Sushim and his mother we’re in Chandra house. Chandra came to Sushim to wash his back. She told the maids to leave and approach him. Sushim seeing her asks what she wanted. She told him it’s her wife duty to take care of him. Sushim, thought of ahankara, but stop when he remember what she did.

He told chandra to come closer, before pulling her to him. He told her he was ready to consume their marriage, before kissing her.


It was night time charuvaki couldn’t sleep. She was having nightmare , but the people face in the dream was blurry. She got up sweating. Shaking all over. She couldn’t breath, and needed air. She quickly put her stuff on and step out in the cool night. She shiverd, but she enjoyed it anyway. She walk around, until she spotted a beautiful tree, and sat under it, and look at the sky. Just then she heard noises and a women screaming.

She got up and walk behind the tree to see the kings men misbehaving with a young girl. They remove her dupatt when she tried running. charuvaki was angry. She marched over there, and push the men. Then she grab the girl and told her to run.

The guards we’re angry now ” do you know what you just did?”

yes I saved a young girl from being molested, she says in her head

“Can you not hear, or are you just mute?” the other says

When she didnt speak.They undress charuvaki, before telling her she will take the girl’s place. the lick their lips and move closer. charuvaki move back. They tried reaching for her, but she Dodge. They we’re impress. ” you move pretty quick, but you won’t for long.”

Both men grab her and tried taking her clothes of. charuvaki struggled. She saw the sword on his side and grab it. Before slashing one of the men. The other friend surprise, took his sword out to attack , but charuvaki was quick, and stab the men. Surprise at her action. She drops the sword. What have i done, she thought. How am i even doing this?.

She look at the men holding his stomach before taking his last breath. The other men, glares at her, and told her she will regret it, before running. Charuvaki, staggered back, shaking her head. She quickly turn back and ran. When she reached the haram, she ran in. She bumped into her boss, and she asks her what’s wrong. Her boss watch as she tried signing. Her eyes widen.

” no one can know about this, you hear me. Now go back to sleep.” She says

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