Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 37

Precap: ashok has finally lost his sense he told acharya. That he will be a king they feared and declare war on his brothers, by sending the second prince head.

A men is seen running. He look back to make sure he wasn’t being followed, but he was wrong. The people seeing the other men coming, quickly ran, some close their business and enter their house. The men running, push things out the way while speeding. The other men in the middle of the market, jump down from his horse, and start walking like a preditior. He could see his target heading to the forest area.

So he starts to run. While running, he left heavy marks on the floor. Showing he was here, and leaving his mark. The men became scared, he turn to see the other men gaining on him. He beg for the men to forgive, but the other men had no intention on forgiving. He grab the rope tide around his belt and spins it then he throws it. Hitting his target. The men starts to choke, but the other men didn’t care. He slowly starts to pull the men, making him choke even more.

He drags the men back to the village, and calls for everyone to come out. When they did, he squeeze the rope around his neck, tightening it. ” apparently, you all don’t understand that a thief will always be a thief in my book. Theirs no mercy or forgiveness. I will have to show you all again what happens to people who double cross me.”


Sushim and the prince’s. Were talking about ways to destroy their fathers power house. Maybe start with the alliance bindu has with foreiners. ” father is already a weak king, but if we can remove every powerful house under him then the council will see him as weak and remove him from the seat.”

Fifth says ” that’s good an all, but your forgetting. Removing them will start a war. And we don’t want that.”

” your right.” Sushim says before turning to fourth prince. ” how is the revolt coming ”

” it’s getting good, the people have started protesting against ashok rules. ”

” that’s good , ashok wants to build a bridge that crosses the water, he thinks it would be quicker then sailing on a boat”

Siamak smile ” the more people revolt the more, they wont help him. his plan will fail and bindu will question him.”


Ashok was observing some of the workers working. The bridge is almost complete, he just needs three more days. Then his people can walk on it. He stop , when he saw two men fighting. It soon turn to a big war. Ashok march over their and asked them what they were fighting about.

” we are tierd , we havent had a break all day. How long must we do this” one says

Ashok knit his brow ” did i not say this would be hard. Did i not pay you all for working under me.”, when he said this they all became quiet. ” i dont like people who complain. If this continues, you all will be punish” he says making them afraid.

They all went back to work. One guard told ashok that some people are still protesting and to look into it. Ashok says he knows. He told him to gather his soldiers ” anyone that’s against my decision and the kings order, will be removed”

And so they head to the riot. One men told the people that the bridge is a bad idea. He says this is an access route for all the enemies to enter magda. Ashok jump down from his horse. ” you want to die?” He says

The men turn to see Chanda, he became scared. But he compose himself so his friends wouldn’t see him shake ” no, but we will if this bridge finished”

Ashok smirk ” so your opposing my order”

They all nod, ashok says since they want to be brave, then they shall all be brave together, he turn to his men ” lock them all up. Make sure they don’t come out until I say so”

The people start mumbling before some start to run. The men in charge ran as well. Ashok men managed to grab all of them except one. The people started begging ashok to leave them, but they we’re chained. And ashok lock them up. He took them to the people working on the bridge ” I hope you all won’t make the same mistakes as them” he points.

It was night time , ashok was home. He was playing with mahendra. Devi came out asking him how was his day. Ashok told her people are starting to question his ideas. He says they don’t know, how much the bridge will benefit them.

” I’m sure if you give them a break, they will stop judging you.”

Ashok gives mahendra back to Devi. When he saw his mom. ” you should stop spoiling him. He needs to learn to be on his own”

” his a baby ashok”

” no his two, he should be practicing to walk.”

Devi shook her head ” you can’t expect him to learn like that.”

” no, but if you keep babying him, he will never learn”

Devi frown, she told ashok she was going to bed and went upstairs. Ashok starts to think, he says ” everyday things keep getting worse. Ive been going easy on them, but I guess I will have to show my worse side” , it wasn’t long before he heard a knock. He opens to see his soldiers ” we have a problem sir” he says

Few hours later, ashok was back at the construction sight ” so they all escape?”

” yes sir”

” how did they get out?”

The men became nervous ” t-they took the key while one of the soldiers we’re asleep”

The soldiers came up and bow ” I’m sorry sir”

” no it’s fine, this is good. They not only stole from me, but went against my order. Find them all, especially the one who freed them. I will deal with him personally.”

” yes sir” they said

Ashok and his men, search til morning. It wasn’t long before half of the protesters we’re found. Ashok got word of the leader warebouts, and quickly head there.

Back to the present

He search for a pole, and tied the men on it. The men curs and scream telling ashok to let him go. When his soldiers arrive , he told them to separate his legs and tie the rope to the machine. The people start to mumble, the men saw his wife and kids. And told them not to look. His wife, had a shock look. It was like they could read each others mind. She covered her daughters eyes, telling her she can’t see this. ” but it’s daddy ”

” no it’s not lets go back in” she says

Ashok seeing the men looking, stops the women. He told her no one is leaving anywhere until he gets his message across. The women was now tense, the men told ashok that’s not right, he said he doesn’t want to see his family watch him die. ” that’s more reason to do it” ” start ” he says

The soldiers start to spin the wheel. The men scream. His legs and arm started stretching , it stretched until it came off. The people turn away when the blood hit their face. They we’re scared. The lady fell on the floor screaming and crying while ashok laughs. ” let it be known, that anyone who double crosses me will be punished”

Soon words got out about ashok punishment. People we’re becoming even more afraid.

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